DIRECTIONS: Edit the following four sentences to correct faulty parallelism.

1.  The system has capabilities such as communicating with other computers, processing records, and mathematical functions.

2.  Nolan helped by cutting the grass, trimming shrubs, mulching flowerbeds, and leaf clean-up.

3.  How ideal it seems to raise a family here in Winnebago instead of the air-polluted suburbs.

4.  Michiko told the judge that she had been pulled out of a line of fast-moving traffic and of her perfect driving record.

DIRECTIONS: Combine or restructure the following sentences by subordinating minor ideas.  You must decide which ideas are minor because the sentences are given out of context.

5.  My grandfather has dramatic mood swings, and he was diagnosed as manic-depressive.

6.  The losing team was made up of superstars.  These superstars acted as isolated individuals on the court.

7.  We keep our use of insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides to a minimum.  We are concerned about the environment.

8.  The aides help the younger children with reading and math.  These are the children's weakest subjects.

9.  The first sky dive was from an altitude of 12,500 feet, and it was the most frightening experience of my life. 

DIRECTIONS: In each of the following sentences, the idea that the writer wished to emphasize is buried in a subordinate construction.  Restructure each sentence so that the independent clause expresses the major idea and lesser ideas are subordinated.

10.  We experienced a routine morning at the clinic until an infant in cardiac arrest arrived by ambulance. [Emphasize the arrival of the infant.]

11.  My 1969 Camero, which is no longer street legal, is an original SS396. [Emphasize the fact that the car is no longer street legal.]

12.  Although native Hawaiians try to preserve their ancestors' sacred customs, outsiders have forced changes on them. [Emphasize the Hawaiians' attempt to preserve their customs.]

13.  Sophia's country kitchen, which overlooks a field where horses and cattle graze among old tombstones, was formerly a lean-to-porch. [Emphasize that the kitchen overlooks the field.]

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