New Musical Express | 1969

December 6 No. 1195  


Bee Gee Gibb Talks Singles, Concerts, Musicals, and More [Robin Gibb] Chicago 2
Gordon Coxhill Transit Authority Rocks Out at Royal Albert Hall  
Alan Smith Lennon Speaks with NME about Potential Beatles Breakup [John Lennon] 3
Alan Smith

Rogers Challenges Traditional Ways of Thinking [Kenny Rogers]
Elvis’ "Suspicious Minds": Visual Appeal and Delay


Hot Singles Critiqued:
Fortunes, "Books and Films"
Badfinger, "Come and Get It"
Johnny Otis, "Country Girl"
Shirley & Johnny, "Forever Is a Long Long Time"
Little Richard, "Good Golly Miss Molly"
Bachelors, "My First Love"
Jess Conrad, "See the Tinker Ride"
Rick Nelson, "She Belongs to Me"
Bobby Darin, "Sugar-Man"
The Kinks, "Victoria"
Californians, "You’ve Got Your Troubles"


1. "Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town," Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
2. "Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday," Stevie Wonder
3. "Sugar Sugar," The Archies

  Britain’s Top 20 LPs  


Last Eurovision Contest?
"Music Expo Europe" Announced in Five Countries
One Night Performances
Elvis Set to Perform New Year’s Eve Special
New Pop Show Announced: "Disco 2"
James Brown & Famous Flames Booked in January
John Lennon & Plastic Ono Band Perform at "Peace Event"
Jimi Hendrix to Reunite Experience Members for "Farewell Tour"
Baker’s Air Force to Debut in Amsterdam 9 [Ginger Baker]
Pink Floyd Compose Film Soundtrack/Music for American Cartoon Series
Rolling Stones Put on Two Fantastic Shows, "Christmas Present"


Allen Evans

Ryan Brothers Allow for Easy Listening

n.a. Jimmy Cliffs Follows Up Reggae Classics with Eclectic Mix  
John Gibson Moody Blues Performance Sunday at Usher Hall, Edinburgh  
Nick Logan Nick Logan Talks Pink Floyd: Groundwork, Success, and the New Tour 11


Mick Calms 500,000 in Tracy, CA [Mick Jagger]

Gordon Sampson From YOU to Us  
John Wells Bachelors Go Out with a Boom
Eric Burdon and King "Screamson"
Hair’s Gary Hamilton Delights at Revolution
Alan Smith Crooks & Pioneers Appreciate English Fans and Wintry Weather [Sydney Crooks]  

Gordon Coxhill

CTA: Influence, Statement, and Authorization [Chicago Transit Authority]

The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces  
Alan Smith NME Popword  

Phillip Crawley

Ringo Takes to the Big Screen, Newcastle City Hall Sends Best to "Ten Years After Tour"

