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Skidmore College
Academics at Skidmore


All academic honors and memberships are subject to Skidmore’s Honor Code; thus eligibility for honors requires a clear academic integrity record.

Dean’s List

The Dean’s List term honors are computed for the fall and spring semesters as of the established date for submitting semester grades.

Honors are awarded to each matriculated student who satisfactorily completes at least 14 semester hours of credit by the regular grading deadline and who achieves a 3.650 GPA for that semester. (A grade of Incomplete, which temporarily places the credits earned below 14, makes the student ineligible for the Dean’s List, even if the Incomplete is resolved successfully.) (GPA calculations are made to three decimal points.)

Graduation Honors

College Honors: Seniors with distinguished academic records may graduate cum laude (3.400–3.669 GPA), magna cum laude (3.670–3.799 GPA), or summa cum laude (3.800–4.000 GPA) upon the recommendation of the Committee on Academic Standing and with the approval of the faculty.

Beginning with the Class of 2014, the following criteria will apply: cum laude (3.650–3.749 GPA), magna cum laude (3.750–3.899 GPA), and summa cum laude (3.900–4.000 GPA).

Departmental Honors will be awarded to any student who graduates from Skidmore after no fewer than three semesters and who meets the following conditions: unless otherwise specified by the department or program, a GPA of 3.500 or higher for all work in the major; the completion of any other academic criteria established by the department and described in the Catalog; a GPA of 3.000 or higher based on all work taken at Skidmore; a favorable recommendation by the department; and approval by the faculty upon recommendation by CAS. 

Double majors must meet the above criteria for each of the majors. (The student may earn Departmental Honors in one, both, or neither major.)

These criteria also apply to interdepartmental and to self-determined majors. The 3.500 or higher GPA applies to the interdepartmental course work considered as a whole.

Periclean Honors Forum: Seniors will graduate as members of the Periclean Honors Forum if they have a GPA of 3.500 (with no two consecutive semesters of a GPA below 3.500); demonstrated exemplary academic and social integrity; completed a minimum of three Honors Forum courses, or a total of 7 Honors Forum credits, by the end of the junior year, and a senior-year capstone experience; and completed an approved Citizenship Project before the end of the junior year. The Periclean Honors Forum administers the Periclean Scholar Awards, recognizing outstanding senior projects from the entire senior class (not just Periclean Honors Forum students).

Departmental Honors (for full listing consult the College Catalog)