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Standards and Expectations/
Writing--In-The-Disciplines Workshop:

Creating Writing-In-The-Disciplines Websites

June 12-June 16, 2000

Writing Expectations
Discipline-specific characteristics
Grading and Assessment Rubrics
Departmental Writing Pages

Expections for First-Year Writing

Workshop Draft (12-13 June 2000)

  1. Seriousness of purpose (seriousness of effort, thoughtfulness)
  2. Understanding of and defining key terms
  3. Thesis statement: readily apparent
  4. An argument
  5. Structure (logical organization)
  6. Transitions
  7. Internal Consistency
  8. Responds to the purpose(s) of the assignment
  9. Evidence:

  10. What constitutes reliable evidence?
    Selectivity of evidence
    Critical consideration of evidence
  11. Appropriate use of quotations (and data):

  12. Integrated into student's text
    Used for a meaningful purpose

    Used to support generalizations or assertions
  13. Documentation of Sources:

  14. Correct citation and documentation format
    Accurate documentation for web sources
    Critical consideration of sources
  15. Closure:

  16. Affirming thesis
    Conclusiveness, not just withering away
  17. Audience: who is the audience? How does writer convey his/her sense of audience
  18. Clear sentence structure:

  19. Grammatically correct
    Correct Punctuation
    Correct Mechanics

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