New Musical Express

December 1968

December 7 No. 1143  
Logan, Nick Farewell Show Saddened the Cream; They’re Surprised and a Little Guilty Now that It’s All Over 3
n.a. Gun Are a Very Strange Group 4
Green, Richard “Buttercup Reinforces Foundations,” Says Group’s New Singer, Colin Young 5
Altham, Keith Beach Boys’ Magic 5
Johnson, Derek Incredible Donovan 6
Johnson, Derek Gripping Grapefruit 6
Johnson, Derek Real Cracker from Stevie [Wonder] 6
Johnson, Derek Jose [Feliciano] Turns Rocker into Suave Swinger 6
Johnson, Derek Elvis Back to Pelvis Days 6
NME Top 30 #1 “Lily the Pink” – Scaffold (Parlophone) 7
n.a. Elvis Radio Controversy 8
n.a. Traffic Split; Stevie [Winwood] to solo, Dave Mason Returns to Join Wood-Capaldi group 8
n.a. …And [Eric] Burdon Quits Pop 8
n.a. Isleys Shock 8
n.a. Beatles Hold-up, Ringo Movie 8
n.a. [Judy] Clay – [William] Bell Due Here 8
n.a. Ex-Hollie, Ex-Byrd, Ex-Buffalo team up [Graham Nash, Dave Crosby, Stephen Stills] 8
n.a. New Hugo [Montenegro], Mason [Williams]; Beatles ‘Sub’ LP 8
NME Poll Supplement; All the 1968 results 9
NME World Male Singer – Elvis Presley; World Female Singer – Lulu; World Vocal Group – Beatles 9
Gray, Andy Elvis Fans Keep Him Top, Lulu — World title; Beatles Treble!  Tom [Jones], Cliff [Richard] Leaders 10
Gray, Andy Mary Hopkin, Love Affair New Topper; Stones, Shadows, Savile, ‘Top Of The Pops’ Retain Titles 11
NME [Letters from the Winners Are Published Within the Supplement] 12-15
n.a. [Beach] Boys’ Palladium LP Went Ahead 17
n.a. Moodies Return 17
n.a. Leapy [Lee] for World Tour; Chart Success in 18 Countries 17
n.a. Scaffold TV Showcase 17
n.a. Mary on Xmas Day; Anita [Harris] – Lonnie [Donegan] series 17
n.a. Cocker, Amen, Gun, Faces in Dec. 31 party 17
n.a. Major ₤100,000 U.S. Offer for Foundations to Tour 17
Evans, Allen LPs reviewed: Tom Jones, John Mayall, Shorty Long 18
Altham, Keith Leapy Lee Talks about His ‘Little Arrows’ LP 18
NME Two Restless Bee Gees Talk about their Future Plans and Dreams 19
Nesbit, Jan I Want More Respect – Barry [Gibb] 19
Logan, Nick Progress before Money – Vince [Melouney] 19
Logan, Nick Bonzo Dogs Admit It’s a Big Con! 20
Smith, Alan Supremes Don’t Want to Shock — Volatile Diana tells 21
n.a. Jools, Brian with Monkees on TV Special 21
n.a. Mayall, Moodies to Return in 1969 21

