New Musical Express | 1969

1 March No. 1155
Logan, Nick Goodbye to the Cream [Jack Bruce, farewell LP] 2
n/a Life-Lines of this Week's Chart Topper [Peter Sarstedt]
Logan, Nick Love of His Life Puts Peter Sarstedt at the Top 3
n/a Lyrics to Peter Sarstedt's "Where Do You Go to My Love"
Smith, Alan Sam and Dave - Soul Brothers on the Stage - but Not off 4
Turner, John "Peter Leaving Has Brought Us Much Closer," Says Monkee Trio [The Monkees]
Turner, John Donovan Helps Them Perform [The Monkees]
Derek Johnson Top Singles:
Marbles, "The Walls Fell Down"
Foundations, "In the Bad, Bad Old Days"
The Gun, "Drives You Mad"
Tony Blackburn, "It's Only Love"
Hollies, "Sorry Suzanne"
Gene Pitney, "Maria Elena"
Malcolm Roberts, "Stand beside Me"
n/a NME Top 30
1. Peter Sarstedt, "Where Do You Go to"
2. Amen Corner, "Half as Nice"
3. Diana Ross, "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"
4. Martha and the Vandellas, "Dancin' in the Street"
5. Move, "Blackberry Way"
n/a Britain's Top 15 LP's
1. Diana Ross & The Supremes Join The Temptations
2. The Best of the Seekers
3. The Beatles
4. Yellow Submarine, Beatles
5. Hair, London Cast
n/a Tom: Live LP at the Flamingo [Tom Jones]
Marv Johnson to Visit Britain:  First Bookings
Foundations Europe Tour
Simone, Stevie Follow-Ups [Nina Simone and Stevie Wonder]
More Dates Set For Mac, Wonder, Orbison
Two Scaffold Concert Tours
Sarstedt & Film Plan; Scotland [Peter Sarstedt]
n/a Elvis TV Album Set - Snags in Screening Show 8, 9
n/a Hump in Les Reed TV Spec - Des Series Set; Seekers 'Farewell' Again
After 60 Days in Existence - Mason, Capaldi, Wood & Frog Split
Ringo Starts 11-Week Film Schedule; LP Delay
Hollies Two Month Round World Trip
Logan, Nick Barry's Not a Bit Surprised If You Hate His Guts [Barry Ryan] 10
Coxhill, Gordon Seekers Still Earn Mini Fortune for Tom Springfield
Review:  Beach Boys - I Can Hear The Music
Moses, Ann TV Stops Glen Tour [Glen Campbell] 11
Harris, June Nash, Stills, Crosby Work Together
Nisbet, Jan In London Critics Just Get at Me [Sandie Shaw] 12
Bromley, Tony Cass Doesn't Know What's Happening with Mamas & Papas [Mama Cass Elliot]
n/a LULU by Maurice on First Anniversary
Smith, Alan Cilla Wonders:  Have I Lost the Knack of Picking Hits? [Cilla Black] 13
n/a Vikki Wrings Tears [Vikki Carr]
Logan, Nick Marriage Might End Bee Gees Feuding 14
n/a Johnny Nash Wants Out of Pop Rat Race
n/a Small Faces Talk about Group Split
n/a Classified Ads 15

Scott Butler, 20 February 2004
8 March No. 1156
n.a. Immediate Anthology of Speculation; Steve Marriott-Small Faces Split ‘Within a Month 1
Welch, Chris Steve Marriott Is Alive and Well and Living in Essex 1
n.a. Peter Frampton Leaving Herd 1
n.a. On-off Faces Split 1
n.a. No Stevie Merger Say Immediate [Stevie Marriott] 1
n.a. Is All Still Well with the Faces? 1
Green, Richard “Hit Album Different From Live Shows,” Say Ten Years After 2
Quinn, Terry Engelbert Upset by DJ’s Criticism 2
Green, Richard Three Sides of Jagger [Mick Jagger] 3
Green, Richard Jimmy Miller Says… [Rolling Stones] 3
Logan, Nick A Day in the Life of Tom Jones; Working 13 Hours a Day, 6 Days a Week This is…Tom Jones 4
Logan, Nick Stars The Fans Loved To Hate [Move] 5
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed:
Wailing Aretha Deserves a Hit [Aretha Franklin];
Bo Up Dates His Song [Bo Diddley];
It’s Happy-Go-Lucky Trems Again [Tremoloes];
Lulu Lifts Euro Song Out of Rut;
Third Version Lucky for Peddlers;
Bubbling Grapefruit [Grapefruit];
Bell/Clay Not So Strong [William Bell & Judy Clay]
[Recommended: Johnny Hackett; FOURMYULA; Trifle; Packers; Lanie Kazan; Jason Crest; Dionne Warwick; Byrds] [More Singles Pg 14]

