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Surveys: SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics

PLEASE NOTE: We are in the process of moving our surveys from SurveyMonkey to a campus wide license for Qualtrics. 

Our SurveyMonkey accounts will begin to expire on October 19,2014 and the process will continue through April 8, 2015. Please contact Academic Technologies if you have concerns regarding disruption in service. We will be creating all new surveys in Qualtrics beginning September 2014.

What you need to know about using Qualtrics:

Faculty, Staff, and Students have instant access to create surveys in Qualtrics as long as they are enrolled in courses or employed by the college. Here are a few important things you should know. 

Logging into your Qualtrics account:

1. Open up a web browser, type in, and log in with your Skidmore username and password. (This is the same account that you use to access your email.) You should see the following screen:

shibboleth qualtrics

2. The first time you login to Qualtrics, you will see the following screen. Click the button that says "I don't have a Qualtrics account." This will create your Skidmore Qualtrics account. (If you are coming from another institution, or you have a personal Qualtrics account that is expiring, select the other option.)

qualtrics first login

3. Read the "Terms of Service" that will appear, and if you agree to those terms, click on the "I accept" button down at the lower right of the Terms of Service screen.

4. For online training videos and help, click on the "Help and Tutorials" icon located near the top right of your Qualtrics screen:

qualtrics help



For Help Using Qualtrics

There are a number of helpful resources you can refer to on your on time to learn how to make Qualtrics work for you: 

Qualtrics University - Search by topic on what you would like to learn.

Learn Qualtrics in 5 Easy Steps - Prerecorded training videos (Basic Building, Advanced Building, Anonymous Distribution, Identifying Distribution, and Reporting)

Contact Qualtrics  - Here you will find contact numbers to call Qualtrics directly if you have questions related to functionality within the product.

For additional questions, please submit a Help Desk ticket.