  Jeremy Steuer, 3 April 2002  
14 December No. 1144
Altham, Keith Tom Jones Had to Be Protected against His Wild Rocking Self 3
Green, Richard Dave Mason and Jim Capaldi Talk Frankly About…Clashes that Led to the Traffic’s End 4,7
Logan, Nick Nina Simone Flies in with a Message…the Most important inn the World [wants to know the meaning of “Revolution” in the Beatle’s song] 5
Altham, Keith Stoned at lunch! With Pie-in-the-eye on the Menu [Stones Throw lunch party for Musical Press] 6
Quinn, Terry But Film Stars Snub the Stones TV Spec. 6
Altham, Keith Barry Ryan-A Rocker at Heart 7
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed [Otis Redding, Traffic, Spencer Davis Group, Hugo Montenegro, Pink Floyd, Freddie and the Dreamers, Chris Farlowe, Marv Johnson, The Sinatras] 8,12
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in U.S. [Marmalade, Tremeloes, Fleetwood Mac, Gary Puckett & the Union Gap, The Gladiators] 8
n.a. NME TOP 30 [Scaffold, Hugo Montenegro, Des O’Connor, Foundations] 9
n.a. Britain’s Top 15 LPs [The Beatles, The Best of the Seekers, Beggars’ Banquet-Stones, The World of Val Doonican, Hollies Greatest Hits] 9
n.a. Latest on Radio: Cliff, Trems & Manfreds on 1 10
n.a. Stones: TV Show Surprises 10
n.a. Foundations “Race Film” NO 10
Evans, Allen Airplane, Fudge, Bonzo Dog, Prunes: Lps Reviewed 12
Smith, Alan Splitting Holly Graham Forms Group that Isn’t 15
Gray, Andy Marmalade Wins ‘OB-LA-DI’ Race 16
Portelli, John Malc Goes for the Malta Dollies [Malcolm Roberts] 17
Harris, June Elvis “Television” Triumph 17
Alley, Cat Tailpieces [Jimi Hendrix, Beatles, Cream, Richard Harris, Traffic, Procol Harum, Engelbert Humperdinck, Stones, others] 18
  Jan Taubman—8 April 2002  
December 21 No. 1145
Smith, Alan Settlers and Cliff-You’ll See More of this Team 2
Altham, Keith The Greatest Show on Earth [Rolling Stones] 3,4
Smith, Alan So Groovy-It’s Dangerous to Be a Bandwagon 4
n.a. Life Lines of Love Sculpture 5
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed [Gordon Waller, Vince Hill, Merrilee Rush, Barbara Streisand] 6
n.a. NME TOP 30 [Scaffold, Des O’Connor, Foundations, Nina Simone, Hugo Montenegro] 7
n.a. Britain’s Top 15 LPs [The Beatles, The Best of the Seekers, Beggars’ Banquet, The World of Val Doonican, Sound of Music] 7
n.a. Cliff Starts on TV Series [Bruce Welch left Shadows on Dec. 7 and Brian Bennett-drummer-will remain] 8
n.a. JOSE, SUPREMES IN BING TV Bonzos, Hollies, Move specials 8
n.a. Jagger film composer; Brazil tour kick-off 9
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed [Marmalade, Things, Taylor, Heat] 10
Moses, Ann Turtles First 10
Harris, June Happy Fleetwood 10
n.a. NME Poll Supplement- Ten Years of 1-2-3 in the NME Poll Part one 1959-63 [Cliff Richard, Brenda Lee, Beatles, Everly Brothers, Elvis, Billy Fury, Gerry Marsden, others] 12
Green, Richard Perfection Before Hits-That’s the Claim of Fleetwood Mac 12
n.a. Life Lines of Malcolm Roberts 13
Smith, Alan Meet Jimmy Scott-Te Real OB-LA-DI Man 13
Nisbit, Jan Kasenetz “Infant” Appeal 13
Alley Cat Tailpieces [Beatles, Turtles, Marmalade, Val Doonican, Isley Brothers, Tony Martin, others] 14
  Jan Taubman—8 April 2002  
December 28 no. 1146
Smith,Alan Beatles and Tiny Tim—Its Too Much 2
Quinn, Terry It’s All Happening For Lulu 2
Green, Richard Trems Not Worrying Type, But… 4
n.a. Preview of Xmas and Boxing Day "Top of the Pops" 4
#1 song for the week: "Lily The Pink" from Scaffold
Johnson, Derek It’s Not Doing Anybody Any Good 4
n.a. Chart worthy singles 5
n.a. Return of Tiny Tim 6
n.a. Stars on Color TV at Midem Festival 6
n.a. Stars to Malta for Charity? 6
n.a. Engelbert, May Hopkin 6 week concert tour 6
n.a. A New Group—Mason, Capaldi, Wood and Frog 6
n.a. Americans Want the Mac 6
n.a. Latest on Radio; Sculpture, Quo, Manfreds, Move 6
n.a. Pet Opens BBC—1 colour; Trems xmas day booking 7
n.a. Foundations Album 7
n.a. Into ’69 with Marmalade 7
n.a. Herman to Host Major US TV Series; Hollywood Film Deal 7
n.a. Tom Jones Grabs 1968 Points Phampionship 7
n.a. New Dave Dee Single; Record Panto Booking 7
Smith, Neil Neil Smith's Pollwinners Pantomime 8
n.a. Quiz Corner 9
n.a. How Much Do You Remember of 1968? 9
n.a. Predictions, Hopes for ’69—’69 Will Be A Country Year 10
n.a. Some Zany Ideas for Christmas Presents 10
n.a. Engelberts dream of Christmas 10
n.a. Ten Years of 1-2-3 in the NME Poll--part 2--64-68 10
Evans, Allen LP's by Allen Evans 10
n.a. More Best Pictures of 1968 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
Garry Chambers Non-quotes of 1968 12
O’Conner, Des "Gags" 12
Dodd, Ken Ken Dodd Cracks 12
McGough, Roger Christmas Poem 12
  Jacob Vincent—7 April, 2002  
  grtedit—15 April, 2002