I am an Associate Professor of Philosophy at Skidmore College and Chair of the Philosophy Department. My main research is in early modern philosophy, with a primary focus on Leibniz's philosophy of mind and, more generally, on the development of the uniquely modern conception of consciousness that developed during the seventeenth century. I have recently been developing a secondary line of research into the ethics of forgiveness and reconciliation.

At Skidmore College, I teach a variety of courses in the Philosophy Department, including Early Modern Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind, and upper-level seminars on Early Modern Philosophy and Metaphysics. I also teach an interdisciplinary first-year seminar on forgiveness and reconciliation.

My pedagogy puts the community of philosophers in center stage. I am constantly on the lookout for methods that will not only develop excellent philosophical thinking in individual students but will also develop a friendly but intellectually-challenging community of philosophers here at Skidmore. In particular, I teach the history of philosophy in a way that is designed to prompt humility (which leads us to question of ourselves), teanacity (which leads us to question others), and grace (a certain generosity that comes from recognizing that the work of philosophy is hard and our vision is limited).

Details of my research and teaching is provided below.


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Edited Volumes

New Essays on Leibniz's Theodicy, co-edited with Samuel Newlands (Oxford University Press, in press).


Metaphysics and the Good: Themes from the Philosophy of Robert Merrihew Adams, eds. Samuel Newlands and Larry M. Jorgensen (Oxford University Press, January2009).

Book Reviews

"Review of Shelley Weinberg’s Consciousness in Locke (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016), Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews (2016).

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Work In Progress:
Book Project: Leibniz's Naturalized Theory of Mind (under contract with Oxford University Press)

"Leibniz on the Appearance of the Self"

Teaching Resources:
Leibniz's Theodicy: Syllabus and Reading Guide (pdf file; 1 MB)
(Note: this guide is designed to be printed double-sided.)


Larry M. Jorgensen Printables:

When my daughter was 9 years old, she told me thatthe very best websites (pbskids.org, crayola.com, etc.) have printables, and so she recommended that I post some printables on my website. Enjoy!

dragon map 1. The Dragon Trainer's Guide to Skidmore's North Woods

Great for your kid's dragon-themed birthday party--just let them loose in the North Woods with a compass and a map!

little_mind 2. The Little Mind that Could

sophrosyne 3. "Here's Lookin' at You, Kid!" (a.k.a., "My Daughter's Eyes")

Plato's Cave 4. Plato's Cave Coloring Page


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