Judy Halstead's Home Page

Hi, I'm Dr. Judy Halstead, Professor of Chemistry at Skidmore College and Director of Environmental Studies.

I currently teach upper level physical chemistry courses (CH 330/332 and CH 331/333) and introductory environmental studies courses (ES 100 Environmental Concerns in Perspective and ES 105 Field Studies in Environmental Science). My research interests include curriculum development for interdisciplinary environmental studies courses and the development and refinement of analytical techniques for the determination of trace levels of pollutants in natural waters. I believe undergraduate research is a critical component of undergraduate education and have maintained collaborative projects with Skidmore students both in physical chemistry and in environmental/analytical chemistry for many years.

I share many of my personal interests with my two sons, David Chudzicki (born 6/24/85) and Chris Chudzicki (born 4/25/88) and my husband Jonathan Feinberg (Jonathan and I were married 6/16/2001). We sea kayak, camp, cross country ski, read and listen to music. Without my males, I am an avid whitewater paddler. In May 1996, I became an American Canoe Association certified whitewater paddling instructor. The photos on the below were both taken on the Hudson Gorge during the summer of 2004 (photo credit, Jim Swedberg). I am also on the Board of Trustees of the Unitarian Universalist Congregration of Saratoga Springs.