Skidmore College

Standards and Expectations/
Writing--In-The-Disciplines Workshop:

Creating Writing-In-The-Disciplines Websites

June 12-June 16, 2000

Writing Expectations
Discipline-specific characteristics
Grading and Assessment Rubrics
Departmental Writing Pages

Grading and Assessment Rubrics

The Expository Writing Program Outcomes Assessment Evaluation Grid (Spring 2000)

EN 105 Writing Seminar II Criteria for Grading (Prof. Mason Stokes)

History 107 Evaluation Rubric (Prof. Tad Kuroda, Spring 2000)

Music Cultures of the World (MU 208, Prof. Gordon Thompson)

Checklist for Modern Philosophy Papers (Prof. Summa Rajiva)

Johns Hopkins University Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth Center for Talented Youth (Draft 8/99): Checklist of writing qualities for expository writing papers




For Information on this Workshop please contact Michael Marx, Director of Writing-Across-The-Curriculum (