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Chat Transcript

January 8, 2013

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Skidmore -> Everyone Welcome to the Skidmore Admissions Live Chat! Before we begin, our Admissions counselors will introduce themselves. Here we go!
Julie_Admissions -> Everyone Hi everyone! I'm Julie DiRoma, an Assistant Director of Admissions at Skidmore. I'm originally from Syracuse, NY, and this is my second year in the office. I currently travel to Texas, Central/Western/Northern New York State, Fairfield and Litchfield Counties in Connecticut, and parts of Central and Northern New Jersey.
Lisa_Admissions -> Everyone Hi, I am Lisa Rinaolo, Associate Director of Admissions. I have been a member of the Admissions office for 6 years. I am also a Skidmore graduate. I currently travel to Westchester County, NY, Princeton, NJ, parts of Massachusetts and Missouri.
Jane_Admissions -> Everyone Welcome! I am Jane, Associate Director of Admissions at Skidmore. I travel to visit high schools in the Boston area. I also plan on-campus events for Admissions, such as Open Houses and Accepted Candidates Days.
Eva -> Jane_Admissions Would you say that most of the classes at Skidmore are discussion-based and involve varied learning--rather than lectures or "by-the-book" classes?
Jane_Admissions -> Eva Hi Eva,
Most of the classes at Skidmore are discussion bases. The average class size is 16. Classes such as freshman Biology may have 80 students to start with, but that class immediately breaks up into labs of 10 or 12 students. The students tell me that even in such a large class, students are encouraged to ask questions.
AudreyJohnson -> Lisa_Admissions Do you recommend submitting a resume under the "additional information" option on the Common App? Thanks!
Lisa_Admissions -> AudreyJohnson Hi Audrey, you certainly can submit a resume to us in the additional information section on your Common Application. Obviously, we do not require this information but anything that helps us to get to know you better as an applicant is beneficial to you.
Eva -> Jane_Admissions What is life like at Skidmore? What are students doing on an average Friday or Saturday night?
Jane_Admissions -> Eva Hi Eva,
There are so many options for activities on the weekend. 90% of the students stay in Saratoga on the weekends because thee is so much to do. There are athletic events, theatre productions; we have 6 a capella groups, a comedy club, improvisational club, dances, and more. You can choose the social life you want at Skidmore.
Bibesh -> Julie_Admissions What is the average financial aid provided to international students?
Julie_Admissions -> Bibesh Hi Bibesh - Thanks for your question! Financial aid packages for international students range from partial to full scholarships, depending on the student's/family's financial need.
Hannah -> Julie_Admissions Also, what are the most popular majors at Skidmore?
Julie_Admissions -> Hannah Hi Hannah! Thanks for your question. Our most popular majors include business, English, studio art, biology, psychology, and government/international affairs.
Sarah -> Jane_Admissions My daughter believes that she has completed her application to Skidmore for 2013, but is there a way for her to go online to check to see if there are any pieces that you have not yet received, or that are still required?
Jane_Admissions -> Sarah Sarah,
Admissions will contact her if anything is missing in her application. You can always call the Admissions Office and ask.
TylerMcLean -> Julie_Admissions Do you have to audition to be apart of the Dance program at Skidmore?
Julie_Admissions -> TylerMcLean Hi Tyler! You do not have to audition to be part of the dance program at Skidmore. (The same goes for our music and theater programs, as well.) The dance major and minor are open to any students. If you're not interested in being a major, you can also take any of the classes in the department, be in the student dance groups, or audition for faculty workshops. Our dance program is fantastic - we were recently named one of the top five dance programs in the country!
benceb -> Jane_Admissions Good evening to you! As an international applicant who didn't have a chance to visit the campus and feel how the atmosphere of the school is: what is the one thing you would tell me about Skidmore, that's worth going there for?
Jane_Admissions -> benceb Hi Benceb, The best thing about Skidmore is that there are so many different majors offered, and a wonderful faculty that will help you find your passion. The student body is friendly and diverse. The campus and the town are beautiful.
