Multiple Senses

Update 9/18/06 Virtual Reality and Therapy. Jonathan Mummolo writes in Newsweek ("Reliving a Nightmare") about researchers (e.g., JoAnn Difede and Hunter Hoffman) who are using "virtual reality exposure therapy" for people suffering from PTSD after 9/11. For our purposes, what's interesting is that the procedure seeks to employ many senses. You've probably already seen people wearing virtual reality goggles that allow a person to see a three-dimensional world. These researchers employ such goggles, but in addition there is a "puffer" machine producing smells and even a vibrating floor. From a clinical perspective, they are able to provide the patients with a variety of experiences (from less to more traumatic) as a means of therapy. But it's not too difficult to imagine sitting in a movie theater in the not-too-distant future that will be able to immerse people in such a virtual reality. Cool!

Update 11/07 Virtual Reality and Therapy. Nikolas Westerhoff has a relevant article (Fantasy Therapy) in Scientific American Mind (Oct/Nov 2007).


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Link - The Tiresias site maintains useful information and links about assistive devices for people with visual impairments.

Link - Hearing impaired and visually impaired people may find it difficult to appreciate Broadway shows. Assistive technologies developed by Sound Associates (D-scriptive and I-caption) help to surmount these difficulties.