New Musical Express | 1969

2 August No.1183
CoxHill, Gordon NME’s Gordon Coxhill Travels to Blackpool for Exclusive Cilla and Scott Interviews 2
CoxHill, Gordon Conversations Made Cilla Stick to Her Guns (Headaches) 2
CoxHill, Gordon Scott Doesn’t Give a Damn about Pop (Need Money) 2
n.a. America Calling: Pentangle a Hit, Golden Zeppelin 2
n.a. Booing Was Underserved 3
Logan, Nick "It’s My Duty to Appear Unreal," Says Robin Gibb 3
n.a. Hump Makes Quality Commercial [Engelbert] 4
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed: Dimension Deserve Big Hit, Searchers in Favour 4
n.a. So What’s So Great about these Doors? 4
n.a. Purple May Make Chart 4
NME NME Top 30:
1. "Honkey Tonk Women," Rolling Stones (Decca)
2. "Give Peace a Chance," Plastic Ono Band (Apple)
3. "In the Ghetto," Elvis Presley (RCA)
4. "Saved by the Bell," Robin Gibbs (Polydor)
5. "Something in the Air," Thunderclap Newman (Track)
NME Britain’s Top 20 LP’s
1. Flaming Star, Elvis Presley (RCA)
2. According to My Heart, Jim Reeves (RCA)
3. 2001 Space Odyssey, Soundtrack (MGM)
4. This Is Tom Jones, Tom Jones (Decca)
5. Best of Cliff Richard, Cliff Richard (Columbia)
n.a. Vanity Fare in Autumn Package
Disc Production Up
Davison in Big Agency Merger (Harold Davison)
Fairport Names New Drummer
Tull’s Tour Dates
Dylan is Definite, But no TV for Isle of Wight Date
Country Corner: Tex, Ritter, Buck Owens Visits
Donovan: Major U.S. Tour
Prince Buster Dates
n.a. Mac Walks Out on Immediate! Apple Records Now Favorites to Sign Mac [Fleetwood Mac]
Dean Martin, Booker T. Singles, Star Names in Huge Album Release
Iron Butterfly to Tour
MGM Loses Independence
Scott: New TV Series? (Scott Walker)
Preston May Settle Here (Billy Preston)
Blind Faith Strikes Gold
Gees TV Special My Become a Series; Colin ‘Not Leaving’ (Bee Gee’s)
Evans, Allen LP Page
Presley of Old On (King Elvis Presley)
Julie-Auger Double (Julie Driscoll, Auger Trinity)
Crosby, Stills and Nash Keep Things Tunefull
Bromley , Tony LP Personality Jim Reeves 8
Coxhill, Gordon The Kids Go Mad When We Have a Record in the Charts 9
n.a. "Only When It’s Hot Do Vanity Fare Get Hits," says Richard Green 10
n.a. Isleys and Peel ‘Do Their Thing’ [John Peel and Isley Brother] 10
n.a. Classified Advertisements 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
n.a. NME Popword 12
n.a. From You to Us, Remember the Producers 12
  John Elwell, March 2004  
9 August No. 1184  
Moses, Ann Elvis: Personal Question-Time  and Full Report of his Sensational Live Show Comeback (at the Las Vegas International Hotel) 1
Logan, Nick Today’s  ‘More Peaceful’ Keith Richard Looks Ahead to Touring Again… 4
Logan, Nick Holiday Discotheque in Majorca 4
Coxhill, Gordon New to the Charts: Truth Behind Do It Yourself Hit 4
Johnson, Derek Top Singles: Bee Gees Grow On You, Tamla dig up more Isleys, Aretha keeps Soul Queen Crown, Foundations Hit Split 5
n.a. NME Top 30
1. "Honky Tomk Women," The Rolling Stones
2. "Saved by the Bell," Robin Gibb
3. "Give Peace a Chance," The Plastic Ono Band
4. "In the Ghetto," Elvis Presley
5."Goodnight Midnight," Clodogh Rodgers
n.a. Foundations Are Planning Rock-musical Pantomime 7
n.a. Donovan's 29-concert U.S. Tour Tops Them All 8
n.a. Stones, Cash TV Set [Stones Hyde park concert as hour-long special; Cash's San Quentin concert to be televised] 8
n.a. Jack Bruce to Star in His Own TV Showcase 8
n.a. Foundations Are Planning Rock-musical Pantomime..., but Are Dropping British Tour after Berry Ban and Creedence Refusal 8
n.a. Dave Dee Movie Role [British Lions, "Every Home Should Have One"] 9