Hannah -> Lisa_Admissions I am not sure what I want to major in or my career choice. I have a lot of interest. Are there people at Skidmore who can help me figure this out?
Lisa_Admissions -> Hannah That's a great question, Hannah. You do not have to choose a major until the end of your sophomore year so you have time to explore the curriculum. Through the First Year Experience Program you are assigned an advisor who can help guide you with your first year classes. The Career Development Center will also help students with internship opportunities throughout the four years at Skidmore.
Dani -> Julie_Admissions Hi ladies! Are transfer students given equal priority in financial aid and housing opportunities?
Julie_Admissions -> Dani Hi Dani! Some need-based institutional grant assistance is available for transfer students. Housing is also guaranteed for all incoming transfer students, and we also guarantee housing through senior year. If you have any further questions about transfer admissions, feel free to email our Transfer Coordinator Matt Cohen at
Hannah -> Jane_Admissions Are there advisers to help you figure out what to major in?
Jane_Admissions -> Hannah Hannah,
We have a great advising system here. You will be assigned a faculty advisor when you enroll at Skidmore. This faculty member will be teaching your freshman seminar. This is the person who will really get to know you and advise you. When you choose a major after three semesters, you will get an advisor in your major.
Phoebe -> Julie_Admissions How much do art portfolios play a role in admissions decisions?
Julie_Admissions -> Phoebe Hi Phoebe! While an art portfolio is not required for admission (or to be an art major), you can certainly send one in for review by the Art Department. The high school transcript is the most important piece that we consider in the admission process, but an art portfolio can help to showcase your talent and passion. You can find the requirements for submitting a portfolio at the bottom of this web page: Thanks for your question!
Dani -> Jane_Admissions What is the average GPA for incoming transfer students? What is the average transfer acceptance rate?
Jane_Admissions -> Dani Hi Dani,
We don't have a specific GPA for incoming students. All the high schools are different, and therefore it's not a level playing field. We look at your high school offers, what courses you have chosen to take, and your grades. We like to see that students have challenged themselves; We are looking for A's or B+ grades in rigorous classes.
Bibesh -> Julie_Admissions How many International students are admitted each year?
Julie_Admissions -> Bibesh Hi Bibesh! Our general acceptance rate for all first-year students, including international students, is about 39%.
TylerMcLean -> Jane_Admissions What type of Scholarship opportunities are there? (Full Merit, Fellowships by the school?)
Jane_Admissions -> TylerMcLean Our financial aid is based on demonstrated need. We do have two merit based scholarships; the Porter Scholarship for excellence in science and math, and our Filene Scholarship for music. You can find information about those on our website.
benceb -> Lisa_Admissions Good evening to you! As an international applicant who didn't have a chance to visit the campus and feel how the atmosphere of the school is: what is the one thing you would tell me about Skidmore, that's worth going there for?
Lisa_Admissions -> benceb Benceb, I think the Skidmore community is the best part about Skidmore! The Skidmore students are very friendly and passionate about their interests. Students from all different backgrounds feel very comfortable here. Since you haven't been been able to visit please check out our new virtual tour at:
HenokMulunehAlemu -> Julie_Admissions When I checked skidmore's website, I found out that the only acceptable financial aid document is the CSS profile. It required me to pay 25$ and we do not have credit card in our country. So can I send the International Student Financial Aid Application form instead? THANKS!
Julie_Admissions -> HenokMulunehAlemu Hi Henok! Please contact our financial aid office for more information about submitting the financial aid forms. Their email address is Thank you for your question!
Ryan_Brown -> Jane_Admissions Hello! I was wondering what kind of tutoring programs are available to students?
Jane_Admissions -> Ryan_Brown Hi Ryan,
We have an a writing center where you can get assistance, and also Student Academic Services. We have peer tutors in every academic area.
