New Musical Express | 1969

1 November No. 1190  
n.a. Archie’s Group Does Exist [Andrews, cartoon character] 2
n.a. Frankie Vaughan’s £10,000 Gamble 2
Smith, Alan Beatle Single- By George! [Harrison, guitar, singer, songwriter of new single, ‘Something’] 3
Logan, Nick Would You Take This Man Home to Meet Mum? [interview with Ian Anderson, of Jethro Tull, about his appearance] 4
n.a. Johnny Scoops Nashville Awards! [Cash, on his success at the County Music Association’s awards show, taking home 5 of the 10 awards] 4
NME Top Singles
1. "Sugar Sugar," The Archies
2. "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother," The Hollies
3. "I'm Gonna Make You Move," Lou Christie
4. "I'll Never Fall in Love Again," Bobbie Gentry
5. "Oh Well," Fleetwood Mac
NME Top Albums
1. Abbey Road, The Beatles
2. At San Quentin, Johnny Cash
3. Motown Chart Busters, Vol. 3, Various
4. Through the Past, Darkly, The Rolling Stones
5. In the Court of the Crimson King, King Crimson
Green, Richard Keith Emerson Wants Classical Music to Survive [organist, composer, on his career] 6
n.a. Who’s Where [concert listings] 6
Johnson, Derek Top Singles Reviewed 8, 14
n.a. Info [music news snippets] 10-11
n.a. Edwin Hawkins’ January Visit [on The Edwin Hawkins Singers’ upcoming performance at Coventry Cathedral]
News from Australia: Easybeats Split [breakup of group, plans for members]
Faces Disc Deal [band signing of three-year deal with Warner Bros.]
Radio 1 Latest [news about radio shows]
Cupid Man to Solo [group signing with CBS Records]
TV: Hollies, Cliff with Cilla; Creedence, Cass, Ray Charles- Andy’s Guests; Pet Concert Date; Monkees for Laugh-In [all upcoming performers on music showcase shows on television]
Tom’s Guests: Running Order [upcoming guests on This is Tom Jones television show]
Singles by Hump, Des, Jimi, Marvin, Isleys & Booker T [Engelbert Humperdinck, Des O’Conner, Jimi Hendrix, Marvin Gaye, The Isley Brothers, and Booker T and the M.G.s’ new singles]
Roberts for Panto; Vegas [Malcolm Roberts’ role in the pantomime, ‘Puss in Boots;’ negotiations underway for Roberts to play Las Vegas]
Reggae Show Dates [Desmond Decker and Max Romeo playing International Reggae Convention]
Robin For Andy’s TV [Gibb, making solo debut on US TV, on theAndy Williams Show]
n.a. Next Beatle Album [new album, ‘Get Back,’ possible song inclusions]
In Depth- NMExclusive [differences between US and UK version of ‘Get Back,’ the new Beatles album]
Two Amen, Two Herd in New 7-Man Group [ex-members of Amen Corner and Herd creating new supergroup, Septimus]
Humble Pie Off to US- New British Tour Planned [group leaving London for first US tour]
Gould to Leave Philips [Leslie Gould, managing director of Philips Records]
Dogg Writes for Freddie [members of Family Dogg write 13-piece suite for new television show, Little Big Time]
Where It’s At [concert and tour listings]
Evans, Alan LPs [album reviews] 12-14
n.a. Vertigo Gets You Dizzy Both Ways! [new Vertigo company logo] 14
n.a. From You to Us [questions from readers] 14
Green, Richard Three New Entries Give Reggae (All On Trojan [records]) Strong Hold On The Chart [reggae songs and performers in the NME Top Thirty] 17
Moses, Ann America Calling: Stones Press Lark [Rolling Stones US tour kickoff] 17
Harris, June America Calling: Who Meet Zeppelin [The Who and Led Zeppelin playing New York dates] 17
n.a. Tail-Pieces by the Alley Cat [music news snippets] 18
Wells, John Tiny Tim Experience [review of Tiny Tim show at Cesar’s Palace] 18
