New Musical Express

June 1969

7 June No. 1169  
Nesbit, Jan Being No. 1 Isn’t Enough for Tommy [Roe] 2
Yorke, Ritchie NMExclusive: In Canada with John [Lennon] and Yoko [Ono], As Fans Mob Them, Lennon Admits, “Ringo’s Right.  We Can’t Tour Again.” 3
Logan, Nick Focus on the Fleetwoods [John McVie and Danny Kirwan].  John: A Recluse in the Making.  The Choir Boy Growing Up. 4-5
n/a New to the Charts: Credence [Clearwater Revival] “Funny Hats” to Bayou Rock 5
Green, Richard Controversial Film Aids Booker T Hit 5
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed: Scott [Walker]: Nostalgic, Gorgeous, Haunting; Gospelling Elvis [Presley] with Social Message; Monkees Advance but Lose on Commerciality; Spell-Binding Procols Deserve Come-Back Hit; Swinger from Group Therapy; Needs the Breaks.  [Sly and the Family Stone; Billy Bud; Three Dog Night; Diahann Carroll; Edgar Broughton Band; Dion; Grassroots; David Essex; and Lee Dorsey and Betty Harris] 6
n/a NME Top 30
#1: “Dizzy,” Tommy Roe
#2: “Get Back,” The Beatles
#3: “Man of the World,” Fleetwood Mac
#4: “My Way,” Frank Sinatra
#5: “My Sentimental Friend,” Herman’s Hermits
n/a Cilla [Black], Affair, Fame Singles; Beatles’ LP in July, Lennon Peace Disc
Despite Recent Tour Fiasco…Andy Williams TV and Two-month U.S. Tour Itinerary for Dusty [Springfield]
Tommy Roe—Movie Star
Stop Press Singles
Latest Radio Star Bookings
Europe Votes Pop
Amen [Corner] Filming in London Glen [Campbell] Still Hoping for British Trip This Year [The Small] Faces Finds a Replacement [Ron Wood]
[Paul] Revere Raids U.K. Talent
Seaside Pop [Sunday Concerts]
Scott [Walker]: TV, Concerts
Billie Davis Dates
Knights Sunday Concerts
n/a TV Dates for Des [O’Connor], Lulu, Cilla [Black], Trems [Tremeloes]
Manfreds Split! [Manfred] Mann and [Mike] Hugg Form New Groups
“Hair” Star, Jools [Julie Driscoll] Love Scene
Chuck Berry in Concert
Dave Dee in Shakespeare
Don’s Euro-Buskers
[Bee] Gee’s Promotional Film on Their New Single
n/a Sensational Line-Up Set for Bath Blues Festival
Love Affair to Israel!
Who Earns Gold Disc
Open Air Festival
Foundations—Chuck Berry Tour…Carla Thomas, William Bell on some dates?
Wilson Pickett, JR. Walker, Ben E. King to Tour Here
Beach Boys Hospital Date
Big U.S. Demand for Leapy Lee
Bob, Earl to Stay
Jefferson Hurt in Car Smash
[Jeff] Beck Man Goes Solo
TV Film of Blind Faith’s Debut Concert Tomorrow
Ten Years After to U.S.