Professors are also interested in helping their students, and will meet with them as often as necessary.
Hanna -> Jane_Admissions Is it very much harder to get admitted in regular decision?
Jane_Admissions -> Hanna Hi Hanna,
We do usually accept 35% of our class in our Early Decision pool. The reason that regular decision is more competitive is that applicants are competing in a bigger pool than the Early decision group.
clairem -> Lisa_Admissions Hi, I submitted my application through the Common App on Saturday, and I was wondering if you send out confirmation emails, letting applicants know that you received everything?
Lisa_Admissions -> clairem Claire, we do send out acknowledgement letters after we receive your application. Since we are currently receiving a large number of applications it will take a few days for us to get those acknowledgement letters out to applicants. If we are missing any items from you we will contact you and your counselor before making any decision on your application.
benceb -> Julie_Admissions I'm very interested in Skidmore, and I do like it a lot, but the truth is, that I'm equally interested in more schools at this point (one of them being yours, of course)...should I make up my mind and choose one of them as an Early Decision II institution? Does it benefit me, if I, let's say choose Skidmore under the EDII instead of the RD program?
Julie_Admissions -> benceb Hi Benceb! We're happy to hear of your strong interest in Skidmore! Because Early Decision II is a binding commitment (if accepted, the student is expected to enroll), we only encourage students who are certain that Skidmore is their first choice to apply under EDII. While there is a slight advantage to applying Early Decision, it's also difficult to compare because EDII is a separate pool from regular decision. If Skidmore ends up being your first choice, though, you should certainly consider applying ED II! (The deadline for both EDII and Regular Decision is January 15th.) Good luck!
DaniToscano -> Jane_Admissions Thank you Jane! I know that the retention rate is very high at Skidmore, so I was wondering- what is the average transfer acceptance rate?
Jane_Admissions -> DaniToscano Yes, our freshman retention rate is 96%! The transfer acceptance rate varies from year to year, depending on the amount of space on campus.
Ellen -> Jane_Admissions I am wondering if there are any scholarship or merit awards at Skidmore?
Jane_Admissions -> Ellen Hi Ellen,
All of our financial is need based except for two merit scholarships; the Porter Scholarship for excellence in science and math, and the Filene Scholarship for music. Information about those can be found online,
Hallie -> Jane_Admissions How much earlier will I hear back if I decide to apply Early Decision II instead of regular decision
Jane_Admissions -> Hallie Hi Hallie,
We usually notify our Early Decision applicants within 3 weeks of the deadline, and regular decision by the third week in March.
James -> Julie_Admissions Hello! Thank you all for taking the time to answer these questions for us. From what I have seen, there is no supplemental essay required on the Common App for Skidmore. Am I mistaken?
Julie_Admissions -> James Hi James! Thank you for your question. You are correct that Skidmore's supplement does not have any additional required essays. While we have had additional essays in the past, this is a trial year with no supplemental essays, based on feedback we've received from guidance counselors and students. As always, although it is not required, feel free to send in any additional information you would like us to see.
Oumaima -> Julie_Admissions Is Skidmore Need-aware for international students? Thank you!
Julie_Admissions -> Oumaima Hi Oumaima! Yes, Skidmore is need-aware for all of our students.
AJ -> Lisa_Admissions I am interested in your Study Abroad program. How are students selected for the freshman first semester program? Why do the participants choose this over a more traditional sophomore or junior year abroad?
Lisa_Admissions -> AJ AJ, we have 36-38 students each year who participate in the First Year Experience in London. Most students who enroll for this program are interested in a experiencing study abroad early on in their Skidmore career. Participation in this program does not preclude students from doing another study abroad experience in junior or senior year.
TylerMcLean -> Jane_Admissions What exactly are you looking for in students other than grades? Because those are definitely not everything.
Jane_Admissions -> TylerMcLean Hi Tyler,

