Perception (PS 225) Course Materials

Below are copies of old exams in .pdf format. You should be able to read them with Adobe Acrobat reader.

F11 Midterm


Dennett, D. Where Am I?

Visual System Notes 1 Visual System Notes 2

Basic Visual Functions Shape Notes

Distance Notes Color Notes Motion Notes

Psychophysics Notes Signal Detection Theory Notes

Auditory System Notes Basic Auditory Phenomena Notes

Auditory Pattern Perception Notes Skin Senses Notes

Weird Stuff Notes

Bats movie

Music movie


Readings for Laboratory Fall 2013

Brewer, N., & Wells, G. L. (2006)

Buckhout, R. (1974)

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Wells, G. L., Memon, A., & Penrod, S. D. (2006)

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Lineup1 Lineup2