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Welcome to the network home page. This site provides information and other help on using the Skidmore campus network and the Mathematics and Computer Science (MCS) networks and lab.

The Skidmore Lan pages provide help in connecting to the Skidmore campus LAN and includes information and links to help users understand the LAN and how to use it. Many of the resources (e.g. the campus mail server) found on the LAN require a valid user account. See the Skidmore Help Desk (4th floor, library) for more information.

The MCS networks are used by students enrolled in mathematics and/or computer science courses and by faculty of the Department. The primary network, MCS1, is located on the CITS7 server and provides most of the resources needed by students in the Department's courses. This is also the place to retrieve handouts from professors and to submit files (assignments, projects, etc.). MCS2 is the new departmental Linux server used by students in advanced courses. Special user accounts are needed to access it.

The MCS Lab is located on the second floor of Harder Hall, across from the bathrooms. Many of the Mathematics and Computer Science courses use the lab during the day for class sessions, hence the lab is reserved during these periods. See the sign on the lab door for a list of reserved times. During open periods the lab is available to students who need to use the applications available on these PCs. Note that these computers do not have many of the general applications, such as word processors, available. The lab is used to support the Mathematics and Computer Science program, and students in need of these general applications should use one of the other public access clusters. Tutors representing the Department are often available in the lab for help sessions.