Jon Kaufman, February 2004
13 December No. 1196
Green, Richard Robin Won’t Be Rushed [Robin Gibb] 2
n.a. London Warms to Chicago 2
Smith, Alan Beatles Are on the Brink of Splitting 3
Smith, Alan I Am Not Protesting, I Just Want to Make You Think [Kenny Rogers] 4
n.a. Elvis Presley LP Delay May Cost 20,000 Pounds 4
n.a. Singles Reviewed:
Bob Darin “Sugar-Man”
Jess Conrad “See the Tinker Ride”
Johnny Otis “Country Girl”
Little Richard “Good Girly”
Fortunes “Books and Films”
Kinks “Victoria”
Rick Nelson “She Belongs to Me”
Freelanders “Turn of the Century”
Joan Baez “Just a Clear Wall”
Jeannie Dee “ Don’t Go Home Little Darling”
James Brown & the Famous Flames “There was a Time”
Jackie Wilson “Helpless”
n.a. NME Top 30
1. “Ruby Don’t Take Your Love Away”
2. “Yester-me, Yester-You, Yesterday” Stevie Wonder
3. ‘Sugar Sugar” Archies
4. “Two Little Boys” Rolf Harris
5. “Melting Pot” Blue Mink
6. “(Call Me) Number One” Tremeloes
7. “Suspicious Minds” Elvis Presley
8. “Winter World of Love” Engelbert Humperdinck
9. “Something” Beatles
10. “The Onion Song” Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell
n.a. Britain’s Top 20 LPs
1. Abbey Road, Beatles
2. Motown Chartbusters Vol. 3, Various Artists
3. Tom Jones Live in Las Vegas
4. Let It Bleed, Rolling Stones
5. To Our Childern’s Children, Moody Blues
n.a. Is the EuroVision Contest Doomed? 8
n.a. Tom: Xmas Day ‘Carol Special’ –Full of The Pops’ Line-up: Rolf Hospital Visit [Tom Jones, Rolf Harris] 8
n.a. Elvis on New Years’ Eve [Elvis Presley] 8
n.a. James Brown Tour 8
n.a. Roger Miller, Ray Charles, Ike and Tina Turner – Engelbert’s TV Guests [Humperdinck] 9
n.a. John Lennon Sets Ono Band Debut & Peace Event 9
n.a. Singles – Peddlers, Cream, Jimmy Cliff, Upsetters, Robin Gibb 9
n.a. Pink Floyd British Concerts, Writing Film, Cartoon 9
n.a. Jimi Hendrix Plans Farewell Tour 9
n.a. Ginger Baker’s Air Force Becomes a 13-piece band 9
n.a. Roger Whittaker’s Next Is from Rio Event 9
n.a. Death of Jack Payne 9
n.a. Rolling Stones in Two More Concerts 9
n.a. LP Page
Barry Ryan
Keef Hartley Band, The Battle of the Northwest Six
Jimmy Cliff
Lou Christie, I’m Gonna Make You Mine
n.a. Moody Blues and Fans Pass Usher-Sunday Test 10
n.a. Three Years Ago, When They Started Underground They Had a Rough Ride 11
Logan, Nick Pink Floyd Have Last Laugh 11
n.a. Mick Jagger Tells 500,000 Fans to Cool It 12
n.a. From You to Us 12
Moses, Ann Eric Burdon Screams at King Crimson 12
n.a. ‘Hair’ Star at Revolution 12
n.a. Fans flock In for Bachelors 12
n.a. Freezing Pioneers Dreaming of White Christmas 13
Coxhill, Gordon Music: The Stamp of Authority (Chicago Transit Authority) 13
n.a. Tail-pieces by the Alley Cat 14
n.a. Ringo Starr’s Film Promise 14
  Musical Express Supplement  
Gray, Andy The Biggest Find of the 60’s [Beatles] 1
Gray, Andy Big Four of Entire 60’s (Elvis Presley, Cliff Richard, Frank Sinatra, Hank Marvin (the Shadows)) 2
Gray, Andy Cliff Richard Flew from U.S. to Poll Show 3
Gray, Andy Elvis Presley, Adam Faith, Connie Francis, Shadows, Cliff Richard 4
Gray, Andy Billy Fury, Shirley Bassey, Buddy Holly 5
Gray, Andy Start of the Springfields – Cliff Richard, Elvis Presley, Helen Shapiro, Alma Cogan 6
Gray, Andy Jet Harris, Cliff Richard and the Shadows, Frank Ifield 7
Gray, Andy Ivor Novello Award Winners: Louis Cordet, Little Richard 8
  Samuel Jaspersohn, March 2004  
December 20 No. 1197
Roy Carr Question-time with Harrison & Clapton [George Harrison], [Eric Clapton] 2
Alan Smith Lennon Redefined: Embarrassment or Kind Soul? 3
N/A Maxi Christmas: Albums & Singles [Advertisement]  
Derek Johnson Single Reviews:
"I’m a Man," Chicago;
"One Way Love," Colored Raisins;
"Rainmaker," Dillards;
"Don’t Say a Word," Ken Dodd;
"Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here with You," Bob Dylan;
"Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head," B.J. Thomas, Sacha Distel, Tony Roberts;
"Have A Little Talk with Myself," Ray Stevens
  Reggae Corner  
  Concert Extraordinaire: Canned Heat 70 [Advertisement]  
NME NME Top 30:
1. "Two Little Boys," Rolf Harris
2. "Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town," Kenny Rogers & the First Edition
3. "Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday," Stevie Wonder
4. "Sugar Sugar," Archies
5. "Melting Pot," Blue Mink
NME Britain’s Top 20 LPs:
Abbey Road, Beatles
Motown Chartbusters Vol. 3, Various Artists
"Tom Jones Live in Vegas,Tom Jones
Let It Bleed, Rolling Stones
At San Quentin, Johnny Cash
  Singles History  
N/A Hendrix forms New Band [Jimi Hendrix]
