New Musical Express

February 1968

3 February No. 1099  
Nick Logan  Herd-a-Week: Gary Taylor 2
John Fred John Fred Writes Personally about his Playboy Sound 3
Alan Smith Supremes Heart Chat! 3
Derek Johnson Top Singles Reviewed: Frank Ifield, Three Great Gals, Temptations, Frugal Sound, Equals, Lovin’ Spoonful, Mike Lennox, Rufus Thomas, Impressions, Peter Sarsted, Jack Jones, Ian Whitcomb, Genesis 4
Allen Evans LPs 4
n.a. NME Top 30:
1. Love Affair “Everlasting Love”
2. Engelbert Humperdinck, “Am I That Easy to Forget”
3. John Fred and his Playboy Band, “Judy in Disguise”
4. The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde “Georgie Fame”
5. Manfred Mann, “Mighty Quinn”
n.a. Small Faces Likely to Join April Love Affair – Gary Walker Tour 6
n.a. British Discs Bring More U.S. Gold 6
n.a. Soul Appearances 6
n.a. [Eric] Burdon: Customs Clash and U.S. Departure Hitch 6
n.a. Kinks – Trems – Herd Package…and Foundations Join Bee Gees Tour 6-7
n.a. Offers Flood in for Blues – Tour Plans 6-7
n.a. Troggs, Baldry, Moody Blues, Bassey, Sandie TV Coming Up 6-7
n.a. Supremes Wax in Britain – Concert Tour Planned 7
n.a. Dave Mason Solo, Traffic Next; Scott, Fred LPs; Bassey, Troggs 7
n.a. Change of Mind: Symbols to U.S. 7
n.a. U.S., French, Israeli Stars for Britain 7
n.a. Amen [Corner] Hated Original ‘Bend Me’ 8
Andy Gray Tom [Jones] Made up for British Gala Shambles 8
Alan Smith Our Kid (Paul) Helped Us Says Scaffold Mike [McGear] 9
 Keith Altham Moody Blues Deserve Much Greater Success 9
Alan Smith Trems Will Make Tribal Songs Into Hits 10
“Alley Cat” Tailpieces 12
June Harris Beatles Will Sound Better Still – Says the Maharish 12
Nick Logan Bob Dylan LP 12
  Audrey Daniel, 3 April 2002  
24 February No. 1102  
Logan, Nick Spotlight on the Move…Roy Wood and Bev Bevan 2
Smith, Alan Rockefella Wed Cinderella to Get Her Out of the Army [Phillips Chief Leslie Gould Toasts Esther and Abi Ofarim’s Success] 3
Green, Richard Dave Dee Whip Is Bottle on Guitar [Dave Dee] 4
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed [Dave Manson, Cat Stevens, Traffic, Robert Knight, Dorian Gray, Tom Jones, and Others] 6, 10
n.a. Charts NME Top 30, #1: Mighty Quinn—Manfred Mann
Britain’s Top 15 LPs, #1:Supremes Greatest Hits—Supremes
5 Years Ago, #1: The Wayward Wind—Frank Ifeid
10 Years Ago, #1: The Story of My Life—Michael Holliday
n.a. [Tours, Releases, Films, Etc.-Robert Knight, Mike Nesmith, Esther and Obi Ofarim, Dave Clark Five, The Kinks, Jefferson Airplane, The Doors, and Others] 8,9
Altham, Keith Restless Sandie, Twenty-one in Chart and Years! [Sandie Shaw] 10
Evans, Allen LP’s Reviewed [The Cowsills, Ivy League, Fleetwood Mac, Ventures, and Others] 10
Logan, Nick Bee Gees ‘Words’ Mystery [Bee Gees] 12
Moses, Ann
Harris, June
A Page From America [Jimi Hendrix, Hollies, Grahame Nash, Manfred Mann, Tom Jones, Peter York, and Others] 13
Altham, Keith Mr. Mann Plays it Humble [Manfred Mann] 14
n.a. From You to US [Edited by Tony Bromley] 14
Alley Cat Tailpieces [Tom Jones, Manfred Mann, Peter Tork, John McKay, Mike Rossi, Solomon King, and Others] 16