New Musical Express | February 1969
1 February No. 1151  
Moses, Ann & Harris, June America Calling: Monkees Latest Disc 2 Years Old 2
Logan, Nick Jethro—The New Breed 2
Logan, Nick Fleetwood Waiting to Celebrate Their No. 1 3
Smith, Neil Neil Smith Looks at the "Fortified" Ones 4
Gray, Andy Mary Hopkin Makes Sedate Hit at Festival And Joe Tex Is the Sensation of the Final Midem Gala 4
Smith, Alan "Team Work Is Secret of Atlantic's Soul Success" 4-5
Johnson, Derek Top singles Reviewed: A Cert-Hump with Latin Lilt; Loco: More Depth; Swinging Doors Get Toes Tapping; Partridge Reverts to "Rosie" Kick; Status as Before; A Monster Hit for Barry Ryan 6
  Potted Pops: Sammy Davis, Bobby Bennett, Others  
n/a Charts: NME Top 30, #1: Albatross-Fleetwood Mac
Britain's Top 15 LPs, #1: The Best of the Seekers
5 years ago, #1: Needles and Pins- The Searchers
10 years ago, #1: One Night/I Got Stung- Elvis Presley
15 years ago, #1: Oh Mein Papa- Eddie Calvert
Best Selling Pop Records in U.S., #1: Crimson & Clover- Tommy James & the Shondells
n/a Fleetwood Mac Concert Tour;
Cream Goodbye Album Is Set;
Monkees’ New Disc, Spring Concerts?;
Buddy Holly 10th Anniversary 45, LP;
Tymes Visit;
Sandie Shaw Talk of Town Return;
Mac Next, Bedrocks, Turtles, Dusty LP [New Discs];
New Wonder Dates, Katz;
Latest Group Departure Burton Leaves Move;
British Composer Gets 13 Movie Song Offers;
Sly, Stone Return;
Dylan Man’s Visit;
Dave and Co. to Japan
n/a More Stars Booked for Tom Jones TV;
Springfields Reunion,
Scott's Transmission Set,
Quo in Own Showcase [Major TV Bookings];
Melouney Group Drops Single;
Bonzo Make 50-minute TV Spec;
Picket Set for BBC-TV;
Big Who U.S. Tour Again;
Tom Jones TV Rejected;
Grapefruit Man Forced to Quit
n/a Vandellas, Judith, Cocker in Cabaret;
Hollies Promoting Own Festival Hall Concert, to be Recorded for LP Release;
Bee Gees New Single Set, Plus Solo Film Plans;
Jack Jones Waxes Ryan Song in London- to be Next Single;
Gun U.S. Debut- 11 minute LP Track;
Quo’s Quo's World Wide Plans;
New Group’s First LP; Elvis in Memphis;
Big Froggatt Concert; Stars on 1 [Latest on Radio];
John Mayall, Concerts Switch;
Leapy Lee Cabaret;
Partridge Movie Star?
Green, Richard London Cast of "Hair" Makes Album Chart 10
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed: Stevie Wonder:For Once in My Life; Diana Ross & The Supremes Sing "Funny Girl"; Frank Sinatra:Cycles;Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat; Ray Charles at Newport; Marble Archers: Nina Simone, Donovan: Fairytale, New Chartbusters, Ten Years of Golden Hits; Groups: Coasters, John Dummer Blues Band: Cabal 10
Logan, Nick Eric Clapton Booking Studio Time for Stevie [Winwood] and Self 12
Green, Richard Amen's Andy Doesn't Want Hippies as Fans 13
East, Paul Duane Eddy Happy with First British Vocal Disc 13
Bromley, Tony [ed.] From You to Us 13
Gray, Andy Meet the Marms…No.1, Junior Wullie Campbell, The Marmalade's Music Man 14
Coxhill, Gordon Buddy [Holly] Story Is Not Over Yet 14
Green, Richard New to the Charts: Tymes Together Six Years 14
n/a Michael [Lindsay Hogg] Sorting out Stones, Beatles [Terry Quinn's TV] 15
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces by the Alley Cat 16
n/a Alley Cat's Laugh-In 16
n/a Cilla [Black] Celebrates 16

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8 February No. 1152  
Nisbet, Jan Campbell Polishes Country [Glen Campbell] 2
Green, Richard As More Groups Split We’re Getting Nearer to Age of Supergroups 2
Smith, Alan Two Sides of the Great Stevie Wonder 3
Logan, Nick Nick Logan’s Pen-Portrait Reveals Double Irony of Nina Simone’s “Somebody” Hit 4
n.a. Early Tête-á-Tête with Gordon Coxhill 5
Bromley, Tony From You to Us 5
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviewed:  Cilla Black, Otis Redding, Buddy Holly, Moby Grape, Acker Bilk, Archies, Michael D’Abo, Jay and the Americans, Love Affair, Marvin Gaye, Little Richard, Misunderstood, Bedrocks, Carla Thomas, Gene Chandler, William Bell 6