n.a. C-and-W Stars Fly In [new country western continental tour] 18

Drew Dubno, February 2004  
8 November No. 1191  
Logan, Nick A Tiny Club or Albert Hall, It Doesn’t Matter to Fleetwoods [Fleetwood Mac] 3
Nesbit, Jan Reggae Sound of Seventies [reggae tunes appearing on NME charts] 4
n.a. Who’s Where [concert listings] 4
Coxhill, Gordon New to the Charts: Controversial Song from Kenny and First Edition ["Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town," Vietnam War, fidelity] 4
Smith, Neil Joe Cocker Puppet [cut-out of singer] 6
Richman, Stuart Lulu is 21! [singer celebrates birthday, photographs] 6
n.a. From You to Us [letters from NME readers] 6
Johnson, Derek Tips Seven New Hits
"Winter World of Love," Englebert Humperdinck
"Oh Me, Oh My," Lulu
"Yester-me, Yester-you, Yesterday," Stevie Wonder
"Baby, I Couldn't See," The Foundations
"Baby, I Know," Love Affair
"Love Is All," Malcolm Roberts
"Pickney Gal," Desmond Dekker
"Suite Judy Blue Eyes," Crosby, Stills, and Nash
8, 13
NME NME Top 30:
1. "Sugar Sugar," Archies
2. "Oh Well," Fleetwood Mac
3. "He Ain’t Heavy- He’s My Brother," Hollies
4. "I’m Gonna Make You Mine," Lou Christie
5. "Return of Django," Upsetters
NME Britain’s Top 20 LPs:
1. Abbey Road, Beatles
2. At San Quentin, Johnny Cash
3. Motown Chartbusters Vol. 3, Various Artists
4. In the Court of the Crimson King, King Crimson
5. Through the Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2), Rolling Stones
n.a. Bennett- Basie in Spring Concerts [Tony Bennett, Count Basie tour dates]
Gene Vincent Stays On [extension of performer’s British tour]
Christie Cabaret Set [Lou Christie, touring in Britain]
More American Visitors [American performers coming to Britain]
New C-&-W Package [new country and western tour]
Chambers, Cuff-Links Due [Chambers Brothers, Cuff-Links tours expected]
Popliners [tour announcements]
Ringo May Be Guesting in Presley TV Special [Starr, to join Elvis Presley on American show]
Concert Return for Elvis [Presley, on new concert dates in Texas, U.S.]
New Singles Coming Out Soon by: Presley, Karen, Cliff, Fame [new singles from Elvis Presley, Karen Young, Cliff Richard, Georgie Fame, others]
Disc Firms Exploit Paul Death Rumour [U.S. disc firms cashing in on McCartney death rumours]
Stones’ LP Tracks [new tracks from upcoming album, Let It Bleed]
Nice Concert for TV Documentary [The Nice’s new TV documentary based on recent concert in Switzerland]
New Member Joing Family [John “Polly” Parlmer, new member of Family]
n.a. Keith Richard-Movie Debut, Mick’s Film to Be Salvaged [film appearances by members of Rolling Stones]
Lulu’s 7 TV Spots [singer’s appearances on TV]
And TV Appearances Set For: Des, Diana Ross, Jimmy Cliff, Nancy Sinatra, First Edition [Des O’Conner, others performing on TV]
Foundations to Kick Off New All-Star Pop Series
n.a. British Tour by Moody Blues, Seven Major Concerts Next Month [group’s British tour]
Bee Gees Launch Gee Gee- and Other New Labels Planned [group forming own record label, others who have followed]
Jeff Beck Hurt [performer in car crash]
Mac: LP Dispute [Fleetwood Mac, on new American tour, problems with upcoming LP]
Radio 1 Line-Up [upcoming appearances on radio shows]
Zoot Money One-Nighters with His New Music Band [Zoot Money’s Music Band, Playing One-nighters in Britain
Delaney-Bonnie London Show for TV; P. P. Arnold Is Added [Royal Albert Hall]
Percy Sledge Tour Details [British tour]
