New Musical Express

May 1968

May 4 No. 1112  
n.a. Party from behind Iron Curtain [Big Dates, Great Honour, Up- Tempo Tony, Clean Sound, Happy Time, Ideal Chance, Current Hit, Knock ‘em Cold, Back to Stage] 2
Richard Green Hit News Is Only Bright Thing about Engel’s Holiday 3
Ann Moses Milestone In pop Progress [Mike Nesmith composed rock music into an LP.  He Hopes it will prove a Milestone In Progress] 4
Richard Green Back to the Good Old Days [Bill Haley and Duane Eddy at Albert Hall] The Most Exciting Sound For Years [Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, June Carter, and Tennessee Three concert] 5
Derek Johnson Top Singles Reviewed [Elvis Still the King of Rock, Sexy Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Tom Rush, Genesis Build, Boost for Tamla, and U.S. Association deserve better luck] 6
n.a NME Top 30 [#1:What A Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong] Britain’s Top 15 LP’s [#1:This is Soul; Various Artists] Best Selling pop Records in US [#1:Money, Bobby Goldsboro] 7
n.a London’s New ITV Firms Set Host of Pop Stars Weekend-TV with Jones, Cliff, Shadows, Georgia New TV Station to Kick off with Gees-Howerd Special Dusty TV Extra, Names Dolls, Lulu, Honeybus, Scott, Sandie Shaw TV dates set Hendrix Show Stuns TV Men Move in Rome Riot Partridge Club Debut Tom Summer Season Extra International Bee Gee Three Nation TV Plans and Documentary Role Dolls Euro-Hop Dates Southern-TV Covers Poll Concert; Dusty, Show Stopper’s Set Stones’ Movie Star’s Soon Plus Jagger Solo Debut Set 8-9
n.a Monkees Concert Filmed for Movie [Davy Delayed] Jacky, Greco Help Launch new Record Company-Buddy Visit Engel Dash from Majorca for movie Script Talks Love Affair to Sweden? Yogi Beach Boys in Concert Flop Ryan’s Latest Satch, Temps, Breed, Florence Scott Hit Rowe, Concert plans Stars Outdoor Dusty Concerts, Club Popliners 9
Alan Smith
Derek Johnson
Richard Green
A Sad Reminder of the Great Otis More Singles; Let’s Hope P.J. doesn’t turn his back on this, James Brown and the Famous Flames, Recommended singles
Allen Evans LPs: Herman Need Never Have a Hit Again  
Keith Altham
Honeybus Not A One-Hit Wonder, and Pete Dello’s the reason
Why NME Flies with them to Holland [Honeybus]
Nick Logan
Piccadilly Playground; Tina Turns It On For The Fans of the Stars
Roger Writes When He’s out of His Head [Roger Miller]
Who’s Where [One nighters: Johnny Cash, Herman’s Hermits, the Clancy Bros, etc.]
Ann Moses
June Harris
Diana Ross Turns Down Film Parts for Group
Tops stimulate U.S. rock
From You to Us
Three New Box Tops
Richard Green
Julie Scores with Top Dylan Song
  Tiffany LaMonica, 3 April 2002  
May 11 No. 1113  

Andy Gray

Tom bumps for Scream [Tom Jones]
Seven Great New recordings [Ramsey Lewis, Etta James, Howlin’ wolf, Muddy Waters and Bo Diddley, etc.]

