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What is an ePortfolio? An ePortfolio is a way for students and faculty to showcase their work in an online format. The owner of the ePortfolio can control who has access to see it and in some cases can create different views of what people can view. An ePortfolio can serve as an archive for learning, achievement and reflection. For more information, refer to this video, e-portfolios for starters. Academic Technologies supports a few different approaches to creating your own electronic portfolio. 

Digication - We are wrapping up the first year of a two year pilot of the Digication ePortfolio. Click here to see examples of Skidmore portfolios created in Digication.

WordPress - WordPress can also be used as an ePortfolio. Click here for an example.

Blackboard - Though rather limited, we do have faculty who use Blackboard as an ePortfolio for tenure and review purposes.