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Skidmore College


Your Skidmore story starts now.

You shared stories of accomplishments and triumphs. We read and heard your inspirations, your dreams, your visions for yourself. And we came to an exciting conclusion: We believe in you. And for us, belief leads to more than just an acceptance — it’s an invitation.

You're invited ...

to begin the next chapter in your life story. What will it say? At a college where Creative Thought Matters, anything is possible.

While we believe Skidmore may be the school for you, we know you have a lot to consider. You’re invited to use this site as a starting point to answering and exploring the questions and opportunities you have ahead of you. We’ll be updating this area frequently, so be sure to check back often for the latest information. 

Above all, congratulations.

We’re so proud of you already.


We are so excited to welcome you to Skidmore College and have prepared this special video experience to replicate our Accepted Candidate Day — virtually. Simply click play on the welcome video below and navigate through this playlist via the button in the top right. Enjoy!




You’ll hear this a lot here: We’re a community that supports each other. We also share in your excitement for everything you can do and explore as a Skidmore student. With this in mind, you’re invited to hear from a few more people who can’t wait to welcome you.

video thumbnail
Student Affairs play
Cerri Banks
Dean of Students, Vice President for Student Affairs
(518) 580-5760 |
video thumbnail
Community Service & Support play
Michelle Hubbs
Director of Community Service
(518) 580-5784 |
video thumbnail
Dining Hall & Campus Meals play
Mark Miller
Director of Dining Services
(518) 580-8326 |
video thumbnail
Black Studies play
Winston Grady-Willis
Professor & Director of Black Studies
(518) 580-5014 |
play thumbnail
Thoroughbred Athletics play
Gail Cummings-Danson
Director of Athletics
(518) 580-5370 |
play thumbnail
Religious & Spiritual Life play
Parker Diggory
Director of Religious & Spiritual Life
(518) 580-8340 |
video thumbnail
Campus Life & Engagement play
Mariel Martin
Associate Dean of Student Affairs
(518) 580-8212 |
video thumbnail
Financial Aid play
Beth Post
Director of Financial Aid
(518) 580-5750 |
video thumbnail
Campus Safety & Security play
Tim Munro
Director of Campus Safety
(518) 580-5567 |
video thumbnail
Health & Wellness play
Julia Routbort
Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Health and Wellness
video thumbnail
Career Development Center Part 1 play
Kim Crabbe
Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Career Development Center
(518) 580-5798 |
video thumbnail
Career Development Center Part 2 play
Kim Crabbe
Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Career Development Center
(518) 580-5798 |
video thumbnail
Off-Campus Study & Exchanges play
Cori Filson
Director of Off-Campus Study & Exchanges
(518) 580-5355 |
video thumbnail
Student Academic Services play
Jamin Totino
Director of Student Academic Services
(518) 580-8152 |
video thumbnail
The Center play
A new center in the heart of campus that marks an evolution in cultural and community spaces.
video thumbnail
Sustainability play
Levi Rogers
Director of Sustainability
(518) 580-5884 |
video thumbnail
Res. Life and Student Conduct play
Ann Marie Przywara
Associate Dean of Student Affairs for Residential Life and Student Conduct
video thumbnail
First-Year Experience play
Amon Emeka
Director of First-Year Experience & Professor
(518) 580-8111 |

answers to questions both major and minor

Want to learn more about a department or program? Curious what’s involved in a major or minor? Not sure where to begin, but know you’d like to start with a person who cares? Below you’ll find the personal contact information for representatives from every academic department. Ask away.


Rebecca Krefting
(518) 580-8027
Kathryn Baustian
(518) 580-5419
Andrea Casey
(518) 580-8054
David Howson
(518) 580-8445
Mimi Hellman
(518) 580-5058
Benjamin Bogin
(518) 580-5278
Sylvia McDevitt
(518) 580-5076
Winston Grady-Willis
(518) 580-5014
Kelly Sheppard
(518) 580-5135
Michael Arnush
(518) 222-7986
Debra Fernandez
(518) 580-5377
Joerg Bibow
(518) 580-8303
Hope Casto
(518) 580-5149
Mason Stokes
(518) 580-5184
Kate Graney
(518) 580-5242
Amy Frappier
(518) 580-8371
Tillman Nechtman
(518) 580-5268
Mahesh Shankar
(518) 580-8426
Terri Kindl
(518) 580-5111
Kim Newsom
(518) 580-5280
Adam Tinkle
(518) 580-8068
Joel Brown
(518) 580-5320
Jennifer Bonner
(518) 580-5089
Pete Murray
(518) 580-5401
Javier Perez-Moreno
(518) 580-5122
Natalie Taylor
(518) 580-5243
Nicole Buck
(518) 580-5300
Eliza Kent
(518) 580-5405
Barbara Norelli
(518) 580-5513
Kelly Melekis
(518) 580-5451
John Brueggemann
(518) 580-5421
Viviana Rangil
(518) 580-5217
Sue Kessler
(518) 580-5430

I've enrolled. What's next?

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Key Dates and Deadlines

Be on the lookout for a letter explaining how to set up your Skidmore email. Important documents will be sent to you via this email address. In the meantime, you can click on each month below for key dates and deadlines.

May 1: Enrollment deadline (opens in mid-March)

May 5: Date by which email accounts MUST BE set-up or you'll miss May 6 email regarding Scribner Seminar selection, Academic Interest, Summer Advising, etc.

May 18: Deadline for FYE Scribner Seminars & academic interests preferences

May 18: Expository Writing Directed Self-Placement and Quantitative Reasoning Diagnostic Placement

June 1–June 22: Summer Advising

June 15: Deadline for Housing Questionnaire

June 15–July 15: Pre-Orientation registration open (optional)

June 15–July 15: Window/deadline for Skidmore College Installment Plan (SCIP) enrollment

June 23-24: Fall course registration opens

July 1–August 15: Window/deadline for Skidmore ID photo submission

July 24: Dining Services Survey due (emailed July 7)

August 1 (or earlier): Housing assignments emailed

August 1:Health Forms available

August 1: Health Insurance Forms (online enroll/waive form)

August 15: Deadline for Skidmore ID photo submission

August 15: Fall semester bill due/last day to enroll in installment payment plan (SCIP) 

Mid-August: Interest in Music Lessons/Ensembles Form Due

August 24: FYE London participants arrive

August 30: Deadline for Reflection and Projection (RAP) exercise

September 3: Pre-Orientation participants arrive

September 6: All remaining students arrive for New Student Orientation

September 9: Fall classes begin