The Beatles in Biography
MU344 | Fall 2011
Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:10-11:00, Zankel 215
Mondays 7:00-9:00, ELM (Zankel 117)
Gordon Thompson, Department of Music,Skidmore College
The Beatles changed the 20th century in general and music specifically. They set fashion and recording standards and articulated an optimistic and escapist world view for millions. In particular, they redefined popular music with Lennon and McCartney establishing themselves as two of the West's most important songwriters. Students will trace the history of this musical phenomenon by comparing selected biographies and by ex a ming musical examples.
Seminar Structure
Students will compare specific issues and events addressed in biographies by Hunter Davies (1968), Philip Norman (1981), Jonathan Gould (1995), the Beatles' Anthology (2000), and other sources.
Daily Presentations. The seminar will form "groups" of 4 or 5 students who will research specific topics and present their findings for each class meeting.
Biweekly Essays. Students will submit short (500-word) biweekly essays focusing specific issued raised in class and in the readings in the previous weeks.
Paper Presentation. Students will also research a specific aspect of the music of the Beatles and present their findings to the seminar at the end of the semester.
Each week, the seminar will view various films and the ten-hour video, The Beatles Anthology at Monday evening sessions in Zankel's ELM (friends and guests welcome).
Beatlemore Skidmania. In consultation and under the direction of the instructor, members of the seminar will have responsibility for much of the management and marketing of Skidmore's annual Beatles concert in consultation. Tasks will include recruiting and auditioning performers, managing backstage performer preparations, working with Skidmore and Zankel's advertising, ticketing, and house staff, and devising how to sell tickets and merchandise. The concert supports Skidmore Cares and its services to Capitol District community.
Prerequisite: MU 241 or permission of instructor.
Video Schedule Schedule Requirements
Materials 28 March, 2014 Skidmania