VIDEO ArcGIS Tutorials (mp4 format)

01 Starting and Navigating in ArcMap | 02 Mapping Attributes
| 03a Adding and Creating a new field | 03b Creating and calculating a new field (e.g., population change)

04a Joining an Excel File | 04b Joining when the key fields are different types

| 05 Clipping a Shape File | 06 Creating a Map Layout | 07 Labels and Attributes | 08 Creating an Inset Map

09 Spatial (Containment) Joining and Dissolving | 10a Spatial (Proximity) Join | 10b Watershed Spatial Join and Dissolve |

11a Georeferencing a Woodlawn map | 11b Adding and Grouping Air Photos to Maps | 12 Creating Points, Lines or Polygon Files |

| 13 Georeference an Historic Town Map |

14 Editing (moving) points | 15 Population within a Polygon | 16 DEM Analysis | 16b Find Lowest Point on a Trail | 17 Projections in ArcGIS | 18 Land Cover Change | 19 Working with LiDAR |

20a Geocoding Basic | 20b Geocoding Advanced (Crime Analysis) | 21 Natural Features and Early Settlements |




VIDEO GPS Turorials

Getting Started with Garmin GPS Unit | Setting and Finding (GOTO) Waypoints | Using Tracks |

Downloading Tracks and Waypoints from a GPS Unit

Relaxing with the Waterfall at Indian Spring in the North Woods

Other Video Tutorials

Downloading shape files and data from the Census Bureau | | Joining Raw Data from the Web | | Creating a Point file from a Polygon | Create a Buffer |

Creating an Arc Reader pmf file | Matching Photos to Waypoints |


Photo Tour

Northern Lands Photo Tour (11 minutes)