Nme Top 30 Chart
1. “Where Do You Go to,” Peter Sarstedt;
2. “Half as Nice” Amen Corner;
3. “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me,” Diana Ross and the Supremes and the Temptations;
4. “The Way It Used to Be,” Engelbert Humperdink;
5. “Surround Yourself with Sorrow,” Cilla Black

Britain’s Top 15 LPs
1. Diana Ross & the Supremes Join the Temptations;
2. The Best of the Seekers;
3. Goodbye [Cream]
4. Engelbert [Engelbert Humperdink];
5. Post Card [Mary Hopkins]
n.a. NME Penny Up, but You Get More than Pennyworth Extra!
Beatles Will Say “No” to Multi-Million Dollar Bait
Another John-Yoko LP Planned
Desmond Dekker Dates
Affair Booked, So BBC-TV Row Nipped in the Bud
Summer Seasons For Frankie and Kathy [Frankie Vaughan, Kathy Kirby]
Leapy Plans New Single
Seven British Pop Names Combine for U.S. Package
Star-Packed Film
Foundations to Wax in Detroit
Another New Nina Concert
Ben E. Joins Gene [Ben E. King, Gene Pitney]
Mary’s Single Soon-Penned by Paul [Mary Hopkins, Paul McCartney]
Poll Concert
n.a. Monkees in May-Official / Andy Williams Is Buying British! 13
n.a. Sinatra Due on Sunday 13
n.a. Amen: New LP, Dates 13
n.a. Alan Price Back on Disc 13
n.a. Dusty, Alpert BBC-1 Specials; Hopkins with Liberace; “How It Is” Set for Return [Dusty Springfield, Herb Alpert]; [Mary Hopkins] 13
n.a. Small Faces Last Single? 13
n.a. Dr. Elvis & the Nun [Film] 13
Evans, Allen LP Reviews: Andy Williams/Sound of Music; Engelbert; Ohio Express/Chewy Chewy; Barbara Streisand/Happening in Central Park; Bee Gees/Odessa; Procol Harum/Shine on Brightly; Al Stewart/Love Chronicles 14
Coxhill, Gordon Chambers Head for the Big Time (Chambers Brothers) 14
Johnson, Derek More Single Reviews: Grassroots, "Melody for You"; Buck Owens & The Buckaroos, "Who’s Gonna Mow Your Grass"; Clarence Carter, "Snatchin’ It Back"; Heath Hampstead, "The Happiest Day of My Life"; Anthony Booth, "Till Death Us Do Part"; Les Reed, "Don’t Linger with Your Finger on the Trigger"; World of Oz, "Willows’ Harp" 14
n.a. Potted Pops 14
Clarke, Allan 4 pg special on the Hollies/After Split: Why We Had to Go On 9-10
Coxhill, Gordon Hollies Special: Fans Don’t Want Way-Out Songs – say Tony and Bern [Tony Hicks, Bernie Calvert] 10
Coxhill, Gordon Hollies Special: New Boy Terry Discovers Nothing Must Go Wrong 11
n.a. Hollies Discography 11
Coxhill, Gordon Hollies Special: The Back-room experts 12
Bobby Elliott Hollies Special: Belly Dancer Inspired Hit 12
Moses, Ann Elvis-By a Girl Who Hated His Hair and Hits 15
Gray, Adam Adventure in South America; Argentina Cheers Tremeloes 16
Moses, Ann Elvis Signs for Vegas Cabaret 17
Harris, June From New York 17
Green, Richard New to the Charts; Jamo Puts 5thReissue in the Sellers 17
Green, Richard A U.S. Hit 6 Years Ago! 17
Green, Richard Noel’s Nice Surprise [Noel Harrison] 17
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces; Fleetwood Mac, Judy Garland, George Harrison… 18

