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War & Peace in 20th Century Latin America


Welcome to War & Peace in 20th Century Latin America. This webpage should provide access to all of the resources you need to do well in this class.

Course Objectives

This class examines the role of social, economic, political and intellectual causes and consequences on important revolutionary movements in 20th Century Latin America. The course will consider cases of successful and unsuccessful attempts to achieve political change ranging from the Mexican and Cuban Revolutions, to Central America's road from war to peace in the 1980s and 1990s to US interventions in the Caribbean and military dictatorships in South America. Issues considered will include roles of national versus regional institutions, international interest and impact, religion, and class and ethnicity. Students are expected to have taken history courses and/or be familiar with the general outline and issues of Latin American history; the difference between primary and secondary sources; and approaches to historical inquiry and writing.

This course has three primary objectives: to deepen student knowledge about the history of Latin America and/or the role of conflict in the twentieth century; to develop student skills in historical research, analysis and presentation of written and oral argument; and to provide an opportunity for students to conduct independent historical research from development of an original thesis to presentation of initial conclusions (a research paper & presentation).

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