Journal of the Society for Asian Music
Volume 17, Number 1     Fall/Winter 1985/1986


Schuyler, Philip D. Introduction from the Guest Editor 1
al Faruqi, Lois Ibsen Music, Musicians and Muslim Law 3
Denny, Walter Music and Musicians in Islamic Art 37
Sawa, George Dimitri The Status and Roles of the Secular Musicians in the Kitab Al-Aghani (Book of Songs) of Abu Al-Faraj Al-Isbahani (D. 356 A.H./967 A.D.) 69
Racy, Ali Jihad Music and Dance in Lebanese Folk Proverbs 83
Neuman, Daniel M. Indian Music as a Cultural System 98
Schuyler, Philip D. The Rwais and the Zawia: Professional Musicians and the Rural Religious Elite in Southwestern Morocco 114
Sakata, Hiromi Lorraine Musicians Who Do Not Perform; Performers Who Are Not Musicians: Indigenous Concepts of Being an Afghan Musician 132
El-Shawan, Salwa Western Music and its Practitioners in Egypt (CA. 1825-1985): The Integration of a New Musical Tradition in a Changing Environment 144
  Book Reviews  
  Bonnie C. Wade. Khyal 154
Clark, Susan Constantin Brailoiu. Problems of Ethnomusicology 161
  Announcements 168

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