Evans, Allen Latest Album Reviews 10
Smith, Allen Hippies, Bathe for Peace, suggests Yoko Ono 11
Moses, Ann Andy Williams Books Youth onto TV Shows 11
Coxhill, Gordon Move Have Been Forced to Go Pop 12
Smith, Allen Please Don’t Call Me a Genius, Says Stevie [Wonder] 13
  Alice Fort, February 2004  
16 August no. 1184  
Green, Richard Who and Nice Steal Plumpton Festival 2
Green, Richard Question-Time with Amen Andy [Fairweather-Low] 3
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed: Unusual Disc Hit for Temptations, Hillbilly Rock From Creedence, Booker T. Hits Magic Formula 4
n.a. NME Top 30 (Top 5)
1. Honky Tonk Women…Rolling Stones
2. Saved By The Bell…Robin Gibb
3. My Cherie Amour…Stevie Wonder
4. Give Peace a Chance…Plastic Ono Band
5. Make Me an Island…Joe Dolan
n.a. Major Concert by Cliff [Richards] and Re-Formed Shadows: Cliff’s Own TV Series in New Year 6
n.a. Aretha [Franklin], [Vanilla] Fudge, [Wilson] Pickett Plans [for concerts] 6
n.a. Arthur Conley November Tour 6
n.a. Next Elvis Disc: Big Controversy [Over new single] 6
n.a. BBC Buys 24 Star-Packed Andy Williams Shows: Davy Jones-Harry Secombe duet in Ernie Ford Special 7
n.a. Live LP of Dylan’s Concert in Isle of Wight 7
Coxhill, Gordon El’s Triumph Makes Rival Cliff 8
Green, Richard First From Mattress 8
n.a. Live from Jefferson [Airplane] and James Brown 9
Smith, Alan Beck’s Group Split May Stop More Work With Don 10
Logan, Nick No Group Has Worked Harder for a Hit than Fairport 10
  Alice Fort, February 2004  
23 August No. 1185
n.a. Life-Lines of Ireland’s Joe Dolan 2
Green, Richard It’s Been a Very Bad Scene for Georgie [Fame] 2
Green, Richard NME’s Richard Green Helps…Vanity Fare Find Two Good Ways to Celebrate The Top 10 3
Smith, Alan ‘Man’ Is a Better Hit from Engelbert [Humperdinck] 3
n.a. From You to Us: Thank you, Tom, for Making Elvis Work (Mail from Readers) 4
Coxhill, Gordon Stoney Davey Will Do Antying for Money- Well Almost 4
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed
Johnny Rivers: "Muddy River"
The Gun: "Hobo"
Jefferson: "Baby Take Me in Your Arms"
Edwin Starr: "25 Miles"
Chicken Shack: "Tears in the Wind"
Crazy Elephant: "Sunshine, Red Wine"
Cyril Stapleton Orchestra: Department S/Somerset Maugham
The Guess Who: Laughing
Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band: "Till You Get Enough"
James Royal: "Send Out Love"
Johnny Cash: "A Boy Called Sue"
Edwins Hawkins Band:  Ain’t It Like Him
Dean Martin: I Take a Lot of Pride In What I Do
Roy Orbison: Penny Arcade
n.a. NME Top 30
1. "Honky Tonk Women," Rolling Stones
2. "Saved by the Bell," Robin Gibb
3. "My Cherie Amour," Stevie Wonder
4. "In the Year 2525," Zager and Evans
5. "Make Me an Island," Joe Dolan
n.a. Top 20 Lps
1. Stand Up, Jethro Tull
2. 2001 Space Odyssey, Soundtrack
3. According to My Heart, Jim Reeves
4. From Elvis in Memphis, Elvis
5. Flaming Star, Elvis
n.a. Humble Pie- Europe, then British Tour in October 8
n.a. Latest Radio 1 Star Booking: Live Interviews from the I.O.W. Festival 8
n.a. Mac’s Reprise Debut Is 7-Minute Double-Sider 8
n.a. Family Dogg: Next Single, LP Details, Member Quits 8
n.a. Top U.S. TV Shows For Britain: Creedence [Clearwater], Aretha [Franklin],  [Johnny] Cash 9
n.a. Cliff-Hank Duet; Mattress LP Delay, Another Supremes-Temptations Disc 9
n.a. Stones’ British Tour Should Start At End of November 9
n.a. Herb Alpert In London Concert [with Tijuana Brass] 9
n.a. Arthur Brown Solo Plan- And Atomic Rooster Is Born 9
n.a. Elvis Fan Club Will Screen His TV Special 9