Ira Friedman — Sun, 16 Jun 2002 22:12:43
15 March No. 1157
Richmond, Stuart Paul’s Wedding Day Pictures 2
Gray, Andy The Establishment Must Not Drive the Beatles Out; It Can’t Afford to Lose Them 3
Logan, Nick Move Had to Smash This Image: Concluding the Turbulent Story of the Move 4
Coxhill, Gordon Music Matters More than the Ratings 5
Logan, Nick Bee Gee Colin Happy to Be the Outsider 6
n.a. Did You Vote Them Your Supergroup? [Supergroup Poll] 7
Coxhill, Gordon New to The Charts: Hit Writer Joe South 7
Coxhill, Gordon Cyril’s Consortium [Cyril Stapleton] 7
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed; Monkees Back to Clarksville; Subtle Who [The Who]; Old and New Sounds from the Faces; Head Start for Val Doonican; Stevie-Never So Intense as Here [Stevie Wonder]; New Style for Teens [Nashville Teens] 8
NME NME Top 30 Singles-
1. “Where Do You Go by,” Peter Sarstedt;
2. “Surround Yourself With Sorrow,” Cilla Black;
3. “I Hear it Through the Grapevine,” Marvin Gaye;
4. “Half as Nice,” Amen Corner;
5. “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me,” Dina Ross and the Supremes and the Temptations
NME Britain’s Top 15 LPs-
1. Diana Ross & The Supremes Join The Temptations;
2. Goodbye [Cream];
3. The Best of the Seekers;
4. Engelbert [Engelbert Humperdink];
5. The World of Val Doonican
n.a. Beatle LP Tracks [“Maxwell’s Silver Hammer”; “Polythene Pam”; “All I Want Is You”; “Teddy Boy”; “Octopus Garden”] 10
n.a. Sinatra Misses out 10
n.a. Popliners 10
n.a. Foxx Duo Dates (Inez and Charlie Foxx) 10
n.a. A Mighty Star Line-up for the NME’s Big Show Feat. Cliff Richards, Peter Sarstedt, Lulu, Barry Ryan, Hank Marvin 10
n.a. Marv Joins Vandellas Tour [Marv Johnson, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas] 10
n.a Phil Spector Returns 10
n.a. Dusty: New York Cabaret, Atlantic LP Release Set [Dusty Springfield] 10
n.a. Foundations Big U.S. Plans, Autumn Package Here 10
n.a. Matt Pilot in Film 10
n.a. Herman. Cass, Herd New Singles-Hank Marvin First Solo Disc [Herman’s Hermits, Mama Cass, Edwin Starr, Wayne Fontana] 10-11
n.a. Elvis U.S. Stage Comeback – New Policy of More Live Appearances? 10-11
n.a. Mac Label Split [Fleetwood Mac] 10-11
n.a Paul Writes Mary Single [McCartney & Hopkins] 11
n.a. Beach Boys Concerts Being Fixed for June 11
n.a. ATV Books Mireille to Head Its Fourth Big-budget Series [Mireille Mathieu] 11
n.a. Tom: U.S. TV Non-Stop All Year [Tom Jones] 11
n.a Kink Ray’s Pop Opera for TV [Kinks/Ray Davies] 11
n.a. Original Righteous Brothers Together Again-In Britain? 11
n.a. Cash Visit Off  [Johnny Cash] 11
n.a. Amen Corner Live Album 11
n.a. Scaffold LP Delay New TV Bookings 11
n.a. Pretties on Tamalia [Pretty Things] 11
n.a. Sandie Plays Palladium [Sandie Shaw] 11
Johnson, Derek More Singles Reviews: Plugs Decide Rascals a Hit or Miss [The Rascals]; Topical Bonzos [Bonzo Dog Band] 12
n.a. Potted Pops 12
Harris June America Calling: Bob Dylan Records with Johnny Cash 12
Moses, Ann America Calling: Andy Williams Rounds Up Teenage Audience 12
Evans, Allen LP Reviews: Martha Reeves & Vandellas, Dancing in theStreets; Blood Sweat and Tears; Big Brother and the Holding Company; Lou Rawls, You’re Good For Me; Judy Collins, Who Knows Where The Time Goes; Jimmy Tarbuck; Ray Charles, A Portrait of Ray; Ray Charles, The Great RayCharles; James Brown King of Soul; James Brown, I Can’t Stand Myself; Rowan & Martin at Work; Ella Fitzgerald, Rodgers and Hart Song Book; Sarah Vaughn, Who Is this Girl Called Sassy; Dinah Washington, Tell Love Hello; Bill Medley; Donnie Elbert; Taj Mahal 13
Grant, John Hendrix – What next? [Interview with Jimi Hendrix] 14
Bromley, Tony From You to Us 14
Gray, Andy South American Adventure Part 2: Fun in the Sun for the TREMS, but Coming Home Is Best! [Tremeloes] 16
Smith, Alan Hump Hopkin Tour Off to a Flying Start [Engelbert Humperdink, Mary Hopkin]/ “I’m glad I Appeal to Grannies,” He Says/Fragile Mary Wins Through 17
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 18
Coxhill, Gordon Screamers in Form for Stevie Wonder 18