Green, Richard Beach Boys Need Those Vitamins! 10, 14
Evans, Allen Latest Album Reviews: Otis [Redding]—Bound to Be a Big Hit; Soulful.  [Sean Dumphy and the Hoedowners; Savoy Brown; Harsh Reality; Lovin’ Spoonful; Peter Hero; and David Peel and the Lower East Side] 11
n/a Easy Life Has Spoilt Bob Dylan 11
Coxhill, Gordon Dave Dee Hits at Pop’s Pseudo Intellectuals 12
Harris, June [Bob] Dylan—[Johnny] Cash Show
[Jim] Morrison Fights
Moses, Ann Monkees Also Star with Johnny [Cash] 12
Webb, Martin Question Time: 5thDimension… “We’re Not a Disgrace to the Negro Race” 14
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces: Cilla Black, Simon and Garfunkel, Tom Jones, etc… 16
n/a Who’s Where 16
Wells, John Latin Lane 16
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14 June No. 1170  
Green, Richard Mick Jagger Talks to NME about the New Stone, the Ex-Stone, and Two Albums 4
Coxhill, Gordon “Jethro Tull? He’s Really Fantastic”, Says Cliff [Cliff Richard] 6
Logan, Nick Cliff? He’s a Nice Bloke Jethro’s 6
Green, Richard “Pop Isn’t Dying”, Not when Amen and Dave Dee get together 7
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed [Turtles, “You Don’t Have To Run In The Rain”, Byrds, “Lay Lady Lay”,  Tremoloes, “Once On A Sunday Morning”, Marmalade, “Baby Make It Soon”, Herb Albert, “Without Her”, O.C. Smith, “Friend, Lover, Woman, Wife”, Jim Dale, “Miss Linda Grey”, Cher, “Walk On Glided Space”] 8
n.a. Chicken Christine’s Solo LP and Shack Follow-up 10
n.a. Family Dogg Ballroom “No” 10
n.a. Jackie Wilson Tour [Single, “Higher and Higher”] 10
n.a. Clodagh, South Next, Supreme-Temps Album 10
n.a. Classical Mac? Kirwan Tune Next Single? 10
n.a. Clearwater to Join Foundations, Berry? 11
n.a. Who Nighters Return To US [The Who] 11
n.a. Summer Shows at Blackpool [Donald Peers, Lonnie Donnegan, The Bachelors] 11
Evans, Allen Latest Tom Jones and Scott Walker Album 12
n.a. It’s Tough to Pick Cliff’s Best [Cliff Richard] 12
Logan, Nick Focus on Fleetwoods [Peter Green] 14
n.a. Glen’s Golf Hero His Fan! [Glen Campbell] 15
Moses, Ann But Now He’s Working Again [Glen Campbell] 15
Coxhill, Gordon It Took Des O’Connor 17 Years to Get Here 16
n.a. Now’s the Time for a Tamla Tour 16
NME Critics Pop Personalities’ Stage Show [Engelbert, Vince Hill, Anita Harris, Max Bygraves] 17
Coxhill, Gordon Happy to Lead a Dogg’s Life [Family Dogg] 18
Logan, Nick Chicken Shack’s “Singing Housewife” Goes Back to Blues [Cristine Perfect] 18
  Will Sullivan — 17 June 2002  
21 June No. 1171  
Green, Richard Stones Are Back in the Swing [Rolling Stones] 2
n.a. Amen Andy Writes to You! [Andy Fairweather-Lowe] 3
n.a. John, Yoko Hit Back at Armchair Critics 4
Smith, Alan John Lennon: First of a Two-Part Series 4
Coxhill, Gordon “If You Like Ragamuffin You’ll Hate Chapter III”, Says Manfred [Manfred Hann] 5
n.a. Dorothy’s Happy Day Dream [Dorothy Morrison] 5
Wells, John Singles Reviewed [Joe South, “Birds Of A Feather”, Georgie Fame, “Peaceful”, Desmond Dekker, “It Mek”, The Kinks, “Drivin”, Cat Stevens, “Where Are You”] 6
n.a. Stones September Tour, New Single, Taylor Solo 8
n.a. Beatle’s Plastic Ono Band Disc 8
n.a. “Magical Mystery” date; Beatle invite 8
n.a. New Corner Tour Dates 8
n.a. Mac Apple Song Deal? John Lennon Is ‘Interested’ 8
n.a. Robin Gibb Settlement 8
n.a. Two Bee Gees Albums 9
n.a. Moodies, Harmony, Dave Dee: Radio 1 9
n.a. Jethro Autumn Package Dates 9