n.a. Dusty [Springfield] In Tom’s TV- Twice 9
n.a. Gees Hit by Mud and Theft [during filming of TV film ‘Cucumber Castle’} 9
Evans, Allen LP Page- edited by Allen Evans
Billy Preston: That’s the Way God Planned It
Muddy Waters: After The Rain
King Curtis: The Best of King Curtis
Conway Twitty: Darlin’, I Wouldn’t Lie
Buffalo Springfield: Last Time Around
Brian Bennett: The Illustrated London Noise
Nice: The Nice
Green, Richard Bee Gees, Lulu, Dave Dee in the Fantasy World of Films 11
Moses, Ann American Calling: Diana Ross Sponsors Group of Children 12
Harris, June Tanglewood Features The Who 12
Coxhill, Gordon Love Affairs Debut in Club Cabaret 12
Coxhill, Gordon Equals Are A ‘Bounce Back’ Group 13
Green, Richard Jane [Birkin] Sighs Her Way To The Charts 13
  Alice Fort, March 2004  
30 August No. 1186  
n/a The National Welsh Coast Live Explosion Company 1
  Amen Corner  
Smith, Alan Gibb Contrasts [Brothers Barry and Robin Gibb break up] 2
n/a AD: New Chicken Shack Single: Tears in the Wind 2
Green, Richard Dylan Talks to NME 3
n/a AD: Locomotive: I’m Never Gonna Let You Go 3
  Johnnie Taylor: I Could Never Be President  
  Dominic King: The Happiness You Bring Me Makes Me Sad  
Johnson, Derek Top Singles: Johnny Nash: Love and Peace; William Bell: Happy; Barron Knights: Love and the World Loves with You; Elvis Presley: Clean Up Your Own Backyard; Impressions: Choice Colours; Bob Dylan: Lay Lady Lay; Otis Redding: Free Me; Andy Williams: Live and Learn; Spanky and Our Gang: And She’s Mine; Sly and The Family Stone: Hot Fun in the Summertime; Locomotive: I’m Never Gonna let you Go;Johnnie Taylor: I Could Never Be President; Tangerine Peel: Play me a Sad Song and I’ll Dance; John Bromley: Kick a Tin Can; Mark Jason, Bobby Bland, Love Children, Sammy Davis. 4
n/a Who’s Where: Thunderclap, Equals, Clouds, Arthur 4
  Brown, Liverpool Scene, Harmont Grass, Fleetwood Mac  
  Bachelors, Frankie Vaughan, Move, Ken Dodd  
n/a NME Top 30 week ending Aug 27th
1. "In the Year 2525," Zagar and Evans
2. "Honky Tonk Women," Rolling Stones
3. "Saved by the Bell," Robin Gibb
4. "My Cherie Aour," Stevie Wonder
5. "Make Me an Island," Joe Dolan
n/a Britain’s Top 20 LP’s
1. Stand Up, Jethro Tull
2. From Elvis in Memphis, Elvis Presley
3. 2001 Space Odyssey, Soundtrack
4. According to My Heart, Jim Reeves
5. At San Quentin, Johnny Cash
n/a Five Years ago Top 10 5
  Ten Years ago Top 10  
  Fifteen Years ago Top  
n/a Best Selling Pop Records in the U.S 5
n/a Tommy Steele in Palladium Panto 6
n/a Crosby, Stills, Nash for Hyde Park Concert 6
n/a U.S. Visitors: Robert Parker, Aretha Franklin, 6
  Neil Sedaka, Johnny Nash, Frank Sinatra Jr., The  
  Lovin’ Spoonful  
n/a New Releases: Joe Rocker, Sandie Shaw, Cliff 6
  Richard, Joe South  
n/a Television: Petula Clark, Rolf Harris, Cilla Black, Val Doonican 6
n/a Herman Set for Talk of the Town Cabaret [Herman’s Hermits] 7
n/a Colin Quits Bee Gees [Colin Petersen] 7
n/a Equals: U.S., Australia Set – New LP all Self-Penned 7
n/a Hollies: New Single, mini – tour 7
n/a New Beatles Album out in a Fortnight 7
n/a NME Was Right – LuLu Signs for Atlantic 7
Evans, Allen Bruce: Master Musician [Jack Bruce] 8
  Temptations Whirlpool 0f Sound  
  Dells: Many Good Things  
  LP Personality: Glenn Miller  
n/a ‘Colour Me Pop’ Hopes for BBC 1 Repeats 9
Smith, Alan Chicago Shuns own Dells 9
n/a AD: Help Bob Dylan Sink the Iisle of Wight 9
n/a Tail-Pieces by The Alley Cat 10
Logan, Julie NME Popword [Crossword Puzzle] 10
n/a NME Classifieds 11
  Andy Gabriel, Feb 8th 2004