The most important thing we look at is your transcript, I must say. We look at your high school, the courses you have chosen to take, and your grades. We also consider you extracurricular activities, what your teachers say about you as as student etc.We appreciate if a student has chosen a more rigorous course and has perhaps gotten a lower grade than if he/she had taken an easier course.
Ellen -> Jane_Admissions How accurate is the net price calculator?
Jane_Admissions -> Ellen Hi Ellen,
The net price calculator is as accurate as the information you have put into it. You can compare financial aid packages before you apply.
You can always call our Office of Student Aid and Family Finance if you have questions.
DaniToscano -> Lisa_Admissions Hi ladies, are there any photos of Skidmore dorms that are available online?
Lisa_Admissions -> DaniToscano Dani, pictures are available and you can find them at this link: There are also panoramic photos of a single, double and triple dorm room on the online virtual tour at:
Hallie -> Jane_Admissions Do a large percentage of Skidmore students participate in the clubs? And also what percentage of the students choose to live on campus for all 4 years?
Jane_Admissions -> Hallie Hallie,

Most of our students are very involved on campus. There is a club fair in the fall, and students sign up for whatever they want to try. There are so many options, and it is easy to meet people with common interests. 90% of Skidmore students choose to live on campus. Our housing is great!
Hallie -> Julie_Admissions I have visited Skidmore twice now and am seriously considering applying for the ED II deadline. Can any of the students tell me what they enjoy most about skidmore and what makes it so unique to them.
Julie_Admissions -> Hallie Hi Hallie! We don't have any students with us tonight - just admissions counselors - but I'm happy to share what I've heard from our students. Students really enjoy the community at Skidmore; people here are very open-minded, accepting, and passionate about what they're studying or involved in. Students also love how flexible our curriculum is because they can choose their courses based on their interests. Another aspect of Skidmore that students love is the proximity to the city of Saratoga Springs. This location makes us more unique in comparison to other Northeast small liberal arts colleges, because we have rural areas (like the Adirondack Mountains) 30 mins to the North and more urban areas (like Albany, our state capital) 30 mins South. Our campus is about a six block walk from downtown Saratoga Springs, where there are plenty of restaurants, performances, shops, and festivals for students to enjoy. Saratoga has been named one of the top winter cities in the US and one of the best Main Streets in the US. Feel free to visit the following web page, where you can contact some current students for their opinions: We're excited to hear about your enthusiasm for Skidmore. Good luck with your decision!
Kristen_T -> Jane_Admissions Hi! What is the most important thing to know about Skidmore?
Jane_Admissions -> Kristen_T Kristen,

The most important thing to know about Skidmore is that it is a place where you can be yourself, explore different academic areas, have great relationships with involved professors, and find your passion. Oh, I guess that's several things!
clairem -> Jane_Admissions How active are Skidmore alumni in helping students find internships or jobs?
Jane_Admissions -> clairem Hi Clairem,
Skidmore alumni are very helpful to students. Alumni will contact the Career Counseling Office and offer to be a mentor for anyone interested in their fields. Because Skidmore students have many different interests, they are out in the the world of entertainment, business, medicine, education etc, after graduation, and can be great resources to our students.
TylerMcLean -> Julie_Admissions What is you acceptance rate? What kind of students do you look for to adequately represent Skidmore?
Julie_Admissions -> TylerMcLean Hi Tyler! Thanks for your question. Our overall acceptance rate is about 39 percent. The most important piece in our admission review is the high school transcript. We look for students who have taken challenging courses and performed well in these classes. Generally, our most competitive students have taken four years in the five core academic areas (math, science, English, social studies, and foreign language). Our admission process is very holistic, so we also take into account a student's involvement in school and the community, a student's character, and recommendation letters, among other things. We look for students who are engaged in their community and will be positive people on campus!
Kristen_T -> Jane_Admissions Jane, Sounds like a very nurturing environment. Thank you for your response! :)
Jane_Admissions -> Kristen_T You're welcome!
DaniToscano -> Lisa_Admissions Are there any tips you would give to prospective transfer applicants? I am currently writing my Common App supplements and I am wondering if you have any suggestions.
Lisa_Admissions -> DaniToscano Dani, I would say to really give some thought to why you think Skidmore is a good match for you and let us know in your supplement. I am not sure where you are from but if have the ability to visit campus in the next few weeks we do offer transfer interviews, if you are interested. They are not required for acceptance but interviews are recommended. You can call our office at 518-580-5570 to schedule an interview.
TylerMcLean -> Jane_Admissions You've recently built new dorms. Are those for upper-classmen only?
Jane_Admissions -> TylerMcLean Hi Tyler,

Our new dorms are for upperclassmen; the rest of the dorms are mixed.
afDisney -> Jane_Admissions How much do you look at community service?
Jane_Admissions -> afDisney We look at everything about the student, and are always happy to have students on campus who will bring that spirit to the campus.
Diandrea -> Julie_Admissions Hi! As there is a strong equestrian presence on Skidmore's campus, I would want to be able to pursue this at some point. Would the school provide a horse for me or would I need one myself? Just looking at my options since I'm definitely already applying.
Julie_Admissions -> Diandrea Hi Diandrea! We're happy to hear of your interest in Skidmore! Our equestrian team is top notch, and our riding facility is about 5 minutes from campus. There are many great horses that Skidmore owns and are available for all students to ride. Any student can sign up for riding lessons (at all levels), so you will definitely be able to stay involved in an equestrian program!
Hallie -> Julie_Admissions Does Skidmore super score the ACT's and what composite score does Skidmore look for?
Julie_Admissions -> Hallie Hi Hallie, Skidmore does not superscore the ACT (we do superscore the SAT). Our median ACT composite normally falls between 29-30, though we do not have a cut-off for testing scores.
Hallie -> Jane_Admissions what is the acceptance rate for regular decision applications and what are the total amount of applicants that apply regular decision?
Jane_Admissions -> Hallie Hi Hallie,

