Welcome new students!

Joining the Skidmore Orchestra is an easy process. You simply play a live audition for the conductor (Professor Holland). The audition has three parts:

• playing one or two prepared excerpts [about 6 minutes of music total], one excerpt which shows off your technical abilities (fast notes) and another which shows your more lyrical abilities (sustained slower notes, especially in various ranges). The most important part is that you prepare in advance for this. The occasional wrong note is not important in this audition. The most important thing is the overall level of playing you demonstrate.

• sight-reading a brief orchestral excerpt

• playing scales: you might be asked to play a few major and minor scales. If you are a little rusty on your scales, this is a good time to practice up a bit. Scales are not essential for passing the audition, but it doesn't hurt if you are fluent in them.

If you are thinking of auditioning for the orchestra, please contact Professor Holland (518)587-6103 or via email: tholland@skidmore.edu; and request an audition date and time. Welcome one an all to the Skidmore College Orchestra!

Concertmaster Elisabeth Pierce (above left) lead the Skidmore Orchestra 2003-2006