Directions to Skidmore


If you're coming up the NYS Thruway (87), you'd exit (at Exit 24) to get onto the Northway (87) heading north toward Saratoga Springs. Take the Northway (87) to Exit 13N (to go north on Route 9). (Don't take Exit 13S, or , if you do, you'll have to turn around.)

Route 9 northbound will take you into the heart of Saratoga Springs. (Route 9 actually becomes Broadway, which is the main street through town.) On your way northward on Route 9 stick to the right lane. You'll pass the entrance for the park (and SPAC, the Saratoga Performing Arts Center) and the National Museum of Dance (both on your left). The light at the entrance to SPAC is the reason for staying to the right, because the left lane becomes left turn only, leading into the park, and Route 9 becomes a single lane in both directions for a while.

If you're coming up Route 88, it's a bit trickier. As seen on the map below, you'll want to take the last exit before the toll booths to the Thruway. Make the left onto Route 7, then the left onto Route 337. Stay on 337 until you make the left onto Campbell Road. That loops around a mall and then you'll take the right onto Route 890. Take the Washington Ave./Erie Blvd. exit by the GE plant. Follow that road north through the "heart" of Schenectady. Stay on Washington Ave., which bears left and becomes Freeman Bridge Rd. and then goes over the Freeman Bridge. Make the right onto Route 50, which takes you (after ~15 miles) into Saratoga Springs.

Route 9 and Route 50 actually become one road (Broadway) in Saratoga Springs. As you can see on the map below, Broadway goes through the heart of Saratoga Springs (and passes The Inn at Saratoga on the left just after Route 50 merges with Route 9). As you hit the north part of town, Routes 9 and 50 continue on at an oblique right (toward the malls, Wal-Mart, etc.), but you want to continue straight onto North Broadway. The landmark to look for is the large red brick Prime Hotel (on your right). You want to be in the left lane as you approach the traffic light, because the right lane is for folks continuing on to Routes 9 and 50 (the Arterial). Once you go through that light, you'll see lots of larger homes/mansions (decidedly not faculty housing) and eventually (on your left) the sign for Skidmore College. Just to the right of the entrance to campus is The Surrey. You can also see a more detailed campus map. On the campus map, the numbers of interest are: 15 (Jonsson Tower, with Security located on the lowest floor); 20 (Tisch Learning Center, Psychology is on the first floor); and 36 (The Surrey).


To get to the Foley's, go west on Congress Ave. (opposite Congress Park above). Continue west through 3 traffic lights (at Hamilton, Franklin, and West), after which you will cross over a railroad bridge, then Pine Ave. will be on your right and your next right will be Sherwood Trail. The house (#50) will be on your right. It's a gray house, with dark brown garage doors. The phone number is 583-4858.