Introduction to Ethnomusicology

MU 345.002 | Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:40-2:00
Gordon Thompson, Department of Music, Spring 2003

An introduction to the study of music in its cultural context, music in culture, and music as culture. The emphasis this year will be on music ethnography and the primary individual student assignment will be an examination of a musical context of the student's choosing. See Assignments for the details.

2003, L>R: Flo Biancardo, Darren Lusis, Alex Kraus, Ed Giza, Willa Cochran, Cary James, Jon Janeway, Aaron Hammerman (laughing),
Eric Hanson, Jess Mead, Gordon Thompson, Nicole Martinez, and Matt Appleton
Special event. Thursday April 3rd, Bruno Nettl will visit the class and give an evening lecture. Nettl's extensive publications cover the breadth of ethnomusicological studies from individual case studies of musical ideas and personages to overviews of the theories and methologies of the discipline. These include Heartland Excursions (1995) and The Theory of Ethnomusicology: Twenty-nine Issues and Concepts (1983), the principal readings for the semester.


Definitions of the field
Nettl: The Study of Ethnomusicology
Bibliography: readings on fieldwork
Initial planning and implementation field research projects

February-March Case studies: Heartland Excursions
Rotating interim reports from the field
April Troubleshooting and final reports

Department of Music     Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs, New York
22 January, 2004