Red Light Fever
British Session Musicians Remember the Sixties
Thursday 13 April 2006, 8:00 in Filene Recital Hall
A roundtable discussion of their recordings and a short performance.
Sponsored by the Department of Music and the Student Entertainment Company
25 June, 2006
Britain's popular music recording industry relied heavily on session musicians to assure producers of quality hit recordings. Everyone from the Beatles and the Rolling Stones to the thousands of pop aspirants worked with musicians like Big Jim Sullivan, Vic Flick, and Andy White. On this evening, we invited these three musicians to remember their days working in London's studios, discussing recordings from that era and how the industry has treated them. Unfortunately, Jim Sullivan was unable at the last minute to make the trip, so Vic Flick and Andy White soldiered on without him.
Vic Flick is best known for the iconic James Bond guitar theme that he performed when John Barry began scoring these films. However, Flick's guitar work appears on recordings by Dusty Springfield, Los Bravos, Cilla Black, Tom Jones, Sandie Shaw, and many others. Vic's electric twelve-string is a prominent feature of Peter and Gordon's first big hit, "World without Love."
Andy White is perhaps best known for the few recordings he did with an obscure group called "the Beatles." His peerless abilty to hold time and provide a solid beat made him a drummer to whom producers felt they could turn when they needed a dependable performer. Andy is the drummer on the best-known version of the Beatles first hit, "Love Me Do." (Ringo plays tambourine.) But he also appears on recordings by Tom Jones ("It's Not Unusual") and other performers.
Sound Files
Recording with John Barry
Recording with Tom Jones, "It's Not Unusual"
Recording "World without Love" with Peter and Gordon; the life of the session musician
Recording "Love Me Do" with the Beatles
Recording "Hold Me" with P J Proby
Recording "The Crying Game" with Dave Berry and Jim Sullivan
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