n.a. Underground Pop On TV? 9
Evans, Allen Latest Album Reviews [5thDemension: “Age Of Aquarius”, Joe Cocker: “With A Little Help From My Friends”, Pink Floyd: “Soundtrack From Film “More”, Gene Chandler: “Live On Stage”] 10
n.a. Northern Audience Was Dead 10
n.a. Question-Time with Smokey of the Miracles [Smokey Robinson and the Miracles] 12
Green, Richard Bee Gee Maurice Plays Up-Tempo Raver 14
n.a. Pete’s Thunder Claps [Pete Townshend] 14
  Will Sullivan — 17 June 2002  
28 June No. 1172  
Moses, Ann Ann Moses of Tiger Beat Watches ‘The King’ Working: Psychiatrist Elvis! [Elvis Presley]
Green, Richard Love, Respect Binds the Beach Boys 2
Coxhill, Gordon Blame the Beatles for Today’s Pop Revolution [Peter Sarstedt, Scott Walker] 3
Moses, Ann America Calling: “Who’s ‘Tommy’ Success” 3
Logan, Nick Nick Logan Sees Jethro Tull off at Start of Two-month American Tour; Almost at No.1, but…Success Has Come Honestly-We’re Not a Bit Ashamed says Ian Anderson 5
Logan, Nick Singles Reviewed: Robin Gibb: “Saved by the Bell,” Isley Brothers: “It’s Your Thing,” Billy Preston: “That’s The Way God Planned It,” The Misunderstood: “Never Had a Girl Like You Before,” Marvelettes: “Reachin’ for Something I Can’t Have,” Donovan and the Jeff Beck Group: “Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot),” Flying Burrito Bros: “The Train Song,” Harmony Grass: “First Time Loving,” Free: “I’ll Be Creeping,” Scaffold “Charity Bubbles” 6
Wells, John Singles Reviewed (Dollies Corner): Clodagh Rodgers: “Goodnight Midnight,” Lois Lane: “Lovin Time,” Terri Stevens: “Maybe,” Annabel Leventon: “Easy To Be Hard” 6
n.a. NME Top 30:
#1 — Beatles: “Ballad of John and Yoko”
#2 — Edwin Hawkins Singers: “Oh Happy Day”
#3 — Jethro Tull: “Living in the Past”
#4 — Booker T. and the M.G.s: “Time is Tight”
#5 — Elvis Presley: “In The Ghetto”
n.a. Britain’s Top 20 LPs:
#1 — Frank Sinatra:My Way
#2 — Tom Jones:This Is Tom Jones
#3 — Bob Dylan:Nashville Skyline
n.a. 5 Years Ago:
#1 — Roy Orbinson: “It’s Over,”
#2 — Brain Poole and The Tremeloes: “Someone,”
#3 — Louis Armstrong: “Hello Dolly”

10 Years Ago:
#1 — Russ Conway: “Roulette,”
#2 — Bobby Darrin: “Dream Lover,”
#3 — Marty Wilde: “A Teenager In Love”

15 Years Ago:
#1 — Doris Day: “Secret Love,”
#2 — David Whitefield: “Cara Mia,”
#3 — Johnnie Ray: “Such a Night”
n.a. Best Selling Pop Records in U.S.:
#1 — Elvis Presley: “In The Ghetto”
#2 — Henry Mancini: “Romeo and Juliet Theme”
#3 — Creedence Clearwater Revival: “Bad Moon Rising”
n.a. Sarstedt Signed To Write West End Show [Peter Sarstedt] 8
n.a. Judy Garland: Death of a Legend 8
n.a. Beatles in Five-Hour Stone Show? [The Beatles, The Rolling Stones] 8
n.a. Open-Air Thunderclap: Free London Show and Tour Plans [Thunderclap Newman] 9
Evans, Allen Jewel of the Bunch [Delaney and Bonnie and Friends]
Kim Joins Johnny [Kim, Weston, Johnny Nash]
Equals Beat It Out
Monkees Again
Simone Double [Nina Simone]
n.a. “I’m Gonna Make You a Star,” Said Pete Townshend to Thunderclap Newman, and He Meant It 11
n.a. “Shut Up and Listen,” Says John Lennon 11
Coxhill, Gordon Don’t Call Scott a Traitor — He’s Got to Eat, Too! [Scott Walker] 12
Gray, Andy The NME Visits a Politically Censored Czech Pop Song Festival Where Local Singers Threatened to Strike…Yet Bratislava Gala Bridged the Iron Curtain, with Beach Boys, John Rowles and Sensational Tremeloes! 13
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