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Skidmore College

BA in Psychology

  • To complete a major, students must take a minimum of ten courses in psychology. Included among the ten courses are the following required core: PS 101, PS 102, PS 202, and an Research Methods II course: PS 325, PS 303, PS 304, PS 305B, PS 314, PS 320, PS 330, PS 327. (For students in the Class of 2019 and beyond: the Research Methods II course must be completed by the end of the junior year.)
  • In addition to the Core, students must take three breadth elective courses.
  • Students must take three 300-level courses.
  • As they consider the choice of electives, students should consult the Psychology Department Web site and their advisors for information about potential pathways of interest through the major (Clinical, Developmental, Neuropsychology / Cognitive Neuroscience, Social/Personality).

For complete details on requirements for the major, please go here.

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About Psychology

Psychology offers students a foundation of concepts, issues, discoveries, and methods for the scientific study of the discipline, achieved in part through the exploration of a number of perspectives within the field, including cognitive, social, developmental, clinical, perceptual, and neuropsychological phenomena. As a major, you will gain an understanding of several areas of psychology in addition to the quantitative and research skills necessary to conduct psychological research. Facilities include three teaching and research lab spaces along with 14 individual faculty labs that support courses and faculty/student research. Our majors go onto professional lives in many fields including mental health, education, medicine, business, and law.

Interesting Classes I Might Take

  • Research Methods in Psychology I
  • Social Psychology
  • Introduction to Child Development
  • Neuropsychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Psycholinguistics

Beyond the Classroom

Recent faculty-student research projects: child development, positive psychology, potential anti-epileptic effects of cannabidiol, influence of specular highlights on human visual perception of 3D objects, terror management theory, hemispheric specialization for selective attentional and emotional processing, autonomy and controlled motivation orientations and their relation to interpersonal threat and defense, cognitive processes involved in normal skilled reading, biological basis of sexual attraction, motivation and courtship behavior, diversity and gender roles, mood and anxiety disorders, learning and language acquisition

Recent internships: Charlton School (residential treatment center for adolescent girls), Four Winds Psychiatric Hospital (children with mental illness), Prospect Center (children with autism spectrum disorders), Saratoga Bridges (adults with disabilities), and Adirondack Neuropsychological Associates (pediatric neuropsychological assessments)

Popular study-abroad programs: Danish Institute for Study Abroad, Copenhagen (Denmark); University of Melbourne (Australia); Skidmore in Spain: Madrid and Alcala (Spain), and Skidmore in Paris (France)

Recent theses: Emotional music and memory in Alzheimer's; promoting mental-health-treatment seeking in adolescents; role of episodic future thinking in imagination-inflation effects; implicit effects in pure Alexia; closure processes for faces displaying emotional expressions; influence of behavioral attributions on backlash against male elementary educators, and effect of gratitude and mortality salience on death thought accessibility

Success After Skidmore

Careers: A sampler of what our alumni do

  • Addictions social worker, St. Peters Hospital SPARC
  • Assistant professor of psychology, Seton Hall University
  • Attorney, EPA Region II
  • Biomedical sciences reference librarian, University of Chicago
  • Case worker, Presbyterian Hospital
  • Children’s service coordinator, Rutland Mental Health
  • Clinical data coordinator, Warner-Lambert
  • Clinical psychologist, Boston Veterans Administration Medical Center
  • Dance movement therapist, Rye, N.Y.
  • Dean of student life, Gould Academy
  • Director of development, Sanctuary for Families
  • Director of education, Efferen & Whittle
  • Director residential living, Catholic Charities Disabilities Services
  • End of life care researcher, Harborview Medical Center
  • Executive director, regulatory affairs, Serono Laboratories
  • Family therapist, Kids in Distress
  • Guidance counselor, Manchester-by-the-Sea
  • Home grief counselor, SIDS Center of New Jersey
  • Hospital administrator, Health & Hospital Corp.
  • Occupational therapist, Marie Glynn Occupational Therapy
  • Pediatric nurse practitioner, Odyssey House
  • Pediatrician, California Pacific Medical Center
  • Pharmaceutical sales associate, Astra-Zeneca
  • Physical therapist in neurology, Rancho Los Amigos Medical Center
  • Physician/bioethicist, University Medical Foundation
  • Primary teacher, Williamstown Elementary
  • Principal consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Probation Officer, federal
  • Psychoanalyst, American Institute of Psychoanalysts
  • Psychiatric nurse practitioner, Branford, Conn.
  • Psychologist, Positive Behavior Support Consulting
  • Research director/reproductive medicine, Woman’s Research Institute
  • Research study assistant, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
  • School psychologist, Rutgers Prep School
  • Scientist/pharmacology, TolerRX Inc
  • Senior human resource officer, South Asia Regional World Bank
  • Senior manager healthcare products, Schering-Plough
  • Supervisor, Department of Social Services, Cambridge, Mass.
  • VP/human resources, AOL/Time Warner Foundation

Graduate Schools: A sampler of where our alumni go

  • Columbia University, early childhood special education, M.S.
  • Columbia University, industrial organization, M.S.
  • Columbia University, organizational psychology, M.A.
  • Drexel University, clinical psychology, Ph.D.
  • Emory University, neuroscience and animal behavior, M.S.
  • Fordham University, school psychology, Ph.D.
  • Harvard Graduate School, technology, innovation, and education, M.A.
  • Hunter College, MSW
  • Kent State, PhD, clinical psychology, Ph.D.
  • Long Island University–Brooklyn, clinical psychology, Ph.D.
  • Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology, clinical psychology, Psy.D.
  • NYU, MSW
  • NYU, organizational psychology, M.A.
  • Northwestern University, predictive analysis, M.A.
  • SUNY-Stony Brook, higher education administration, M.A.
  • UCLA, Clinical Psychology, Psy.D.
  • University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, social psychology, M.A.
  • University of Connecticut, physical therapy, Ph.D.
  • University of Hartford, Graduate Institute of Professional Psychology, clinical psychology, Psy.D.
  • University of Nebraska at Lincoln, clinical psychology, Ph.D.
  • UNC at Chapel Hill, Social Psychology, Ph.D.
  • Washington University, St. Louis, Occupational Therapy, Ph.D.


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