Green, Richard Ray Thomas Talks to Richard Green about New Moody Album [Moody Blues, For Our Children’s Children’s Children] 12
Evans, Allen LP Section 12
Logan, Nick Success Staggers Crimson [King Crimson] 13
Logan, Nick More Led on This LP [Led Zeppelin, Led Zeppelin II] 13
Green, Richard Drummer Brian Davidson Has a Friendly Way to Deal with Hecklers 14
Moses, Ann Ann Moses from Hollywood: Elvis to Ski in Europe? 15
Wells, John Paul (Writer) and Barry (Singer) Switch to Simpler Songs for Ryan’s Next [brothers, performers, successful in Germany, on tours and new material] 16
Gray, Andy Tremeloes’ Peter Walsh Uses Psychology to Keep His Lads Going! [interview] 17
Alley Cat Tail-Pieces [entertainment news snippets] 18
Bromley, Tony Versatile Petula [review of Petula Clark’s recent performance] 18
  Drew Dubno, 20 February 2004  
15 November No. 1192
Green, Richard Leon’s ‘Lady’ Lucky for Joe Cocker [interview with Cocker about new single, “Delta Lady”] 3
Matthews, Joe Tom Meets the Queen [Jones, meeting Queen (photograph)] 3
Nesbit, Jan Karen Still Lives at Mum’s [Young, about how her age has influenced her success] 4
  From You to Us [letters from NME readers] 4
Coxhill, Gordon "Don’t Dig Too Deep," Pleads Oddity David Bowie [interview] 5
Green, Richard Lee Jackson, Mao and Wilde [interview, discusses influence of Chairman Mao, Oscar Wilde, Adolf Hitler] 6
  Who’s Where [concert listings] 6
Moses, Ann Lou Christie’s Wild Dancing Curbed on TV [talks about career] 7
Johnson, Derek Top Singles [Marmalade, Mama Cass, Isley Brothers, Des O’Connor] 8, 15
  Marvin Back to Style of First Hit [Gaye, new single] 8
NME NME Top 30:
1. "Oh Well," Fleetwood Mac
2. "Sugar Sugar," Archies
3. "He Ain’t Heavy," He’s My Brother/ Hollies
4. "Return of Django," Upsetters
5. "I’m Gonna Make You Mine," Lou Christie
NME Britain’s Top 20 LPs
1. Abbey Road, Beatles
2. Motown Chartbusters, Vol. 3, Various Artists
3. At San Quentin, Johnny Cash
4. Led Zeppelin II, Led Zeppelin
5. In the Court of the Crimson King, King Crimson
n.a. Big Names Due on TV [Val Doonican, Dusty Springfield]
Des With Cilla; Edwin Hawkins for Andy [Des O’Connor on  Cilla Black TV show, Edwin Hawkins Singers on Andy Williams Show]
Beatles LP Sells Four Million [Abbey Road, currently at the top of the NME charts]
Engelbert Cancels Vegas; Early Start on TV Series [Humperdinck, cancels shows at Riviera Hotel in Vegas]
Bonzo Band Concerts [Bonzo Dog Band dates]
Stones’ US Tour Smashes Records [current US tour selling out 17 dates]
Gene Vincent’s Dates [singer playing one-nighters]
Radio 1 Names [appearances on upcoming radio shows]
Popliners [concert dates]
One-Nighters [concert dates]
n.a. Tull Plays Top US Stadiums [band Jethro Tull, concert dates in US]
Temptations Cabaret Set; New Marv Dates [Temptations playing dates in London, Marv Johnson in UK]
Purple for World-Wide TV [Deep Purple playing in US TV special]
Eight Concerts for Ten Years [Ten Years After dates]
n.a. Xmas Glut on Star Singles [new singles from Bobby Gentry, Glen Campbell, Dusty Springfield, Cilla Black, Lou Christie, the Equals, the Dells, Gene Pitney]
Trems’ Follow-Up is Set: Cabaret Venues [the Tremeloes’ next single, concert appearances]
Ginger Baker Film Offer [drummer of Blind Faith to be in Hollywood movie]
Foundations, Cliff Trash Aid Charity [Cliff Richard, others’ involvements with charity]
Jr. Walker, Christie Dates [Jr. Walker UK dates, Lou Christie’s European tour]
Septimus Minus One! [Mike Smith pulling out of new supergroup]
