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Q&A with Bryan Lonergan ’18

Bryan Lonergan ’18

Hometown/school: Weston, Connecticut, Weston High School

Major/minor: Either majors in business and economics or a business-psychology major

Activities: Men's soccer team

Why did you apply ED to Skidmore?
I liked the high level of academics, the opportunity to play soccer, and the friendly community. Skidmore fit perfectly academically and athletically, but it was really once I visited and got to know the people that I knew for sure that I would love it here. I applied Early Decision because I was sure that I wanted to go here and I wasn’t interested in any other schools. I’m happy that I applied ED because I got into my number-one school and didn’t have to spend the rest of high school worrying about getting into college.

Best parts of your college experience?
Playing on a team, making new friends, and meeting a truly diverse collection of people. 

Most surprising moments?
How well I’ve adjusted to college life. Being on a team definitely helped me acclimate socially, but overall it has been a seamless transition from high school and my hometown.

Advice on applying ED?
Get ahead of the game and start working on your application the summer before your senior year. I left it to the last minute, which was incredibly stressful and could have been avoided if I had just started earlier.

Post-Skidmore plans or dreams?
I hope to be a consultant or start my own business (not sure what type yet).

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