"Can Literature Save the Environment?"



If we accept as a working assumption for our seminar that in ways small and large, obcious and unexpected, literature can save the environment, can we test this assumption? What does the role of literature on the environment look like on the local, community level? To answer this question, we will undertake a seminar project of interviewing members of the non-Skidmore, Saratoga Springs community to learn how literature has impacted, inspired, or motivated their values and interaction with the environment. Working in pairs, you will be responsible for interviewing your subject, creating a multimedia page about your person, and presenting your person to the class.

Saratoga Springs Community Members
  Karen Totino, Owner, Green Conscience - Home & Garden
  Suzanne Carreker-Voigt, Market Coordinator, Saratoga Springs Farmers Market
  Rabbi Linda Motkin, Co-Rabbi, Temple Sinai, Saratoga Springs
  Jeff Olson, East Coast Principal, Alta Planning and Design
  Margo Olson, Executive Director, Wilton Wildlife Preserve and Park
  Joaane Yepsen, County Supervisor for Saratoga Springs at Saratoga County

This project will be staged through a sequence of activities that will guide you through the project and assure your steady progress throughout the semester:

Step One: Learning Digication, the computer program for the project.
Activity: Create a personal profile page introducing yourself to the class for the context of the seminar theme.

Step Two: Researching your interview subject.
Activity: Conduct an internet search to collect relevant background information about your subject. Submit your findings as a bulleted "fact sheet" about the person.

Step Three: Formulating interview questions.
Activity: Present two lists of questions: the first, questions that we might want to ask of all subjects; the second, specific questions for your subject.

Step Four: Creating your multimedia presentation (texts, images, video).
Activity: Compose a working draft of your multimedia page on your subject.

Step Five: Revising your presentation.
Activity: Peer critiques, conferences with seminar leader, feedback from interview subject

Step Six: Presentation and submission.