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CTM Photo and Video Contests

The CTM photo and video contests will recognize outstanding contributions toward chronicling the meaning of "Creative Thought Matters" within the Skidmore community. Photographs provide a moment-in-time view of campus life and activity, while videos offer a rounded presentation of a larger experience. Eligibility is based on the posted rules for each contest.

CTM Photo Contest

photoNot only is there an amazing amount of creativity apparent at Skidmore, but there are groups and individuals using their creative thinking to make a difference, solve problems, and make creativity matter. The 2011 contest theme is "Show Us Your Skidmore"—send us photographs of what that means to you and, if you do it well, fame and fortune are yours.

There are prizes different categories, including a Facebook fan favorite. Read the official rules for more information on photo formats and entry requirements and get clicking!

Skidmore Video Contest

videoAre you a videographer or filmmaker? Are you interested in showcasing the Skidmore experience in a way that will excite potential students? We are looking for the most creative and compelling tours of campus, as well as "Show Us Your Skidmore" videos.

The Skidmore Video Contest is open only to currently enrolled Skidmore students. Read the contest rules and other information on the Video Contest website.