Over the last several years, our acceptance rate has been about 39%. The number of regular applicants to Skidmore has ranged from 6,000 to 7,400.
DaniToscano -> Lisa_Admissions Where do transfer students normally live?
Lisa_Admissions -> DaniToscano Dani, housing is guaranteed for all four years and 90% of students, including transfer students, live on campus. Students live in residence halls, on-campus town homes or students can apply to live off-campus in Saratoga Springs as upperclassmen.
Dr._Medd -> Jane_Admissions Are there work study programs available for students? Is this part of the financial aid package?
Jane_Admissions -> Dr._Medd Dr. Medd,

Work study is built into the financial package.
jayless -> Jane_Admissions I have heard that the school ONLY accepts AP credits if the score is a five, is that true?
Jane_Admissions -> jayless Hi Jayless,

Skidmore gives AP credits for a 4 or a 5 on the AP tests.
Ellen -> Julie_Admissions My daughter is a field hockey player and is very interested in going to Skidmore. She has met with the coach and she seems to be a good match for the team. She also is a horse back rider and loved the riding program when we went to visit. The net price calculator said we would have to pay $50,000 per year, which is way above our means. Are there any work study or other programs available to off set costs?
Julie_Admissions -> Ellen Hi Ellen, We're happy to hear of your daughter's interest in Skidmore. Work study programs are built into students' financial aid packages. If a student does not receive work study, there are plenty of jobs on campus for all students. These jobs range from office/department assistants, research positions, jobs in the dining hall, or being a tour guide. If you have questions about the net price calculator, feel free to contact the Financial Aid Office.
Dwood95 -> Jane_Admissions How competitive is the Porter Presidential Scholarship in Science and Mathematics?
Jane_Admissions -> Dwood95 Hi Dwood95!

The Porter Scholarship for excellence in science and math is very competitive. The winners are selected from a committee comprised of representatives from the math and science departments.
Diandrea -> Jane_Admissions Are there on-campus jobs for kids who aren't necessarily a part of the work study program?
Jane_Admissions -> Diandrea Hi Diandrea,
Yes, there are on campus jobs in a variety of places for students who are not part of work study.
benceb -> Julie_Admissions Well, yes, but unfortunately to me, money matters a lot - I have heard that you usually admit some 40 international students with financial need (my informations might be incorrect). Is this true? If so, how many applicants do you have for these places, and what are the academic stats of the succesful applicants (sure, I know it's not all about the grades and test scores, but where I'm from, it is, and old habits die hard, so just to place myself :-) )
Julie_Admissions -> benceb Hi Benceb, the number of international admitted students varies each year. Academic requirements for international students are the same as those for domestic students (rigorous courses with good grades, strong involvement, good recommendations). Although the TOEFL isn't required, we recommend the TOEFL if English is not your native language. Generally, a TOEFL score of 590 (or 243 on computer-based administration, or 96-97 on Internet-based administration) is regarded as an indicator of minimal proficiency for study at the college.
Marco -> Lisa_Admissions The area around the school is almost as beautiful as the campus itself. Is there much for students to do off campus? Are students welcome in the community? Thank you.
Lisa_Admissions -> Marco Marco, you are correct Saratoga Springs is a wonderful community for students to spend four years! It was ranked as one of the greatest main streets in the United States by Travel and Leisure magazine. There are many things to do in the city and the surrounding area. There are museums, great restaurants and many outdoor activities that students can enjoy. Students are certainly welcome in the community and some businesses accept the Skidmore ID card as payment and give students a discount.
Dwood95 -> Jane_Admissions In relation to AP classes, how rigorous do you consider Washington state's Running start program?
Jane_Admissions -> Dwood95 Hi Dwood95,

