EC 104 Introduction to Microeconomics

Short Videos: Diagrams for Introduction to Microeconomics

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Chapter 5: Consumer and Producer Surplus | Price Ceiling

Chapter 6: Elasticity | Elasticity and Total Revenue | Demand Curve and Total Revenue | Elasticity along Demand Curve

Chatper 7: Excise tax on Consumer versus Producer | Incidence of Taxation | Tax Revenue and Elasticity | Taxes, Elasticity and Deadweight Loss | Proportional vs. Progressive Taxes

Chapter 8: Imports and Exports | Tariffs on Imports | Tariffs and Deadweight Loss

Chapter 10: Total and Marginal Utility | Consumption Possibilities | Maximizing Total Utility | Utility Maximization | Deriving a Demand Curve

Chapter 12: Competitive Firm

Chapter 13: Monopoly | Natural Monopoly | Competition vs. Monoply

Chapter 14: Oligopoly Game Theory | Chapter 15: Monopolistic Competition: Output | Comparison with Perfect Competition |

Chapter 16: Externalities | Chapter 17: Public Goods | Chapter 18: Risk and Insurance | Relative Risk Aversion |

Chapter 19: Hiring Workers


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