Gordon Thompson: Classes
Surveys Seminars
MU 106 Sixties British Songwriters*
—— The Beatles: An Introduction*
  The Beatles: An Introduction [video lecture series]
MU 220 British Rock and Pop in the Sixties*
MU 307 Music and Society
MU 309 Music in South Asia*
MU 320 Popular Music in the Age of Rock and Roll*
  * Designates password-protected classes.
SSP Music between Us
MU 208 Music and Culture
MU 344 The Beatles Seminar: Beatles Biographies
MU 345 The Beatles Seminar: Music of the Beatles
—— Introduction to Ethnomusicology
—— Music and Media (2013)
MU 363 Senior Seminar: Music and Film (2008)
—— ——: Music and Community (2009)
—— ——: Music and Media (2011)
  ——: The Beatles in Print (2014)

Course-related Materials
Chronology of Sixties British Pop and Rock New Musical Express Contents: 50s & 60s

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