Beatlemore Skidmania 2008
Eighth Annual Skidmore Beatles Concert
3 o'clock, Sunday 23 November 2008
The "White Album" Forty Years Later
A concert by Skidmore students and faculty celebrating the music of the Beatles
Jessica Taffet, Victoria Vitale, and Wylie Brown (guitar)
"If I Fell"


Daniel Papson (piano), Mike Kaplan (drums), & Kevin Strang (bass)
"Glass Onion"
"Hello Goodbye"

Lyle Divinsky (vocals and guitar) with Garrett Cook (guitar), Andrew Clinard (bass), and Mike Kaplan (drums)
"Yer Blues"

Mike Parker (bass), Zack Nicita (drums), Lucas Sanoff (vocal), Sam Cohen-Devries (piano)
"Rocky Raccoon"

Corey Zorn (piano)
"Rhapsody on the Themes from 'Happiness is a Warm Gun'"

David Susman (electric guitar), Matthew Awai (vocals), Jake Considine (bass), Eddie Meek (drums), and Corey Zorn (electric piano).
"I'm So Tired"

Max Resnik (rhythm guitar, vocals), Alex Dayan (lead guitar, vocals), Marshall Green (keyboards, vocals), Ben Curotto (bass, vocals), Bryce Klatsky (drums, vocals).
"Long, Long, Long"
"Cry Baby Cry"

Bandersnatchers: Tatsuya Adachi, Lyle Divinsky, Nick Curcio, Luke Santy, Matt Ungaro, Nate Kraus-Mallett, Ernie Getz, Taylor Strasburger, Jon Wan, Dominic Green

Nathan Terepka, Garrett Cook (guitar), Andrew Clinard (bass), Matt Kirby, Casey Baird
"Revolution 9" / "Why Don't We Do It in the Road"
"Everybody's Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey"

Luke Santy
"Good Night"
"Dear Prudence"

Joel Brown (guitar, vocals) and Dave Maswick (guitar, vocals)

Scott Sasso, Jake Nota (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Rock Positano (lead guitar), Andrew Stewart (drums).
"Helter Skelter"

Mike Comite (guitar, vocals), Jasper Guarnaccia (drums, vocals), Nate Morgan (bass, vocals), Jeremy Hogan (violin), Dave Folman (tenor sax), Aaron Wallace (baritone sax).
"Savoy Truffle"
"Ob-la-di Ob-la-da"

Accents: Alison Wiggins, Sarah Whalen, Sanyu Nagenda, Sarah Ely, Emily Spalding, Sarah Faude, Jennifer Rawson, Starry Krueger, Hannah Chatalbash, Anne Satinover, Courtney Spiller, Hilary Diefenbach, and Galen Koch
"Dear Prudence"

The Rust Brothers: John Anzalone (bass), Joel Brown (guitar, vocals), Dave Maswick (guitar, vocals), & Gordon Thompson (drums, vocals) with Tim Riley (piano).
"Revolution" with guests Tim Riley, Anni Satinover, Galen Koch, Hannah Chatalbash, and Hilary Diefenbach.
"Bungalow Bill" with guest Hillary Diefenbach
"While My Guitar Gently Weeps" with guests George Muscatello, Alexander Dayan, Zack Schwartz, Luke Santy

Così fan tutte (everybody)
"Hey Jude"
Sound Check
Poster by Martha Valentine
Edited 12-Sep-2014