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Q&A with Dante Haughton ’19

Dante HaughtonHometown: New Haven, Connecticut
High school: Hill Regional Career Magnet High School
Major/minor: English major (concentration in poetry), minors in business and media and film studies

Why did you apply ED to Skidmore?
When I visited Skidmore, I saw that as a member of the campus community I would gain knowledge from many disciplines, not only through my courses but also from doing extracurricular opportunities, which I could tell most students did. I was drawn to both the art and business departments because those areas were my main interests at the time. I could truly picture myself as a Skidmore student on that beautiful October morning.

I applied Early Decision because, although I did not believe that a dream school for me could exist, my visit to campus proved me wrong. There were no other schools that fit me in the way Skidmore did, allowing me to contribute to the community as much as it contributes to me. I am extremely happy that I applied Early Decision.

Best parts of your college experience?
I love being in constant contact with the arts when I am on campus. I am currently the photography and online media assistant in the Theater Department, where I help document and promote theater productions. This allows me to create art that orbits around other artists’ collaborations, while learning about new mediums and ideas. I also enjoy helping students edit photography and video-related projects as a lab assistant for the Documentary Studies Program; assisting students in their imagery-related work gives me unique insights into classes in which I am not enrolled while making me a better creator through advising other creatives. Additionally, many of my weekends are filled with assisting friends with various independent film projects.

Most surprising moments?
I was blown away by last semester's theater production of Kaspar, directed by Aaron Ardisson ’16.

Advice on applying ED?
Visit Skidmore if you have the opportunity. My visit completely changed my understanding of the nature of Skidmore. Take time to research every aspect of the school that you find even mildly important and ask questions. Ask friends and family for advice. Ask yourself what you desire.

Something most people don’t know about you?
I love to watch videos about science online.

Post-Skidmore plans or dreams?
After graduation, I will continue to grow as an artist by obtaining more degrees and collaborating with passionate people to create films that address social issues and encourage viewers to engage more in their environments both politically and artistically. 


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