New Musical Express | 1968

1 June No. 1116  
Gillies, Freddy Paul and Jane on the Farm 1
Moses, Ann “Chemistry Is Great” between Elvis and Nancy Sinatra on Set of Her New Movie “Speedway” 2
Altham, Keith Jimmy Miller Talks about Producing New Stones Album 2
n.a. The Association Enter NME Charts at 22 3
Blaikey, Howard & Geoff Stephens New Releases (Temptations, Nina Simone, The Lovin Spoonful, Duane Eddy, Bystanders, Marty Wilde) 5
n.a. New Documentary of Pop-scene to Star Beatles and Many Others 7
n.a. Freddie and the Dreamers, Billy Fury, Tremeloes Among those Slated to Appear on Radio 1 Show 7
n.a. News: Cilla Black’s New Single, Manfred Mann to Perform on BBC 2 “Late Night Line Up,” Tom Jones to Star in Hour Long Radio Show on Radio 1 and 2 7
n.a. Hendrix to Open New Nightclub in Majorca 7
n.a. The Move’s “Something Else” to be Reissued June 28 8
n.a. Foundation Cancel World Tour 8
Evans, Allen Reviews Are In of New Dave Dee Album 9
Moses, Ann Association Report on European Tour 10
Harris, June Peter Noone’s New York City Boutique Creating Buzz 10
Logan, Nick The Herd Discuss Possible Separate Career Paths of Band Members 12
n.a. Monkees Discuss Status of Band 13

