New Musical Express

April 1969

5 April No. 1160  
Coxhill, Gordon Souls No Good without the Right Song,” Says Atlantic Chief, Ahmet Ertegun 2
Coxhill, Gordon Why Cliff Must Learn to Say No [Cliff Richard] 3
Coxhill, Gordon If He Could, Desmond Would Sing 24 Hours a Day 4
Green, Richard Fans Are Uncontrollable,” Says Amen Andy (And I Love It) [Andy Fairweather-Lowe] 5
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed: Isley Brothers (Behind a Painted Smile); Marha Reeves and the Vandellas (Nowhere to Run); Edwn Starr (Way Over There); Cream (Badge); Casuals (Fools Paradise); Kinks (Plastic Man); Inez and Charlie Foxx (Baby Give it to Me) 6
n.a. NME Top 30. The Top Five: Marvin Gaye; Dean Martin; Hollies; Foundations;Cilla Black 7
n.a. Britains Top 15 LPs. The Top Five: Cream; Seekers; Diana Ross and the Supremes with the Temptations; Rock Machine; Engelbert Humperdinck 7
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in the U.S. The Top five Are: 5thDimension; Tommy Rowe; Zombies; Glen Campbell; Blood, Sweat, and Tears 7
n.a. Hank in Cliffs TV: Who Booked for Toms Show; Sarstedt Spec 8
n.a. World Demand for Our Lulu 8
n.a. Mary Set to Take America By Storm (First British Cabaret Date) [Mary Hopkin] 8
n.a. Who: Major U.S. Package Tour 8
n.a. Jordanaires Own Label; No More Elvis Sessions? 8
n.a. Stars on Radio One [Includes Dave Dee Group, Marmalade, Grapefruit, the Troggs, and Simon Dupree 8
n.a. Tamla Signs Pretties [Pretty things] 8
n.a. Oscar Peterson Venues 8
n.a. Mac Leads Way in Points Race [Fleetwood Mac] 8
n.a. Desmond Dekker Just Added to NME Poll Concert 8
n.a. Zombies Back in Action 8
n.a. Ringo: Western Film? Beatles Live Shows Soon” –John 9
n.a. Kinks Split,” Says Pete Quaife 9
n.a. Dusty: Major U.S. Concerts [Dusty Springfield] 9
n.a. Trems, Marms, Move Invade Russia [Tremeloes, Marmalade]; Ob-La-Di” Gold Disc 9
n.a. Soul Stars in Huge LP Bonanza: Bu One and Win a Trip to America 9
n.a. Manfred, Supremes, Des,, Jeanie, Gap-New Discs [Manfred Mann, Des OConnor, Jeanie C. Riley, Union Gap] 9
n.a. Europe Picks British Pop in Bid for Montreux TV Honor 9
n.a. Groups in the News: The Move; Barron Knights; Scaffold; Crazy World of Arthur Brown; Gun 9
n.a. Flat and Scruggs part 9
n.a. Gees Dispute Ending? [Bee Gees] 9
n.a. Les Reeds Canadian TV Spec 9
n.a. Jamo Thomas Coming 9
Evans, Allen LPs Reviewed: Mamas & Papas; Led Zepelin; Hermans Hermits; Spooky Two; Gladys Knight; Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong; Dean Martin; Lovin Spoonful 10
Logan, Nick Were Losing Too many Top Groups to America-Zeppelin Is Latest [Led Zeppelin] 10
Green, Richard My Big Hits Not Rock,” Says Jerry Lee Lewis 11
Coxhill, Gordon Strangers”- The Revival to Beat Them All (So Far!) 11
Richards, Robert Lulu Shares Eurovision Titles with Three Other Song-Girls: Lennie, Frida, and Salome 12
Moses, Ann Peter Tork Now Heads Release 12
Coxhill, Gordon New to the Charts: Congolese Music from Film 12
Green, Richard Tamla Only Issues Potential Hits,” Says VP Barney Ales, And Its a Policy Thats Made it the Years Most Successful Label” 14

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12 April No. 1161  
Logan, Nick Peter Sarstedt's Tears Helpd Create His Songs 2
Moses, Ann Joe South: I'm Proud to Be Schizophrenic 3
