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Farmers market to Travelodge
6.3 miles, 15+ minutes

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This route passes through a lot of traffic lights, but the navigation is extremely simple, making it suitable for individual riders or small groups returning to the hotel at their convenience.

StartrightRoute 32N42° 41.685'W73° 43.323'
(0-1)leftRoute 32N42° 43.372'W73° 42.057'
(0-2)rightRoute 32N42° 43.403'W73° 42.207'
(0-3)leftRoute 2N42° 43.804'W73° 42.093'
(0-4)rightOld Loudon RoadN42° 44.820'W73° 45.544'
FinishlefthotelN42° 45.028'W73° 45.458'

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