  Matt Liebowitz, April 1, 2002  
8 June 1968 No. 1117  
Altham, Keith The Animals, Hendrix, and a Reunited Traffic Play Show for 18,000 in Sweden. Sweedish Police Take Violent Action Against Crowd 1-2
Green, Richard Lulu Discusses New Disc, Public’s Conception of Her 3
n.a. Fortunes New Release: “Loving Cup” 3
Jones, Davey A Changed Davey Jones Talks about Rigors of Fame 4
n.a. New Albums Reviewed, (Del Shannon, Manfred Mann, Neil Diamond, Ben E. King, John Mayall’s Bluesbreakers, Trini Lopez) 5
n.a. Line-Up Announced for Summer Seaside Concert Series (Englebert Humperdink, Solomon King, Frankie Vaughan, Dusty Springfield, Frank Ifield, Shadows 7
n.a. Herman’s Hermits in Preparation for American Tour, Peter Noone in Negotiations for Acting Career 7
n.a. Lulu Set to Star in as Yet Untitled Musical, Davey Jones Speculated as Actor 8
n.a. Trevor Burton of The Move Injured in Car Accident 8
n.a. Jean-Luc Godard to Direct Stones Movie 8
n.a. Manfred Mann Single at Center of Race Protests 8
Bagshaw, Peter Anita Harris in First Summer Show 9
Altham, Keith Don Partridge Discusses Karate, One-hit Wonders, and Provoking the Press 10
Logan, Nick Jools Driscoll Interview 11
n.a. O.C. Smith Makes Debut on Pop Chars 11
Harris, June Stan Kenton Visits Mike Nesmith’s Home 13
Logan, Nick Fans Love The Incredible String Band 13
  Matt Liebowitz, April 1, 2002  
15 June No. 1118  
Alan Smith Davy Starts to Unwind 2
n.a. Lulu’s Not My Steady – It Just Can’t Work [?] 2
Keith Altham Stones Set Studio on Fire 3
Alan Smith House-Proud Aretha Loves to Go Home [Franklin] 4
Tony Bromley From Us to You 4
n.a. Chuck Berry in Tottenham Royal Don Partridge in Newcastle 4
Keith Altham Donovan’s More Down to Earth 5
Derek Johnson Top Singles Reviewed:
Esther at Her Most Seductive,
Unofficial Bob Dylan, Punch-Packed and Gutsy
Another Box Tops Hit,
Sing-Along Sandie – Strong Chart Material
NME Top Singles
1. "Young Girl," Union Gap
2. "Jumpin Jack Flash," Rolling Stones
3. "Honey," Bobby Goldsboro
4. "A Man Without Love," Englebert Humperdink
5. "This Wheel’s on Fire," Julie Driscoll
NME Top LPs ?  
n.a. Small Faces’ Own TV Showcase Next Week
Stars On Radio 1
Partridge, Mann as Dusty Guests
Scott to S. Africa
Hollies U.S. College Tour
Partridge TV Series?
Symbols LP Shock
n.a. Stones Studio Blaze Drama
Marathon Amen LP
Dolls Clinch U.S. Gees Tour
"Presley" Deal Gives Tom Jones World TV Exposure
Trems U.S. TV Visa Ban
Allen Evans Two Top Albums which Should Hit the Charts- Manfred Mann and Andy Williams
Del Shannon Reverts to His Own Name
Nation Wide Rave over Tiny Tim
Association Ecstatic about British Hit
n.a. Cilla’s Popularity Could See Her Home 11
Richard Green Happiness Iis a Group Called Maramalade 12
Tony Bromley ‘Knockers Don’t Bother Me,’ Says Des O’Connor 12
Alan Smith Rehearsal Track Gives the Equals Hit 13
n.a. How the Trems Came to Record Helule Helule 13
Nick Logan Engelbert Goes Airborne- to Ease Flying Nerves 14
n.a. Seekers Delight Fans 14
Alley Cat Tail Pieces 16
  Eric Berninghausen, 19 February 2004  
22 June 1968 No. 1119  
June Harris Swinging Hendrix Tour 2
n.a. Elvis Donates Rolls 2
n.a. Ohio Express in 2
Keith Altham ‘Jack’ Takes Drag Out of Pop [?] 3
n.a. House Full of Junkies and Social Misfits [?] 3
n.a. "Manfreds Much Happier Now," Admits Mike D’Abo 3
n.a. Con-trick [?] 3
n.a. ‘Sleepy Joe’s’ Got Nothing on Me… that’s My Trouble [?] 4
n.a. Laziness Holds Herman Back 4
n.a. Clear Mind [?] 4
Nick Logan William Bo Otis Tribute [?] 4
Richard Green Union Play Only Own Songs on Stage 5
n.a. Wanted: Friends with Same Tastes [?] 5
Tony Bromley From Us to You 5
Who’s Where Englebert Humperdink London, Donegan in Blackpool 5
n.a. Pop Dogs from Who 6
n.a. Monkeys: Thumping Great Hit 6
n.a. P.P. Deserves Chart Comeback [Arnold] 6
n.a. Current US Chartsters 6
n.a. Barry Solo Debut 7
NME Top Singles:
1. "Jumpin Jack Flash," Rolling Stones
2. "Young Girl," Union Gap
3. "Hurdy Gurdy Man," Donovan
4. "Blue Eyes," Don Partridge
5. "Honey," Bobby Goldsboro
NME Top Albums:
1. This Is Soul, Various
2. Ogdens Nut Gone Flake, The Small Faces
3. Love Andy, Andy Williams
4. Sound of Music, Sound Track
5. John Wesley Harding, Bob Dylan
n.a. Jack Good Action Pop TV Spec, Then Series?
More Big Name 45’s
Satch Socks ‘em
Professional Des
Funeral for Gary Miller
Herman’s Hermits Thriller Movie?
Stones Abroad, Movie Switch
Hardin Bookings
Blackburn Guests
The Love Affair
Island Records Split
Marmalade to U.S.
n.a. Beatles to Russia, McCartney  TV, Children’s Beach Shows
Ohio Sought For Trems – Marmalade Tour
More Start on Radio 1 Shows
Pirate-Patch Lulu Disneyland Date
Andy Gray Engelbert Can Do No Wrong 10
n.a. Life Lines of Marmalade 10
Keith Altham Goes to Bratislava, Czechoslovakia with Jools, Aug, PJ, Easies, Mil, Shad 11
n.a. Who Deputised for Ailing Cliff? 11
Nick Logan It’s My Duty to Expose Hypocrisy 12
Allen Evans Lp’s Reviewed:
Dean Martin’s Greatest Hits
The Association, Birthday
Booker T and the MG’s, Doin Our Thang
Richard Green LP Track Hit for Cupid’s 13
The Alley Cat Tail Pieces 15
n.a. Cliff Acts Weird in Raw Billy Graham Drama 15
  Eric Berninghausen, 30 March 2004  
June 29  No. 1120  
n.a. Julie Driscoll and Brian Auger Trinity Life Lines 2
Green, Richard Tireless Tom [Jones] Keeps Going by Plenty of Sleep 3
Sampson, Gordon Question Time with Louis [Armstrong] 4
n.a. America Calling — Standing Ovation for Jeff Beck, June Harris in NY, Anne Moses in Hollywood, More Cream Success 4
Wells, John Pick of the Singles — Roll up, roll up for the Faces, Dolls Follow-up just as good, Kinks Head for Charts, Dusty(Springfield) in plaintive mood, Mamas & Papas: So Tender, Great Gene (Pitney) needs Plugs 6
n.a. NME TOP 30 1) Jumping Jack Flash —The Rolling Stones 7
n.a.  Tom (Jones), Lulu, Cliff (Richard) for Saturday TV specs; El, Beach, Set, Move, West, Mac, O.C. Newies; Blackburn TV extended — but network doubts; Englebert leads points list; Trogg’s triple—Royal date, new single ready; Kinks for own TV show, Herman, Dave Dee dates; Dusty return to the Copa; Full-Time Cupids; Jerry Lee for Britain; Easybeats go Hungary 8
n.a. Box tops to Tour Britain in Sept., O.C. Smith — July visit confirmed 8-9
n.a. Big names for Sunday Shows; Paul McCartney Conducts Black Dyke Mills Band!! Beatles switch to Apple label?; Bee Gees Europe, Japan Tours & Driscoll, Auger in TV special; Pet Clark Five; Majorca Pop Festival; Amen Corner for America; Paper Dolls TV ‘Blitz’ on New Single, X—mas Carols in Abbey?; Scott, John Walker in ₤35,000 apartheid row; Ben E. Tour with Mini—Orchestra 9
Wells, John Pick of the Singles (con’t) —More Sadness from Bobby Goldsboro; Andy (Williams) makes every word really count 10
Evans, Allan LPs — ‘Big’ King Album Mid—way Symbols 10
n.a. New to the Charts—Webb gives film star (Richard) Harris hit; Made in England 10
Logan, Nick Solo Barry Ryan says, “Now It’s All Down To Me! 12
n.a. Ken (Dodd)’s NLW 12
n.a. Marriage to a Pop Idol Can Be HELL 12
Logan, Nick Heartbreaker’ Makes Gene Pitney Happy at Home 13
Altham, Keith Scott (Walker) Beats the Screamagers 13
Smith, Alan Equals Stunned by No. 3 Hit 14
Bromley, Tony From You to Us 14
n.a. New to the Charts—Pro-U.S. Group at 23; Sue— M.P.’s daughter 14
Walker, Scott Scott Writes to NME 14
Alleycat, The Tail Pieces 16
n.a. International Esther and Abi (Ofarim) 16
Logan, Nick Top Lawyer David Jacobs May Manage More Talent — but No Drug Takers! 16

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