n.a. NME Top 30 Singles:
1) “Albatross”: Fleetwood Mac
2) “Blackberry Way”: Move
3) “For Once In My Way”: Stevie Wonder
4) “Ob-La-Di-Ob-La-Da”: Marmalade
5) “Fox On The Run”: Manfred Mann
n.a. NME Top 15 LPs:
1) Diana Ross and the Supremes Join the Temptations: Diana Ross and the Supremes Join the Temptations
2) The Beatles: The Beatles
3) The Seekers: Best of the Seekers
4) The Graduate: (soundtrack)
5) The Beatles: Yellow Submarine
n.a. Ray Charles Autumn Tour;
Chuck Berry Visit;
C-&-W Festival Nets Big Names;
Chambers Bros Due;
Popliners; Englebert,
Dusty, Cliff in Major Liberace TV Series [Englebert Humperdinck, Dusty Springfield, Cliff Richard];
Copa Season for Dusty [Copacabana, Dusty Springfield];
Leapy Signs Own Group [Leapy Lee];
Vince Produces the Cowsills [Vince Melouney];
Love Affair: Own TV Spectacular;
Allen Klein to Help Beatles;
“007” Group Returns [Desmond Dekker and the Aces];
Boots Randolph Visit;
Who Help Students
n.a. Bonzos-3 Top U.S. Shows [Bonzo Dog Band];
The Squires Go It Alone;
Mac’s ‘Albatross’ Notches a Million [Fleetwood Mac];
Pop TV Man Moves [Mike Mansfield];
Cliff Documentary [Cliff Richard];
Winwood Replaces Bruce in New-Look Cream Group [Steve Winwood, Jack Bruce];
Latest On Radio 1;
Quo “Rock” Movie [Status Quo];
Foundation Dates Off [Foundations];
Cocker Band Switch;
Tiny Palladium?;
Monkee Man Launches New Group in Big-Budget Films [Don Kirshner];
Hollies, Dave Dee Set McCartney Waxes Fourmost;
Hollies Showcased in Berlin Festival;
Mary’s Italian Triumph [Mary Hopkin];
Star Names For Disc Gala;
Move Signs Up Replacement;
World Tour Plans Set?  Rolling Stones Deny It
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed:  Johnny Johnson & Bandwagon, 1910 Fruitgum Co., Diana Ross and the Supremes, Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In, Jerry Lee Lewis, Woody Kern, Dean Martin, Louis Armstrong, Cleo Laine, Jackie De Shannon, Marvelettes, Timi Yurd 10
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviewed: Simon Dupree & the Big Sound, Carl Perkins, Impressions, Johnnie Ray, Moving Finger, Young Blood, Earth Opera, Ayshea, Wedgwoods 10
Green, Richard Seekers LP Toppled The Beatles, But Nowadays it Goes Almost Unnoticed 11
Coxhill, Gordon Harmony Catch Up on Sandie [Harmony Grass, Sandie Shaw] 11
n.a. Dean Ford: He’s the Quiet Tornado 12
Gray, Andy Graham Knight: Bird Lover 12
Smith, Alan The Knockers Make Donald Peers Sad 13
Moses, Ann America Calling 13
Coxhill, Gordon Big Problem for Cilla  --Will Fans Like Her as a Raver [Cilla Black] 14
Logan, Nick Rick Price --Instant Move Replacement 14
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 16
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15 February No. 1153  
Smith, Alan Alan Smith Welcomes to England an Unhappy Wilson Pickett 2
Green, Richard New to the Charts – Neil’s “Second Time” Hit [Neil MacArthur] 2
Logan, Nick The Way It Used To Be Keeps Me Level Headed 3
Coxhill, Gordon It Was Easily Pitney’s Night as He Thawed Audience [Gene Pitney] 3
Logan, Nick The New Man Who Is Bee Gee Barry [Barry Gibb] 4
Coxhill, Gordon Screamers Baffle Amen Andy [Andy Fairweather-Lowe] 5
Johnson, Derek Singles Reviewed: Bee Gees, Freddie Cannon, Dave Clark Five, Turtles, Vogues, Squires, Ken Dodd, Melanie, Mamas & Papas, Solomon Burke, David Garrick, Vanity Fare, Jose Feliciano, Steve Montgomery, Bryan Hyland, Aphrodite’s Child, Happy Magazine 6
n.a. NME Top 30 Singles
1) “Blackberry Way”:  Move
2) “Albatross”:  Fleetwood Mac
3) “For Once in My Life”:  Stevie Wonder
4) “Half as Nice”:  Amen Corner
5) “You Got Soul”:  Johnny Nash
n.a. NME Top 15 LPs
1) Diana Ross and the Supremes Join the Temptations: Diana Ross and the Supremes Join the Temptations
2) The Seekers: Best of the Seekers
3) The Beatles: Yellow Submarine
4)The Beatles: The Beatles
5)The Graduate: The Graduate (soundtrack)
n.a. Monkees Tour U.S., Then Here;
Latest Names On Radio 1;
Barry Voted Tops [Barry Ryan];
McCartney, Donovan on Mary Hopkin Debut LP;
Pop at Scot Sports Fest;
