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Member Profiles

Linda Amerling Scull '59Linda Amerling Scull '59

Linda describes herself as a proud member of the class of 1959. At Skidmore she met many great friends with whom she is still in touch. During her time here, she dated her now-husband Pete, who attended Colgate. They have now been married almost 54 years!

Linda has three girls: two attended Colgate and one went to St. Lawrence. Together, they gave Linda seven wonderful grandsons, several who also attended Colgate, St. Lawrence, NYU, and SMU. Along with raising children, Linda established and managed a real estate company in Darien, Connecticut, with three other partners. For 20 years her Skidmore degree helped cement new connections.

"I am proud to be a member of the 1903 society and think it's a great idea for those of us who may not be ‘big givers’ but think enough of Skidmore to give every year. I am all for scholarship giving, and it's just a nice feeling to know that you think of your alma mater every year!"

Chris Leader Hoffmeister '67

Chris Leader Hoffmeister '67

When she was a student, Chris lived on the Scribner campus for two years, in a Saratoga Springs motel for one semester, and then she transitioned to living on the current campus on North Broadway. 

Of her experience she says, "Skidmore definitely taught me the value of being flexible! It also taught me to be open to new opportunities. In the classroom I learned to question ideas that might be different from mine, but to understand the value of looking at things from another perspective. My liberal arts Skidmore education has served me well!" Happily married for almost 48 years, her primary career was raising two children, and she also put her Skidmore degree to work in public relations for a number of years.

Chris gives to Skidmore because she values her Skidmore experience and views giving as a way to say "thank you." She also knows that her loyal giving enhances the educational environment for current Skidmore students.

"Skidmore's 1903 Society shows me that the college values a loyal alumni giver, no matter how large or small the donation. Loyalty translates as an appreciation for the education we received at Skidmore, a first-rate liberal arts college."

Kristen Poth Palma '94

Kristen Poth Palma '94

Graduating from Skidmore with a degree in psychology, Kristen went on to earn a master's in international and public affairs from Columbia University. She has worked in public service her entire career, specifically in victim witness advocacy and youth development. Most recently, she founded TargetCancer Foundation with her husband, Paul Poth, after his rare-cancer diagnosis. TargetCancer’s mission is to fund innovative research on rare cancers so that lifesaving treatments can be developed.

Kristen’s passion is eliminating cancer. She also cares deeply for Skidmore. "I give to the Skidmore Fund because I feel strongly about giving back to a place that means so much to me—a place that shaped me during such formative years and prepared me to enter adulthood as a strong, independent and creative thinker. The relationships formed during those years with both professors and peers taught me lessons that continue to influence me today. I am also grateful for the unique exposure to the arts, science, foreign language and government. I was able to benefit and learn from exceptional scholars in all of these disciplines and have integrated their knowledge and expertise into my future career choices."

"Being a member of the 1903 Society means that I can commit to and be a participant in strengthening Skidmore's future. I am grateful to be able to contribute each year and to play a small role in Skidmore’s progress. I hope that fellow alumni will join me in being a part of the amazing progress and growth that is taking place at Skidmore by committing to giving every year. It is an effective and meaningful way to stay connected to such a special place!"

John Rodzvilla '00

John Rodzvilla '97 and Michelle McCauley '97

John and Michelle met at Skidmore, and after graduation they moved to Boston and became booksellers. From there they started working in different parts of publishing. John worked full-time in editorial and sales, while Michelle did freelance work. After about a decade, John left publishing and started working in a library while pursuing a degree in library science. Michelle was working full-time in production for the publisher Wiley. John also started teaching at Emerson College. After John completed graduate school, he was hired full-time to teach undergraduate and graduate classes in digital publishing at Emerson College in one of the few programs in the nation dedicated to teaching book and magazine publishing.

Michelle McCauley '97

Skidmore prepared them for their jobs by allowing them the ability to explore different fields. Between the classes and the clubs, they were prepared for a career that had a few twists and turns. John says, "The research skills and breadth of knowledge I received from my undergrad experience allowed me to deal with a changing market."

John and Michelle give because "Skidmore was where we met. It also gave us four years of good memories and experiences we use every day. I rely on classroom experiences at Skidmore as a basis for exercises for my students." They also give to provide an environment that allows future generations of students to explore how creativity can be applied to all the liberal arts and sciences.

Being a part of the 1903 Society is "a reminder that we are still part of the Skidmore community, and Skidmore recognizes out involvement. It means the school recognizes us as more than anonymous alumni who donate. Annual giving is important for all colleges. I've seen how much annual contributions, no matter how small, can help a school. Plus, this is one of the few contributions that has a deeply personal connection."