Ira Friedman — Sun, 16 Jun 2002 22:12:43
22 March No. 1158
Green, Richard Beach Boys Music Bound in a Plane 1
n.a. Righteous Brothers Lost That Lovin' Feelin' Sound 1
n.a. Country People (Not the Music) Today’s Top Pop Trends, Says Glen Campbell 3
Moses, Ann Stigwood Sues Bee Gee Robin [Robin Gibb] 3
Coxhill, Gordon Dave Dee Repays Fans' Loyalty 4
Smith, Alan It’s the Only Life Stevie Wonder Wants 4
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed:
Jazzy Simone Swings Like Mad [Nina Simone],
Chambers Beat Leaves You Limp [Chambers Brothers],
Roe Hopeful with U.S. No. 1 [Tommy Roe]
n.a. NME Top 10 Singles:
1. "Where Do You Go to," P. Sarstedt
2. "I Heard It through the Grapevine," M. Gaye
3. "Surround Yourself with Sorrow," C. Black
4. "The Way It Used to Be," E. Humperdinck
5. "Wichita Lineman," G. Campbell
6. "Gentle on My Mind," D. Martin
7. "Monsieur DuPont," S. Shaw
8. "First of May," Bee Gees
9. "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me," D. Ross et al
10. "Half as Nice," Amen Corner
n.a. Beatle George on Cream Disk [George Harrison] 8
n.a. Dusty’s TV Series Brought Forward – July Screening [Dusty Springfield] 8
n.a. McCartney Song for Noel [Noel Harrison] 9
Green, Richard Barry Ryan Sings Paul [Barry Ryan, Paul Ryan] 10
Coxhill, Gordon Scott Talks about Scott [Scott Walker] 11
Smith, Alan Foundations Were Singing Waiters 12
Green, Richard The Who Try to Ward Off Trouble 13
Smith, Alan Marv Still Works as Tamla Clark (and He Gave Label Its First Ever Hit!) [Marv Johnson] 13
Coxhill, Gordon Affair of a Big Head Group [Love Affair] 14

Holli Leber — 24 June 2002
29 March No. 1159
Smith, Alan Engelbert Knocks Himself About to Keep Glow Glowing [Engelbert Humperdinck] 1
Moses, Ann Doors in Big Trouble 1
Logan, Nick In-depth Film Location Interview with Ringo: We're Not Mop Tops Any More 2
Green, Richard Don't Remind Noel He Was Once Deb's Delight [Noel Harrison] 3
n.a. Billy  Cotton Dies at Fight 5
Green, Richard Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan: Mind Blowing Duo. NME's Richard Green talks to their producer, Bob Johnston 6
Coxhill, Gordon My Continued Success Here Amazes Me, Says Gene [Gene Pitney] 7
n.a. NME Top 10 Singles:
1. "I Heard It through the Grapevine," M.Gaye
2. "Where Do You Go to," P. Sarstedt
3. "Gentle on My Mind," D. Martin
4. "Surround Yourself with Sorrow," C. Black
5. "The Way It Used to Be," E. Humperdinck
6. "Sorry  Suzanne," Hollies
7. "First of May," Bee Gees
8. "Wichita Lineman," G. Campbell
9. "Monsieur DuPont," S. Shaw
10. "Games People Play," J. South
n.a. Package Tours Shocks: Monkee Tour Off, Martha Taken Ill [Martha Reeves], Ban Hits Rosko [Emperor Rosko] 10
n.a. Bee Gees' Own TV Show – If Robin Issue Is Settled 10
n.a. Likely Beatles' Single – Group's Third Movie? 10
n.a. Hollies Showcase for BBC-TV; Doonican Easter Special; Bobbie Gentry Series, Andy Williams in Pet Clark's U.S. TV Show 11
Coxhill, Gordon Geno – Hits with LPs and Misses on Singles 12
Nesbit, Jan Bachelor Pad Gets the Female Touch [Lulu and Maurice] 14
Green, Richard Bob and Earl Indentified [Ben E. King and Bobby Darrin] 14
Green, Richard Britain's First International C-and-W Festival 15
Coxhill, Gordon Cilla's Been Sent to Coventry [Cilla Black] 17
Logan, Nick Sarstedt: Am I Taking Myself Too Seriously? [Peter Sarstedt] 18

Holli Leber — 24 June 2002

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