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AMC Eagle Registry

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Selected Comments

    “It is the only vehicle I’ve ever had. I love everything about it. In fact, it is very possible I’m going to buy a 1988 model in the near future and let my youngest brother enjoy my beast for a while.”

    “Found in New York, only 54K. Restored, painted. Runs great, Four wheel drive system excellent. All I need now is stock wheel covers, and maybe a decal or two, and I’m set. Wouldn’t mind some fog lights, too. But for now, it’s great. I had a Kammback when I was younger; wish I could find that one.”

    “Original a/c removed due to new engine, lifted, big Jeep wheels, Porsche 911 front seats, rear wiper/washer.”

    “Don’t get me wrong. I love all the Eagles I see. But honestly, my 1984 4-door sedan is about the prettiest of them all. The lines are just beautiful. The rear window treatment and raised trunk lid not only look tough, but create a huge trunk space. It’s a great commuter, and a fantastic ski car. Just wait ’til I get some fresh Wranglers for it...”

    “Who will work on these cars????”

    “It has a set of halogen off-road lights on the roof, two sets of fog lights on top of the bumper, one set of compact lights under the bumper and an auxiliary backup light on the rear for those ‘Whoops, I gotta back up for a mile to get out’ night romps in the woods. I live in Canada, so my Eagle wagon has 307,000 Kms on it, and still going strong. Other buildups include a K&N supercharger filter, a high-power coil and free-flow exhaust; does it ever growl when you beat souped-up Civics and VWs at a stop light or trudging through half a foot of snow or more. Planned for my shaggin’ wagon is a slight lift, approx. 2”, along with a set of larger tires with a fuel injection kit to feed the not-so-hungary beast. My machine gets almost as good milage on gas as my ’88 K car!! Got lift ideas? E-mail

    “This vehicle is far from stock. It has numerous mods to the engine (for torque), built 904 trans with low stall converter, Dana 300 transfer case, Dana 44 F&R diffs with 4.89-1 gears, Lock-Rite Lockers F&R, 4 wheel disk brakes, Full custom tubular frame (doubles as air tank) with receiver hole for tow hook, portable winch, etc., on-board air compressor & large tank (frame), 33” tires, Custom tie rod & drag link with Heim Joints, Dropped pittman arm, and other custom mods. This vehicle has successfully completed the roughest trails known in California. I also have an 82 Limited wagon with similar treatments. I am a member of Victor Valley 4 Wheelers, and have a lot of fun building & ‘wheeling’ my Eagles. Anyone is welcome to e-mail me at with any questions.”

    “This is my second Eagle; the first was a 1980 full-time 4WD. Better than trucks in the winter. My present ’86, bought in ’97, had 56,000 original miles. No rust whatsoever. And one owner. Believe this? It’s true. And I paid $1,000 for it. I have raised it two inches and added 215x15 Wranglers. Would like info on any transfer cases/transmissions that would fit with a high/low range in it. Email me at The best 4x4 ever built for snow!!!”

    “I personally plan to install a 1973 Hornet hatchback grille to the front of the car to provide more definition and perception, and I plan to install a 1974 AMC 401 Javelin motor along with all other relative components to produce a machine that can go anywhere with tremendous power.”

    “Henrietta likes to take her baths in the mud. I would sell my wife to the government for this car...”

    “I learned how to drive on my parents’ Eagle and took it to college with me when I left home. It’s pulled all of my friends out of ditches and survived a collision with a plow truck at 35 mph, suffering only body damage. Now it’s plastered with stickers and equipped with defensive arms (it shoots windshield wiper fluid over the car and onto tailgaters behind me).
    “It’s nicknamed The Beast because it’s unstoppable. Except when it breaks down, in which case it’s un-startable, hee hee. But I love it anyway, especially when everyone stares at me as it makes strange rattling noises. It’s presently held together by bolts and taillight repair tape, but it has more character than any other car I’ve seen.”

    “The AMC Eagle is the sweetest ride of all time! Mine is in great shape. I plan to give it a touch-up paint to keep it shiny next summer. If it ever needs a rebuild, a hot cam, bore and turbo are all going in. :) ”

    “I bought this beast used at 130,000 miles. It weighs more than my Astro van. But whether new or used, this is the best vehicle I have ever and probably will ever own. The Buffalo winters are nothing to this thing. As a firefighter, this baby has got me anywhere I need to go no matter what is in front of me. Not to mention the guy who sold it to me gave a whole garage full of parts just in case I actually need it.”

    “One Mean Machine! No need for studded tires on this thing. This part of the country is famous for putting cars in ditches; my Eagle pulls them out with ease. 140,000 miles and going strong!”

    “I bought this car new and drove it for 12 years in Africa and the Middle East, where I was assigned in the U.S. foreign aid program. The car has about 68,000 miles. I recently had it repainted its original color.”