Evans, Allen Latest Album Reviews [John Walker, Smith, Herb Alpert and Tijuana Brass, others] 12, 14, 17
Smith, Alan Hollies’ Allan Clarke Wrote Song About Graham Nash Leaving Group [review of new Hollies LP] 14
Green, Richard Ten Years After Want Single Hit [desire of band to have hit singles] 15
n.a. Noel Married [Redding, wed] 15
Coxhill, Gordon Pop Take-Offs Liven Subdued Royal Show [review of recent Royal Variety Show] 16
n.a. British Acts Recapture America [Rolling Stones, Engelbert Humperdinck, Nice, successful on American tours] 16
Yorke, Ritchie This Song Team Wrote 7 Million-Sellers on the Trot! [team of Lamont Dozier, Eddie Holland, Brian Holland] 17
n.a. Tail-Pieces by the Alley Cat [music news snippets] 18
Coxhill, Gordon Rich Sound [review of Buddy Rich’s recent performance at New Victoria Theater] 18
  Drew Dubno, 5 March 2004  
22 November No. 1198
n.a. Paul McCartney's Alleged Death Rumour 2
Green, Richard About "Paul's Death" [McCartney] 2
n.a. "Why Put Down What We're Doing?" Asks George Harrison 3
Coxhill, Gordon What Can Clodagh's Dad Say at Christmas? [Clodagh Rogers] 4
Smith, Alan Stevie Sees Very Clearly [Stevie Wonder] 4
Logan, Nick Jethro No One-Man Band! [Jethro Tull, Ian Anderson, Glen Cornick, Martin Barre, Clive Bunker] 5
n.a. Elvis at His Best [Elvis Presley] 6
n.a. Top Singles Reviewed:
Lou Christie "She Sold Me Magic"
Marsha Hunt "Desdemona" -Bobby Goldsboro "Letter to Emily"
Nina Simone "Save Me, "Louis Armstrong, All The Time In The World"
Neil Diamond "Holly Holy"
Lonnie Donnegan, Murray Head, Peter, Paul and, Mary "Leaving on a Jet Plane"
n.a. Cliff A Hit -- of Course [Cliff Richard "With The Eyes of a Child," Review] 6
n.a. Bobbie Gentry, Glen Campbell 6
n.a. Pitney Breaks the Silence [Gene Pitney "She Lets Her Hair Down," Review] 6
n.a. Karen Revives Hit of the 50's [Karen Young "Allentown Jail," Review]  
NME Britain's Top Singles:
1. Archies, "Sugar Sugar"
2. Fleetwood Mac, "Oh Well"
3. Tremeloes, "(Call Me) Number One"
4. Upsetters, "Return Of Django"
5. Beatles, "Something"
NME Britain's Top LPs:
1. Beatles, Abbey Road
2. Various Artistes, Motown Chartbusters
3. Johnny Cash, At San Quentin
4. Led Zeppelin II
5. Tom Jones in Las Vegas
n.a. Tom: British Concerts in 1970 after Five Months in States [Tom Jones]
Bobbie’s Xmas TV; New Pop Show Planned; Des Series [Bobbie Gentry]
Now, A Royal Pop Show?
Family: British Dates, LP [No Mule’s Fool LP]
Info: Arrival
[Bee] Gees Delay Label Launch
Cliff’s Revised Concert Dates [Cliff Richard]
n.a. News Round Up:
Marmalade Records First Album
The Move Return to the United States
Brian Auger And The Trinity
Colosseum [Jim Hiseman’s]
George Fame Hosts Radio 1 Show
John Mayall European Tour
Fat Mattress U.S. Tour
Jimmy Cliff Promotional Visit
n.a. Popliners: The Who 8
n.a. Crosby, Stills & Nash Albert Hall Concert 8
n.a. Box Tops Tour
Ronettes Dates
Chicago’s Plans
Beach Boys Will
Play June Tour
Stevie Package [Stevie Wonder]
Rascals For TV
Johnny Cash Heads C-&-W Invasion
Also coming: Charles Aznavour, Harry J. And The All Stars, Dione Warwick, Joni Mitchell, Gene Pitney
n.a. Leppelin Concert Tour [Led Zeppelin]
Kenneth Mckellar’s New Release
Lonnie Donnegan Release
P.J. Proby In London Season
Beatle Snippets [The Beatles]
Stars Help Charity [Jimmy Cliff, Tiny Tim, Blue Mink, Clodagh Rogers]
Radio 1 Latest
Fairport Convention Lose Two Band Members
British Venues to Book Stones and Jerry Lee [Rolling Stones]
Roy Wood to Marry
Desmond Dekker, Max Romeo, the Upsetters and the Pioneers in 6-Week Reggae Tour?