n.a. Who's Where?:Val Doonican; Mantovan; Engelbert Humperdinck; Mary Hopkin; Desmond Dekker 3
Coxhill, Gordon John and Yoko's Peace Gimmicks DO Make Sense 4
Smith, Allen Honest Mary- By Her Mum [Mary Hopkin] 5
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed: Herman's Hermits; Anita Harris; Jimi Hendrix; Wilson Pickett; Righteous Brothers; Jeanie C. Riley; Sam Cooke; Slim Whitman; Ike and Tina Turner; Hank Locklin 6
n.a. NME Top 30: Marvin Gaye; Dean Martin; Lulu; Hollies; Foundations 7
n.a. Britain's Top 15 LPs: Cream; Seekers; Engelbert Humperdinck; Sound of Music Sdtk; Scott Walker 7
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.: 5thDimension; Tommy Rowe; Blood, Sweat, and Tears; Glen Campbell, Isley Brothers 7
n.a. If Adverts Are Turned Down…Radio One Could Be Scrapped! 8
n.a. Stevie Wonder to Return Here next Spring; marvin Gaye Visit 8
n.a. Dylan-Cash Tour? 8
n.a. Bonzo to Write Horror Comedy 8
n.a. Foundations Hit by U.S. TV Ban 8
n.a. Turton Going It Alone 8
n.a. Long Convalescence for Barry Ryan 8
n.a. Amen Corner European Mini-Tour, Movie Theme 8
n.a. Herman's Hermits World Tour Lined Up 8
n.a. Manfred's Pop Jingle [Manfred Mann] 8
n.a. John Dalton Takes Over from Quaife for Kinks 8
n.a. Glen Campbell New Single, Promotional Trip, TV Series 8
n.a. Presley for Wembley?-Unique Fishbowl Concert Plan 8
n.a. Beatles' New Disc Surprise-Out now 9
n.a. Otis Redding Film is Netted by NBC 9
n.a. Hollies, Bee-Gees Kick Off New Saturday Pop Series 9
n.a. NME Poll Concert-Under 1,000 Seats to Fill 9
n.a. Lifelines of Desmond Dekker 10
Gray, Andy Presley Has Fun on TV Album 10
Logan, Nick "Girl Singers Don't Need Talent," Says Sandie [Sandie Shaw] 12
Green, Richard Friendliness Made Country and Western Festival a Hit 12
Coxhill, Gordon Thankful and Very Relieved-That's How Trems Feel Now That "World" Is a Hit [Tremeloes, "Hellow World"] 14
Logan, Nick Explosive Legend of Janis Joplin 14
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19 April No. 1162  
Logan, Nick Message Before the Music and the Message is L-O-V-E 2
Coxhill, Gordon They Admit to Playing it Safe with “ Sorry Suzanne”, but Now Hollies Play to Raise a Lot of Eyebrows 3
Green, Richard A Hit for Junior [Walker]-Because He Couldn’t Sit Still 4
Green, Richard Otis [Redding] Film Captures Memories of Fantastic Tour 4
Smith, Alan After Spending a Year and a Half in the Studios Johnny Nash Plans Seven Album Blitz 5
n.a. Youngbloods – Latest Import from U.S. Underground Scene 5
n.a. Amen Andy Takes Things Easy [Fairweather-Low] 6
Smith, Alan Reluctant Start for Hit Writer[Tony]Macauley 7
Smith, Alan Foundations Have Never Been Stronger 7
Green, Peter Not as Good as Mac No.1 8
n.a. Tailor-Made Manfred [Mann] Hit; Moodies – Sheer Poetry in Music; Beatles Rock Gets Back to the Beat; Leapy [Lee] Reverts to Hit Formula; Sparkling Paul [Jones] 8
n.a. NME Top 30
“The Israelites” – Desmond Dekker,
“ I Heard It through the Grapevine ”- Marvin Gaye,
“Gentle on My Mind” – Dean Martin,
“Boom-Bang-A-Bang” – Lulu,
“The Bad Bad Old Days” – Foundations
n.a.. Oscar Awards on British TV Beach Boys Dates – With Paul Revere and Raiders Albums Surpass Singles in 1968 Peak Disc Sales Aretha [Franklin] Autumn Visit- Martha Delayed ‘ Very Ill’ Albums Surpass Singles in 1968 Peak Disc Sales Mac’s Own TV Show, New Album Details Clapton, Winwood, Baker Debut is Set for London Now [Vince] Melouney Quits Again America Claims Julie’s Triumph [ Julie Driscoll] Scaffold, Bob and Early in NME Concert Lineup 10
