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Academics at Skidmore

How to Submit a Lecture

Members of the Skidmore College community are invited to submit information about upcoming Skidmore academic lectures, named lectures and faculty panels to Please include: 

  • Name of lecture.
  • Date and time.
  • Zoom/RSVP link.
  • A brief description (75 words or less)
  • Image (If available - minimum: 600px X 600px. Please confirm that Skidmore College has permission to use the image if coming from a third party).
  • Link to lecture webpage (If available).
  • Please submit all information indicated above together in a single email. 

Information about submitted lectures will then be compiled and featured on this webpage.

Information submitted will also be used to populate a special section in the Skidmore Weekly Bulletin. Each week, Bulletin will feature a brief description of lectures that will be held in the immediate week ahead, as well as a link to the full Lectures webpage, where individuals can find additional details about all upcoming lectures.   

Departments and programs are also encouraged to submit their lectures to the Master Calendar via the Scheduling Office. Additional information available here. Lectures submitted in this manner also populate the news and events webpage.   

Information about other events or talks should be shared with swb@skidmore.eduand will be included in the announcements section each week. Faculty and staff may also wish to submit to the Master Calendar.