I suggest you contact Teshika Hatch ( with your question, as she is from Washington and visits there for Admissions. She is familiar with your programs.
Emma -> Julie_Admissions Hello! I am interested in Skidmore's dance program but I am also looking to major in education. Is it possible to double major.
Julie_Admissions -> Emma Hi Emma! It is definitely possible to double major at Skidmore! About 60% of our students double-major, double-minor, or have a major/minor combination. In fact, last year we had a student graduate who was a dance and computer science double major!
Emma -> Lisa_Admissions I have not taken the Subject Test but is it recommended that I do.
Lisa_Admissions -> Emma Emma, because the subject tests are only recommended you will not be at a disadvantage when we are reading your application.
TylerMcLean -> Julie_Admissions What career opportunities does the college offer? Are there good connections to popular companies in all fields?
Julie_Admissions -> TylerMcLean Hi Tyler! Thank you for your question! Skidmore has a great Career Development Center that works with students from their first year through senior year and beyond. Their services are available to alumni, as well as current students. The Career Development Center has created a brochure that will tell you a lot more about career opportunities and connections with popular companies. You can find the Outcomes Brochure at the following page:
Emma -> Lisa_Admissions Is it worth sending a resume even if I filled out the activity portion of the common application.
Lisa_Admissions -> Emma Emma, you certainly can submit a resume to us in the additional information section on your Common Application. Obviously, we do not require this information but anything that helps us to get to know you better as an applicant is beneficial to you.
jayless -> Julie_Admissions I know Skidmore is liberal arts, though if I were to go into premed (After different fields of exploration), would one say it is rather a bad idea if I am weak in science?
Julie_Admissions -> jayless Hi Jayless- Thank you for your question! At Skidmore, students can follow a pre-med track while being any major. The Health Professions Advisory Committee (HPAC) has a great website with Frequently Asked Questions: This site should give you some more infomation about being pre-med!
benceb -> Lisa_Admissions Do you offer Skype/phone interviews for int'l applicants?
Lisa_Admissions -> benceb Benceb, I would suggest that you contact one of our international counselors, Dean Mendes at or Ken Dunbar at, to see if they would be able to schedule a Skype interview with you.
jayless -> Julie_Admissions In regards to the HEOP program, I feel it would be of great benefit to me, because I will be the first to have gone to college in my family. Although, I must ask, what are the average grades one must have to be admitted into the program? My GPA is roughly a 3.7, is that too high?
Julie_Admissions -> jayless Hi again, Jayless- Students do not apply directly to our HEOP program. We refer any students who we think would qualify for HEOP to the HEOP office. There are a variety of factors that go into the decision. When students are accepted, they are notified if the acceptance is through the HEOP program.
Neil -> Jane_Admissions What is the school atmosphere/culture? Is there a lot of school spirit?
Jane_Admissions -> Neil Hi Neil,

There as a lot of positive energy on Skidmore's campus! Skidmore is a very diverse campus interest-wise, but students seem to respect each others talents and differences and grow personally as well as academically here. There is a lot of school spirit at Skidmore, but, as one student put it "it's not the kind of school spirit where you're building floats, but there is an excitement of being part of the Skidmore student body."
Skidmore -> Everyone We will end the live chat in 10 minutes. Please submit your final questions now!
Diandrea -> Julie_Admissions Approximately how many of your classes are lecture-based? Lab-based? Seminar-based?
Julie_Admissions -> Diandrea Hi Diandrea! Our average class size is about 14, and our student:faculty ratio is 9:1. Only about 1% of all of our classes have more than 50 students in them. Generally intro courses like psychology and biology might have about 100 students in the lecture portion of the class, but all of these courses also break up into smaller groups of about 15-20 students for labs or small group discussions with their professor each week.
jackieo -> Julie_Admissions I got off to a slow start in high school getting better grades and taking harder courses as the years went on. How important are freshmen and soph years?
Julie_Admissions -> jackieo Hi Jackie! We do look at all four years of the high school transcript, but we do like to see upward trends in grades and rigorous course selection. We will also receive your midyear grades so that we can consider the progress you've made this year, too.
Sam -> Lisa_Admissions Hello, I was just wondering on the Common Application there is no choice for what major we want to apply for. How would applicants choose if they are accepted? Thank You!
Lisa_Admissions -> Sam Sam, you can indicate your academic interest on the Common Application but we do not require that you choose a major before being accepted to Skidmore. You do not need to declare a major until the end of your sophomore year. You would have time to explore the curriculum in order to decide your major or majors.
Raffah95 -> Jane_Admissions How well does Skidmore prepare students looking to take the MCAT?
Jane_Admissions -> Raffah95 Hi Raffah95,