n.a. Beatles Summer TV, Album and Book 10-11
n.a. Tom’s New Single Set 10-11
n.a. Mamas and Papas Record Again- But Without Cass LuLu[Bassey]: Two BBC- TV Specs- Plus Two Each for Shirley &Glen Cliff [Richard], Val, Dodd, Gentry, Gees Show Dates Des’s Star guests Hank Marvin Showcase Barry [Ryan] Makes New Progress as New Album Wins Gold Disk 11
n.a. Des [O’Connor] Bird Spotting on Kings Road; Phil Spector’s Comeback; Re-Releases; Recommended 12
Evans, Allen Spring Soul Blitz 13
n.a. Dusty [Springfield] in Memphis 13
Green, Richard “Pinball Lizard” Leaps to No.10., NME Visits the Highgate Palace of ..[Keith] Moon: Drummer Extraordinaire 14
Smith, Alan Jimi Hendrix Shock: He Wants to Quit for a Year! 15
Moses, Ann El’s Colonel Parker asks Fortune for Himself 16
Moses, Ann Aretha [Franklin] Heads Soul Bowl 16
Harris, June British Fillmore East 16
n.a. America’s Calling 16
Green, Richard Clodaugh [Rodgers] Adds More Glamour to Pop 17
Bromely, Tony From YOU to US 17
n.a. Newcastle Girls Reach for the Stars 18
Cat, Alley Tailpieces 18
n.a. The Beatles as Nature Intended 20
  Sarah Menard — 17 June 2002  
26 April No. 1163  
Logan, Nick Fleetwood [Mac] Takes Slow Steps Forward 2
Smith, Alan [Desmond] Dekker Dekkos London 3
Coxhill, Gordon Scott [Walker] Is Not Struggling for Recognition 4
Green, Richard “There’s a Plastic Man in All of Us,” says Kinks 5
n.a. [John]Mayall Stops Them Dancing; Dusty [Springfield] Ten Day Tour 5
Johnson,Derek Spell Binder from S. and G. [Simon and Garfunkle] Fans Will Latch on to Campell [Status] Quo’s Best Ever Head Start for Pet [Petula Clark] Recommended Shop Window 6
n.a. NME Top 30
“The Israelites” – Desmond Dekker;
“Goodbye” – Mary Hopkin;
“Get Back” – The Beatles;
“I Heard It through the Grapevine” – Marvin Gaye;
“Gentle on My Mind” – Dean Martin
n.a. Monkees TV for BBC-Britain to See Cash Series? Radio 1 Shows Big Switch Bob and Earl 6-Week Stay Latest TV Bookings John-Yoko Chat Repeated Cilla [ Black] Offered Contract Clapton, Winwood, Baker Concert – Full Details 8
n.a. Dave Dee, Marvin – Tammi, Peers, Noel, Nina Discs 8-9
Field, Alan Beach Boys’ London date 9
n.a.. Hollywood Beckons Engelbert after His Successful U.S. Cabaret Debut 8-9
n.a. Info on this Week’s New Releases from Decca 8-9
n.a. Surprise New Single Planned by Beatles Gee’s: U.S. Concert Tour - With or Without Robin Gibb Move’s First U.S. Visit Foundations Deputise for Temptations at the Copa 9
Coxhill, Gordon Tony Hicks Talks about the Album that caused Hollies Split 10
Evans, Allen Other LP’s 10
Green, Richard Clodagh [Rodgers] Wants to Go Up-Tempo Next 11
Green, Richard Ginger, Eric and Steve They’re No Group 11
Smith, Alan Bob [Day] and Earl [Cosby] Are Many Stars 12
n.a. Delightful [Val] Doonican 12
Coxhill, Gordon It’s Been Hit, Flop, Flop for the Equals 13
Smith, Alan Roy’s Now Back on Attack 14
Wells, John And Packin’ Them In the Clubs [Roy Orbison] 14
Cat, Alley Tail Pieces 16
Logan , Nick Standing Oration for Janis [Joplin] 16
Nesbit, Jane Feminine View [Janis Joplin] 16
  Sarah Menard — 17 June 2002  
  grtedit — Monday, 17 June, 2002