Bruce Welch Reunites with Shadows for TV Appearance
Jethro Tull Not Full
Clodaugh Rodgers Visits U.S. with Producer Kenny Young
Beatles Turn Down 2,000,000 Tour Offer
Sinatra, Supremes, and Davy Jones Set Dates [Nancy Sinatra]
Hollies Going Down Under
Magic Forest/Polydor Mattress [Advertisement]
Allen Evans LP Page: Deep Purple and Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Collaboration 8
Ritchie Yorke Questions with Clapton (Continued) [Eric Clapton] 8
  East Coast Column: Swamp Music Is the New Sound 8
  David Bowie, Bonzo Dog Band, and More! 8
Allen Evans From YOU to US  
Allen Evans John Lennon  
  Elvis Rids His Fear of Flying [Elvis Presley]  
Nick Logan On Tour with Jethro Tull: Taking a Bite Out of the Big Apple 9
  "Sugar Sugar" – The Archies [Advertisement]  
  "Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head" – Various Artists [Advertisement]  
John Wells Stones Rock Out at the Saville without Life and Death 10
Gordon Coxhill The Who’s Colossal Coliseum Performance  
Alan Smith No Ono No, Plastic Performance  
  Who’s Where: One Nighters  
  Have a Maxi Christmas [Advertisement]  
N/A Classified Section 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces
NME Popword
Original Posters [Advertisement]
"If I Thought You’d Ever Change Your Mind" – Cilla [Advertisement]
"Books and Films" – The Fortunes [Advertisement]
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young Performance [Advertisement]
Two Big Hits! [Advertisement]
Andy Gray Supplement
Rise of The Beatles and Other Groups: Part 2
Gerry and The Pacemakers
Bobby Vee
Ed Sullivan
LP Top Ten
Bob Dylan
Herman’s Hermits
Dusty Springfield
…and more!
  Jon Kaufman, February 2004  
27 December No. 1198
Gordon Coxhill Good Cheer for Engelbert [Engelbert Humperdinck] 2
Alan Smith Des Doin’ Fine This Holiday Season [Des O’Connor] 2
Nick Logan Tull on Top in U.S.A [Jethro Tull] 3
N/A Have A Maxi Christmas [Advertisement] 3
Alan Smith Beatles Flop with Christmas Album? 4
Derek Johnson Top Singles Reviewed
"This Ain’t the Road" - Back Street Band
"Blistered" - Johnny Cash
"Do I Still Figure in Your Life" - Samantha Jones
"Left to Lose"- David James… and more!
n.a. Film & TV Themes, Reggae, Shop Window 4
NME NME Top 30:
1. "Two Little Boys," Rolf Harris
2. "Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town," Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
3. "Melting Pot," Blue Mink
4. "Sugar Sugar," Archies
5. "Yester-Me, Yester-You, Yesterday," – Stevie Wonder
NME Britain’s Top 20 LPs
1. Abbey Road, Beatles
2. Tom Jones Live in Las Vegas, Tom Jones
3. Let It Bleed, Rolling Stones
4. Motown Chartbusters Vol. 3, Various Artistes
5. At San Quentin, Johnny Cash
n.a. More British LPs Best Selling Pop Records in U.S. American Chart Championship Chart History 5
n.a. George Harrison’ Movie Score
Ono Band tour
Ringo Solo LP/Film [Ringo Starr]
Clapton to U.S. [Eric Clapton]
Popliners & INFO
NME Points Championship
Judas Jump Debut
Davy Jones Flies in For Musical?
Sinatra+Cash=British Cabaret? [Frank Sinatra], [Johnny Cash]
Engelbert TV [Engelbert Humperdinck]
Des O’Connor’s Film/TV Involvement
Roberts Stars in Rio TV Film [Malcolm Roberts]
N/A What Do You Remember of 1969? 8
Gary Chambers Non-Quotes of the Year  
  What the Stars Want in 1970…  
Richard Green Dave Clark Five Struggling but Happy 9
Allen Evans LPs, Ono Band’s Live R-and-R and more! 9
Roy Carr NMExclusive! Questions with George Harrison 10
n.a. From YOU to US 10
Ritchie Yorke East Coast Column: - Minimal Pop Direction This Year- U.K. Invasion 10
Nick Logan Tull on Top in U.S.A. (continued) [Jethro Tull] 11
The Alley Cat Tail-Pieces 12
  Quiz, Popwords, and Anagram Answers  
  The Sensational 60’s [Supplement]  
Andy Gray 1965 – Year of The Rolling Stones, Beatles "Fine," Who Come In Poll Showing 17
Andy Gray Everlys’ Comeback, Beatles Meet Elvis 18
Andy Gray 1966 – Tom, Beach Boys, Sinatra [Tom Jones], [Frank Sinatra]
Crispian, Alan Price, Frank Top, Troggs Gold
Andy Gray Four Tops
Stevie Quits [Stevie Winwood]
1967 - Monkee Year!
Blue Beat
Andy Gray Dylan Crash [Bob Dylan]
Pepper No. 1
208 Power
Engelbert [Engelbert Humperdinck]
Jimi on Tour [Jimi Hendrix]
Andy Gray 1968 – Still Beatles
Dylan Top [Bob Dylan]
Gary’s First [Gary Puckett]
Andy Gray Equals No. 1
‘Hair’ Here
Pollwinners 1969
Andy Gray Amen & Eden
Paul Wed [Paul McCartney]
1969: John + Yoko, Underground Rising
Pop Era
Brian’s Death [Brian Jones]
Scott’s Crash [Scott Walker]
Cliff & Hank [Cliff Richard], [Hank Marvin]
  Jon Kaufman, March 2004  

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