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Professor: Jordana Dym
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Contemporary Latin America

Removing the Statue of Cristopher Columbus, Mexico City, 1992


This course introduces the economic, political, social and intellectual history of nineteenth- and twentieth-century Latin America. The matieral is organized both thematically and chronologically, focusing on a series of topics key to understanding the emergence of the former colonies of Spain, Portugal, France and England into a group of distinct nation-states. The first section of the course introduces themes of the nineteenth century: colonial heritage and the different routes taken to political independence; the political, economic and social challenges of independence in a multi-cultural context; citizenship and race, and the development and problems of export agriculture. The second, twentieth century segment addresses such topics as industrialization & revolution; US-Latin American relations; and select intellectual trends. We will use a variety of sources-including textbooks, scholarly articles, and primary sources to films-in our consideration of these issues.

Course Objectives

This course has two primary objectives: to develop a basic knowledge of historical events, personalities and processes of contemporary Latin America; and to provide an introduction to the methods of historical thinking and writing. Both of these objectives intend to equip you with analytical and social tools (reading, writing, oral presentation) that can apply in upper-division college courses as well as in future professions.

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