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Expository Writing at Skidmore 
[ Expository Writing Requirement, EN 105: Writing Seminar II, Strategies for Writing-intensive courses, and more ]

The Skidmore Guide To Writing
[ Full Text Online, Index to The Skidmore Guide To Writing, Index for Commenting, The Guide and The Writing Process ]

Online Resources for Writers  
[ Guides for Evaluating Websites, Reference Books, Grammar and Style Guides, Libraries, and more ]

Departmental Guidelines for Writing Academic Papers
[ Summer 2000 Workshop: Creating WID Websites, Guidelines for Academic Papers, and more ]

The Ethics of Writing
The Ethics of Scholarship, Understanding Plagiarism, Copyright, and more ]

Designing Paper Topics 
[ Guidelines for Designing Assignments, Sequenced Paper Assignments, Key Terms for Questions and Paper Topics, Questions for Analyzing Paper Topics, and more ]

Commenting on Student Papers 
[ Strategies for Effective Commenting, Terms for responding to Student Writing, and more ]

Writing-Across-the-Curriculum Across the Country 
[ The WAC Clearinghouse, Writing Program Homepages, and more ]






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