Over the past several years, the acceptance rate of Skidmore students into medical school has been 76%. Since the MCAT score is an important part of the application, I would say our students are very well prepared. Our HPAC (Health Professions Advisory Committee) works with students interested in science related professions after graduation. The fact that our science majors can do collaborative research with professors as early as second semester freshman year helps our students in the medical school selection process.
jayless -> Julie_Admissions Do you accept college credits that are not in the for of AP? Such as taking a course with a passing final grade/papers' grade from say a community college or one out of state?
Julie_Admissions -> jayless Hi Jayless- We do accept some college credits, based on where the credits were received and how they would transfer into our academic departments here at Skidmore. Feel free to contact the Registrar if you have any specific questions.
DaniToscano -> Lisa_Admissions Thank you so much for answering my questions! I appreciate your time and I hope to speak with you in the near future.
Lisa_Admissions -> DaniToscano Thanks for joining our conversation Dani!
Emma -> Jane_Admissions Thank you for your responses! I have one more question, can you give me some details on how the work study program works?
Jane_Admissions -> Emma Hi Emma,
The best way to get information on work study is to contact our office of Financial Aid ( They can give you all the information.
benceb -> Julie_Admissions What do you give more weight when evaluating int'l applicants: to their own final exams results, or to american standardized test results?
Julie_Admissions -> benceb Hi Benceb- Generally, we look more at your high school courses and grades, but standardized testing is a piece of the evaluation process.
clairem -> Julie_Admissions Thanks for offering this live chat. It was very helpful!
Julie_Admissions -> clairem Thanks for your questions, Claire!
Skidmore -> Everyone That's all for tonight, folks! Our panelists will finish answering the questions in their queue. Thanks for joining us for the Admissions live chat. The transcript will be available online tomorrow. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Admissions office at 1-800-867-6007 or
Sarah -> Panelist(s) Thank you for so generously answering our questions. This has been very interesting, and helpful. P.S. Your Theater Open House Weekend this fall was enjoyable, impressive, and inspiring. A wonderful way to showcase the fine work of the students and faculty of Skidmore. Bye!
Sarah -> Skidmore Thank you for so generously answering our questions. This has been very interesting, and helpful. P.S. Your Theater Open House Weekend this fall was enjoyable, impressive, and inspiring. A wonderful way to showcase the fine work of the students and faculty of Skidmore. Bye!
benceb -> Panelist(s) Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. I wish you all a very nice evening. Good bye!
jayless -> Skidmore Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions, g'night ladies!
DaniToscano -> Jane_Admissions Thank you so much for answering my questions! I appreciate your time and I hope to speak with you in the near future.
Jane_Admissions -> DaniToscano Hi Dani,
Thank you! It was a pleasure chatting with you.
Raffah95 -> Panelist(s) Thanks for all the help!
clairem -> Jane_Admissions Thanks for offering this live chat. It was very helpful!
Jane_Admissions -> clairem It was a pleasure chatting with you!
Diandrea_ -> Panelist(s) Thank you so much. This has been exciting and helpful!
Lisa_Admissions -> Everyone Thanks for joining us! We had a great time answering all of your questions!
benceb -> Jane_Admissions Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. I wish you all a very nice evening. Good bye!
Jane_Admissions -> benceb It was a pleasure chatting with you. Thanks for your good wishes!
Julie_Admissions -> Everyone Thanks for joining us, everyone! It was fun talking with all of you! Feel free to email me if you have any more questions!
Raffah95 -> Jane_Admissions Thanks for all the help!
Jane_Admissions -> Raffah95 You are welcome. Thank you for your interest in Skidmore College!
Jane_Admissions -> Everyone It was great chatting with you. Please feel free to contact me any time if you have any more questions (