Ann Moses Mike Nesmith Wanted Me to Expose How Rude He Was [NME Exclusive] 3
Nick Logan
Richard Green
A Sleepy Gene Raves Over Tour [Gene Pitney]
Going Home Made Reparta So Sad
Richard Green
“Before Honey, I Had Almost Given up Hope,” Says Bobby [Bobby Goldsboro]
Spring Tour ’68 Dates, Price and Times [The Hollies, The Scaffold, Mike Vickers Orchestra, and Paul Jones]
Derek Johnson Top Singles Review [Folksy Seekers head for chart, Strawberry Alarm Clock, New Sounds from Beach Boys, Connie Francis, Singing Dustman, Pinkertons try for a comeback, Sandpipers, Sounds Orchestral, Recommended Singles] 6
n.a. NME Top 30 [#1: What A Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong]
Britain’s Top 15 LPs [#1: This is Soul, Various Artists]
Best Selling Pop Records in U.S. [#1:Money, Bobby Goldsboro]
n.a. NEMS in New World Deal
Vaughan Concerts [Frankie Vaughan]
Beach-Yogi Dates Start
Movie Records Group
Kenny Everett, Sa Ville in Radio 1 Re-Shuffle
Tamla Men Unhappy
Garfunkel Venues
Ifield in Cabaret
Cliff Bennett: Shock Break-up
More Rockin’-Jerry Lee, Richard, Crickets, Buddy
Edwin ‘Tamla’ Starr Dates
Dusty, Donovan, Jim, Ella, Baldry TV; Dusty Split
More Star Names on BBC-TV Shows
Bill Haley Switch
Honeys “Airbus” around Europe
n.a. New Musical Express Salutes the Golden Years of the Bee Gees [photos] 9-10
Keith Altham
Bee Gees Sitting Targets for The Cynics
Nick Logan goes on tour
n.a. A Golden Year of achievement tribute page 12
n.a. Stoppers, Trems, Bobby, Lulu, Sol for Radio 1
Dolls Drop Jones Date
Mantovani Sues
Globe Trotting Foundations
Speakeasy Blaises
Hollies Autumn Tour, Royal Host on New LP
Troggs notch million
Rome Fest Pruned
Gees speculate with Frankie Howerd<
‘Morning’ Star Due
Donovan in festival
Allen Evans
Derek Johnson
LPs by Allen Evans
More Single Reviews [Top 5 For Trems, McWilliams in there with good chance, Robert Knight, Des Lane, Reissues]
Potted Pops [Al Hirt, Guy Mitchell, Dallas Boys, Marian Montgomery, Hank Locklin, Eddie Elwell, Dave Justin, The Executive, Linda Kendrick, The Taste]
Nick Logan
Rowan Berkeley
Beatles Progress Hasn’t Come to a Halt
Crashing in at No. 17, union bridge the Gap
Nick Logan
Richard Green
Are We Going Back to All of This?
Or Do We Need Something New?
Alan Smith
June Harris
Ann Moses
Cilla Says She’s NOT Vivacious
World Tour for Dylan?
Sebastian Quits Spoons
In Hollywood
Keith Altham
Tony Bromley
Faces Thought ‘Sunday’ Too Much of a Joke
From You to Us
Life-lines of Emperor Rosko
n.a. Classifieds 19
Alley-Cat Tail-Pieces 20
  Tiffany LaMonica, 3 April 2002  
May 18 No. 1114  
Green, Richard &
Logan, Nick
A Super Show! — And a Terrific Bonus: Stones ‘Live’ After 2 Years! 2, 3, 10
Logan, Nick Heard — The Pun Kings of Pop 4
N.A. Who’s Where [Tour Dates Beginning May17 - Duanne Eddy, Don Partridge, etc. 4
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed [Frankie Vaughan, Cream, Don Partridge, Otis Redding, Eric Burdon, Byrds, Anita Harris, Others] 6
N.A. NME Top 30
#1 “Young Girl” UnionGap
#2 “What a Wonderful World” Louis Armstrong
#3 “Honey” Bobby Goldsboro
#4 “A Man Without Love” Englebert Humperdinck
#5 “Lazy Sunday” Small Faces
N.A. [Tours, Releases, Films, Etc.-Louis Armstrong, Bee Gees, Rolling Stones, John Rowles, Beatles, Donovan, Hollies, Crickets, Coasters, Others] 8, 9
June, Harris Beach Boys, Maharishi Tour—More Dates Cancelled 10
Moses, Ann Zoot’s U.S. debut 10
Evans, Allen LP’s [Dionne Warwick, Vikki Carr, Royal Guardsmen, Others] 10
Smith, Alan Love Affair Aim For Quality 11
Green, Richard …and Herman is giving it to them 11
Smith, Allan Graham May Split The Hollies 12
Altham, Keith John Rowles, So Nice It Hurts 13
Logan, Nick Swinging Dusty 14
AlleyCat Tail-Pieces 16
Logan, Nick Phenomenal Aretha 16
Gray, Andy Breezy Cliff 16
  Chris Lind — 5 April 2002  
May 25 No. 1115  
Harris, June Californian Union Gap Spurn the Psychedelic 2
Gray, Andy Duane Eddy Then & Now 2
Altham, Keith Mick Says 3, 14
Altham, Keith "Give theYoungsters a Break," Says Jools 4
Altham, Keith For Scott: Walker is Dead, Engel Lives! 5
N.A. Who’s Where [Tour Dates Beginning May 24 - Frankie Vaughan, Love Affair, Seekers, Hollies, Paul Jones, Scaffold, Bill Haley, Others] 5
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed [Paul Jones, Rolling Stones, Frank Sinatra, Others] 6
N.A. NME Top30
#1 “Young Girl” Union Gap
#2 “Honey” Bobby Goldsboro
#3 “A Man Without Love” Engelbert Humperdinck
#4 “What a Wonderful World” Louis Armstrong
#5 “I Don’t Want Our Loving To Die” Herd
N.A. [Tours, Releases, Films, Etc.-Hollies, Little Richard, Donovan, Aretha Franklin, Tom Jones, Others] 8, 9
Altham, Keith Small Faces Storm–Brain LP In Round Sleeve 10
Evans, Allen LP’s [Fruit Gum Co., Nancy & Lee, Johnny Cash, President, Others] 10
Gray, Andy Question-Time With Andy Williams 11
Gray, Andy Superb Musical Evening With Andy And Henry 11
Green, Richard Screamers Don’t Worry Trems 12
Wells, John Hollies, Paul Jones, Scaffold Tour a Very U Hit 12
Berkeley, Rowan White Horses Bring Excitement To Jacky 13
Harris, June Beatle Trip Here Still a Mystery 14
Moses, Ann Eric Clapton a Mother 14
AlleyCat Tail-Pieces 16
Sampson, Gordon Hump Cabaret Triumph 16
Smith, Allan Equals—A Hit LP First 16
  Chris Lind — 5 April 2002