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Skidmore College
Student Academic Services

Application and Hiring Forms for Tutors

Peer tutors support students in the learning process in collaboration with faculty and Student Academic Services.

Peer Tutor Application

To start the process of becoming an individual peer tutor or drop-in tutor, please complete the application, attend the selected workshop, and complete the appropriate hiring documents.

Peer Tutor Responsibilities

As a peer tutor, you must know and agree to the Skidmore Honor Code and attached guidelines.  

Hiring Documents

Necessary documents to support your peer tutor application and position. Completed forms can be turned in to the Office of Financial Aid located in the lower level of Starbuck Center.  

The I-9 Form verifies both identity and eligibility for employment. To complete the I-9, a student must present identification documents. Some of the most common forms of identification used by students are driver's license, Skidmore College ID card, or passport, along with social security card or birth certificate. (A complete list can be found on the I-9 form.) Students need to complete Section 1 only, making sure to sign and date. This form needs to be completed one time only, before a student can be hired for employment on campus. There will be no exceptions. This form cannot be submitted electronically—it must be submitted to the Financial Aid Office in person along with supporting identification documents.

These forms need to be completed each academic year:

Wage Theft Protection Act Form: All employees are required to complete and receive a copy of the form as a notification of pay rates, pay dates, and wage statements. A form needs to be completed for each job a student is hired for.

W4 Form: Determines the amount of federal income tax deducted from your paycheck. Please use your legal address, be sure to complete sections 1–7, and remember to sign and date the form.

IT2104 Form(New York State Tax Withholding Form) or the IT2104E Form (New York State Tax Exempt From Withholding Form) determines the amount of New York State income tax deducted from your paycheck. Please use your legal address and remember to sign and date the form. Note: The student employee is to determine which form he/she needs to complete. Guidelines are on each form.
Skidmore College Direct Deposit: Beginning with the fall of 2012, the College will not offer an option to deposit pay-related earnings for student employees on the Skidmore ID declining balance card. The most effective and safest way to receive payroll earnings is via direct deposit into a bank or credit union checking or savings account. Through access via a secure website, employees will be able to view Statement of Earnings information online, including both current and past gross pay, tax, voluntary deduction, and net pay information by pay period.  

If you already have an established bank account, simply complete the Direct Deposit Form to complete the process. If a bank account is not yet set up, most banks have programs to accept direct deposit. To set up an account close to campus, the College has arranged with two local institutions to work with students, Adirondack Trust Company and SEFCU.