Laboratory of Atmospheric Physical Chemistry

Skidmore College

Recent News:

Aril 20

A paper in collaboration with the Padilla-Benavides group, at UMass, has been accepted for publication. Good job Amanda and Yao!

Aril 12

Deborah receives the Fahey award for her excellent undergraduate academic achievements.


































Group Members

  Juan Navea

Dr. Juan Navea

Professor Juan Navea joined Skidmore in the fall of 2013. Juan attended graduate school at Baylor University, where he worked in laser spectroscopy, molecular dynamics, and computational chemistry. After completing his Ph.D., Juan spent three years as a postdoctoral fellow in atmospheric physical chemistry at the University of Iowa.


  Deborah Kim

Deborah Kim'18


Chris Ostaszewski'18


Natalie Stuart'18

  Yao Xiao

Yao Xiao'19


Angelina Leonardi'20


Renee Karchere-Sun'20



Jack Spagnoletti'20




Silver Cang'21



Sabrina Xie'21




Madelyn Streb'21



Emily Richmond'19, Claudia Bennett-Caso'19, Sarah Gowan'19

Lab Alumni:

Dan Lesko'17 (2014-2017) - PhD student at the University of Colorado-Boulder

Amanda Paskavitz'17 (2014-2015) - Research Technician at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Matt Lueckheide'17 (2014) - PhD student at Brown University

Jaya Borgatta'16 (2013-2016) - PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Hannah Swomley'15 (2013-2015) - MS student in Biomedical Scienes at Tufts University

Joe Marto'14 (2013-2014) - PhD student at SUNY Albany