Garfunkel Acts [Art Garfunkel];
Ringo Film Opens, Beatle LP Delay;
Mac Comes Back, New Home Dates [Fleetwood Mac];
Dave Clark in Big Drama Film Role;
Chart Stars at Wembley; Continental MacArthur [Neil MacArthur];
In London Lights- The NME Chart;
Burton Forms His Group [Trevor Burton];
Hollies - $1,000 a Night Swedish Trip
n.a. Cilla: Blackpool Season [Cilla Black];
Englebert – Summer Season, U.S. Cabaret [Englebert Humperdinck];
D’Abo “Little People” Row [Michael D’Abo];
Lulu to Marry Next Tuesday; Harmony Away [Harmony Grass];
Leapy Collapse [Leapy Lee];
Who Charity Change [The Who];
Move to Walsh [The Move];
Dupree Group Changes [Simon Dupree];
Gun America Tour Hitch;
More Top Names In Tom’s TV [Tom Jones];
Gun, Beach Boys, Temps, Otis, Elvis, Malcolm, Blackburn 45’s [Temptations, Otis Redding, Elvis Presley, Malcolm Roberts, Tony Blackburn]
n.a. New Musical Express Awards 1969 – Sleeve Designers Are Honoured 10
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed: Ten Years After, Nazz, Chambers Brothers, Liverpool Scene, Procession, Calliope, Plastic Penny, Dr. West’s Medicine Show and Junk Band, Apple, Stanley Brothers, Patsy Cline, Burl Ives, The Dillards, Hank Locklin, Tex Ritter, Wanda Jackson, Ronnie Aldrich, Dudley Moore, Oscar Peterson 11
Smith, Alan Hollies Have New Ideas for Albums 11
Gray, Andy Drummer Alan’s Cure For Violence [Alan Whitehead] 12
Gray, Andy Pat Fairley – Marmalade Business Man 12
Bromley, Tony From You to Us 12
Coxhill, Gordon “I Started Stax Soul Sound”, Claims Carla Thomas 13
Moses, Ann America Calling – Police Swoop on Airplane 13
Harris, June Cream’s Farewell Film Set for Theatre Showing 13
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 14
  Evan Croen — Sun, 16 Jun 2002 15:15:39  
22 February No. 1154
Green, Richard 3000 Beat Freeze to See Amen-Love Affair [Tony Blackburn show at Paisley Ice Ring] 2
Green, Richard Protester Peter Has to Censor His Songs [Peter Sarstedt] 3
n.a. Lulu Maurice – 3,000 Trun Up for Quiet Wedding [Marie MacDonald Maurice Marries Mr. Maurice Gibb] 4
Logan, Nick Fleetwoods Always Were Commercial [Fleetwood Mac] 5
Logan, Nick Tom Jones – He Hasn’t Basically Changed Since He was Tommy Scott [Chris and Vernon Recall Their 7 Year Friendship with Tom] 6
Derek Johnson Top Singles:
Cliff Richards, "Good Times"
Elvis Presley, "If I Can Dream"
Dave Dee, Dozy Beaky, Mick and Tich, "Don Juan"
NME NME Top 30 Singles
1. Amen Corner, "Half as Nice"
2. Peter Sarstedt, "Where Do You Go"
3. Move, "Blackberry Way"
4. Diana Ross, "I’m Gonna Make You Love Me"
5. Fleetwood Mac, "Albatross"
1. Diana Ross and the Supremes Join the Temptations
2. The Best of the Seekers
3. The Beatles
4. Yellow Submarine
5. The Graduate (soundtrack)
n.a. NME Poll Concert – Book Now for Sunday, May 11
Johnny Cash TV Spec in Jail [Johnny Cash movie]
Stevie Wonder, Dave Dee, Cliff, Pitney on BBC-TV
n.a. Tom’s Round-The-World Plans [Tom Jones]
Herman For Vegas [Herman’s Hermits]
Big Soul, Blues Spring Invasion [American Bands coming]
Rascals, Fudge Due [The Rascals, Vanilla Fudge]
Upcoming Tours: Ben E. King, Long Mayall, Gun-Nighters
Smith, Alan You’ll EitherLove or Loathe LP [Mary Hopkin] 12
n.a. More Single Reviews (continued from page 8)
Barkays, "Soul Finger"
Paul Slade, "Sound of Love"
Fourmost, "Rosetta"
Laura Nyro, "Once I Was Alright Now"
Sonny James, "Only the Lonely"
The Shirelles, "Look What You've Done to My Heart"
Smith, Alan We Want to Be Like Freshman [Tony River] 14
Quinn, Terry Pickett’s No Fan of the Beatles [Wilson Pickett]
Nesbit, Jan Candy: X Marks Ringo’s Solo film debut [Ringo Starr in "bawdy sex frolic] 15
Bromley, Tony From YOU to US [Letters from readers]
n.a. Supergroups: A Good Iidea? And could they work? 16
Smith, Alan The Future I Hope For [Mike D’Abo] 17
n.a. Backroom Hit-makers [Pictures and captions]
Green, Richard Concert Review: Jimi Hendrix 18
n.a. NME Popword
n.a. Ail-Pieces by the Alley Cat
n.a. Classified ads 19

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