Fleetwood Jams with Blues Veterans [Fleetwood Mac
Logan, Nick   Slide Guitars 10
Evans, Allen   Dale Hawkins “L.A., Memphis & Tyler, Texas” [Review]
Val Doonican
Frankie Laine, “You Gave Me A Mountain”
Stevie Wonder, “My Cherie Amour”
Joan Baez, “David’s Album”
Best of Nina And Frederik
James Brown
Soft Machine, “The Soft Machine Volume Two”
Small Faces, “The Autumn Stone”
Staus Quo, “Top Chartbusters of '69 [1969]”
Pat Boone Sings Irvin Berlin
Great Film Themes
Memories Are Made of These
Nina Simone at Newport
Ray McVay
Green, Richard Mixed Bag in Blue Mink 12
n.a. Checkmates’ Spector Hit [Phil Spector]
Underground’s Unique Family
From You to Us [Letters to the Editor]
Green, Richard   Why Mayall Gave Up The Drums [John Mayall] 13
Moses, Ann   Stones Terrific [Rolling Stones] 13
Yorke, Ritchie   Eastern America Chart Invasion 13
n.a. Mark Wynter Appealing
Superb Herb [Herbert Alpert]
Good For Val [Val Doonican]
Feasts Of The Future Hits In Concert [Royal Albert Hall]
Crusading Nina [Nina Simone]
Enter Chet [Chet Atkins]
n.a. Classified Ads 15
n.a. Ted Heath, British Band King, Dies 16
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 16
  Samuel Jaspersohn, February 2004  
29 November No. 1199  
Coxhill, Gordon Hard Work Bought these Luxury Homes for the Tremeloes 2, 3
n.a. Credence’s Fogerty Says: ‘We Stick to Old Rock’ 2
Smith, Alan Reggae Stops Race Prejudice [Jimmy Cliff, Max Romeo, Pioneers, Harry J. All-Stars] 4
Smith, Alan Kenny Rogers Had a Million-Seller 5
n.a. Despite Disc Slip in Charts, John Lennon Still an MBE! 5
n.a. Big Hit for Happy Equals [The Equals] 6
n.a. Reviews:
Robin Gibb, “One Million Years”
Tommy Roe, “Jam Up Jelly”
Fat Mattress, “Magic Forest”
Georgie Fame, “Seventh Son”
Cilla Black, “If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind”
Roy Orbison, “Break My Mind”
Johnson, Derek Reviews:
Diana Ross, “Someday We’ll Be Together Again”
Aretha Franklin, “Eleanor Rigby”
Dusty Springfield, “A Brand New Me”
Ohio Express, “Sausilito”
Leepy Lee, “Good Morning”
Billy Fury, “All the Way to the USA”
Dave Clark Five, “Good Old Rock n’ Roll”
Andy Williams, “A Woman’s Way”
NME NME Top 30
1. “Sugar Sugar,” Archies
2. “Call Me,” Tremeloes
3. “Oh Well,” Fleetwood Mac
4. “Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday,” Stevie Wonder
5. “Something,” Beatles
NME Britain’s Top 20 LPs
1. Abbey Road, Beatles
2. At San Quentin, Johnny Cash
3. Motown Chartbusters Vol. 3, Various Artists
4. Led Zeppelin Vol. 2
5. Tom Jones Live in Vegas
n.a Engelbert Boxing Day Special [Engelbert Humperdinck, Rolf Harris]
Malcolm Returns to Rio [Malcolm Roberts]
Tom’s Single Is Set [Tom Jones]
Plastic in LondonConcert   [The Plastic Ono Band]
4 Tops [The Four Tops]
Cash Movie Songs [Johnny Cash]
n.a. Frank Sinatra Concert in London with Basie? [Basie Orchestra]
Huge Four-Week Package with Every Reggae Chart
Big Rowland, Macaulay Deals [Steve Rowland, Tony Macaulay]
Auger for U.S. TV Series; Carnegie Hall Concert [Brain Auger and The Trinity]
Stones at Lyceum [Rolling Stones]
Mac: Spring U.K. Tour [Fleetwood Mac]
Bee Gee Song: Wrong Words!
Purple to Hollywood [Deep Purple]
Trems for Russia? [Tremeloes]
n.a. Sinatra’s Christmas Box [Frank Sinatra] 10
n.a. Credit to All for Joe Cocker U.S. LP 10
n.a. Karen Is a Surprise [Karen Young] 10
n.a. Mr. Chips Album Better If You Have Seen Film [Petula Clark, Peter O’Toole: “GoodBye Mr. Chips”] 10
Evans, Allen LPs Edited:
Valentyne Suite, Colosseum
Marvin Gaye and His Girls
Pacific Gas and Electric
The Mystic Number National Bank
Scott Engel
Green, Richard Great Stones Album [Rolling Stones] 11
n.a. JR. Walker Powers On 11
n.a. The Band Writes Own Material [The Band] 11
Coxhill, Gordon Joe Wants to Meet His Audiences 12
n.a. Life-Lines of Jiimmy Cliff 12
Moses, Ann U.S. Fans Surprise Kink Ray [The Kinks] 12
Moses, Ann Ritchie Yorke’s East Coast Column 12
Logan, Nick No Instant Reaction for British Bands in U.S., Report King Crimson 13
n.a. From You to Us [Letters from Readers] 13
n.a. Engelbert Answers Critics by Jumping 13 Places [Engelbert Humperdinck] 14
Coxhill, Gordon Around the Town with NME 14
n.a. Back 12 Years with Rocker Gene Vincent 14
n.a. Who’s Where 14
n.a. Integrated Minstrels [George Inns] 14
n.a. Petula Clark in Weepy Pic 14
n.a. New Seekers Do the Whole Show [The Seekers] 16
The Alley Cat Tailpieces 16
  Samuel Jaspersohn, 19 February 2004  

grtedit 26 March, 2004