    “I’ll keep my ’82 eagle 4x4 till it dies. 2 inch lift, custom side exhaust straight pipe, chrome hubs, $650 sound system, with many other little extras, gets attention anywhere I go.”

    “My Eagle is used for off-road fun. Modifications include 2 inches of lift, 31x10.5 mud kings (modified fender wells), ‘spooled’ rear differential (welded spider gears), rancho shocks, two-speed transfer case (ID tag is missing — I believe it to be a NP 219) with a 2.71 low range, custom snorkel that raises engine air intake to roof height, full engine/ignition waterproofing, roof-mounted full size spare, high-lift jack, ax and shovel, modified a/c compressor to run air tools and air up tires, and a ridiculous inventory of tools and spare parts. Cosmetic modifications include brushguard, large sunroof with soft top, roof- and brushguard-mounted lights, BMW seats, Grant steering wheel and flat green paint.
    “It gets a lot of looks on the trails — people in Jeeps and pickups can’t believe a station wagon performs so well. It will climb any hill it has traction on, will go through water over hood depth, and has rescued its share of full-size trucks from the mud. I love swapping info and interesting stories; anyone may feel free to e-mail me.” (Scott Probert,

    “This thing has dragged an F-super duty diesel sideways in a blizzard. I’ve added everything from digital dash to 31-inch mud tires and a 6-inch lift ... it’ll break 123 mph on interstate and climb a 4 foot boulder. what more could you ask for really? It’s also survived several crashes with few dents and totaled one Honda without a scratch. Mine is named The Beast. Also added Jacobs ignition, Holley carb, pushbar and loads of chain ... DB, BF Goodyear radial mud tires, KC lights, and 1,000 lbs. of tools and spare parts ... and fully loaded it’ll climb Mount Washington without breathing hard. Anyone out there got a decked-out Eagle like this? It also hates running when it’s cold.”

    “Mint condition luxo wagon, slightly saggy rear, 80,000 miles on it and lousy tires, and it still rocks. I’d drive one of these things through Hell and know I’ll just have to dust off the soot when I clear the far side ... My built-up SX4 is absolutely indestructible. Give one of these things, a good set of truck tires and look out!!!!! It’s the ultimate urban combat vehicle ... I’d own more than 2 of em if I only had the space for a bigger herd.”

    “This is the only car I’ve ever owned that can outperform my dad’s 88 Bronco in 6 inches of snow!!!!! Nuclear weapons might not even stop this car. Best investment I ever made.”

    “I love this car! With 272,xxx miles, it still runs well. The engine is smooth and quiet, the transmission is great. The coolest part of the car is its color/trim combo. The exterior is Brandywine Metallic with two gold pinstripes and woodgrain paneling. On top of that, the interior is pumpkin orange vinyl with orange/brown plaid linen seat centers. The car is not only top quality inside and out, but it looks great. I love this car.”

    “Eagles in a good state are hard to find in Switzerland. But I found a very beautiful Eagle, a brown limited ’83. I love this car. Unfortunately the Eagle doesn’t really fit on Swiss streets, and I absolutely want to drive in the USA once in my life. But anyway, it’s the most amazing car ever built. I still envy your highways...”

    “This car is one hell of a beast. It has over 400,000 miles on and can still blow a ’93 Ford Ranger away! You could put a bomb next to this car, blow it up, then after you get in and dust off the dash, drive off like nothing ever happened — this car has balls! This car is completely indestructible. There is nothing this car cannot do. It can take terraces in pastures with stride. Since ’85 this car has been made a low rider — just from age. This car is a beast — literally, it is the bomb!!!!!!”

    “This car is in SERIOUS need of work (mostly suspension). Donations are cheerfully accepted ;) ”

    “Buying an Eagle was a way to have a last vestige of AMC. It’s got the 258 six that is the same basic design as the 232 that was in my parents’ ’67 Rambler Rebel and the 199 that was in my ’69 Rambler. Cruise control makes it a good road trip car, and 4WD is good for winter.”

    “I will love this car till death. Pretty soon it is getting a Chrysler 360 and modified torqueflight 727 trans along with an 8¾” rear. I’ll be the only one in the area with an Eagle that could blow the doors off of a Camaro or Mustang!”

    “My Eagle has new paint on lower doors, new metal in rockers, one-inch rear lift blocks, CB, glass pack muffler (no cat), Hurst shifter, ’72 Carter 2-barrel carb, Accel Super Stock coil, 8.8 mm coil wire. Fastest stock 258 in the Northeast.”

    “Greatest winter car I’ve ever owned — 6 inches of snow on the road at midnight, street tyres, mountain road. On the road all the way!!!”

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