Laboratory of Atmospheric Physical Chemistry

Skidmore College

Recent News:

June 24

Navea group presented their work in the ACS National Meeting, Denver. Good job everyone!

February 19

The paper "Fate of Aqueous Iron Leached from Tropospheric Aerosols during Atmospheric Acidic Processing: Study of the Effect of Humic-Like Substances" has been accepted in the WIT Transactions on Ecology and the Environment. Good job Jaya!





Welcome to the Navea Research Group Website!

Navea group

This website describes the current projects in the Laboratory of Atmospheric Physical Chemistry at Skidmore College. In general, we are interested in understanding the processes that take place on atmospheric particles. Students in the Navea Research Group learn different techniques to study aerosol surfaces and their environmental impact.

Research Projects

To learn more about the Navea research group please look through these webpages and/or contact Juan Navea or any of the Navea group members if you have any questions.