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Chat Transcript

January 30, 2013 

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Skidmore -> Everyone Welcome to the live chat! We will being in less than 15 minutes. Please submit your questions now.
Nhien15 -> Panelist(s) I am a Vietnamese applying to Skidmore this year. However, my family was migrating to U.S and currently I am staying in Houston. I have not yet got my Green Card but I already got the temporary green card stamp on my passport. What should I do to change my status from International to U.S resident?
Skidmore -> Everyone Ok, we are all set. Before we begin the panelists will introduce themselves.
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Everyone Hi! I'm Lisa and I'm an Assistant Director in the Financial Aid Office.
Beth_FinancialAid -> Everyone Welcome everyone! I'm Beth, the Director of Financial Aid here at Skidmore!
Tom_Admissions -> Everyone Hello! My name is Tom Trapani and I am an Assistant Director of Admissions. I have been working at Skidmore for five years, this month. I coordinate the Day Hosting Program, the Filene Music Scholarship, and our FYE London Program as well. Feel free to contact me with any admissions related questions.
SaulAlmanzar -> Lisa_FinancialAid I finished my CSS Profile but i have not finished my FAFSA. Is the Deadline for Fafsa Feb.1?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> SaulAlmanzar Hi Saul,
Skidmore does not require the FAFSA from students until they have been admitted and enrolled.
MathewNgetich -> Beth_FinancialAid I was wondering whether the deadline, February 1st applies to submitting tax forms and related documents.
Beth_FinancialAid -> MathewNgetich Hi MathewNgetich - the February 1st deadline only pertains to the CSS PROFILE here at Skidmore. Other documents, such tax returns, will be requested/required if/when the student is accepted and decides to enroll at Skidmore.
KristiMyftiu -> Tom_Admissions What do i have to do to get a full sports schoolarship for basketball?
Tom_Admissions -> KristiMyftiu Hello KristiMyftiu! Thank you for your question. Skidmore is a Division III school, so we do not offer any athletic scholarships. Only Division I and II Schools offer athletic scholarships.
SubhaNiroula -> Lisa_FinancialAid Sir, I am an international student and can't afford to pay for the CSS Profile. Can you please waive the fee for me?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> SubhaNiroula Hi Subha,

Yes, we do have waivers for the Profile. You can email us at and we will get you information on the waiver.
NashraMahmood -> Beth_FinancialAid Hello! I am an international applicant from Saudi Arabia. For Financial Aid, do we just have to submit the CSS Online profile? Or do I need to submit any other Financial Aid forms? Thank you!
Beth_FinancialAid -> NashraMahmood Hi NashraMahmood - International students who are requesting financial aid only need submit the PROFILE online for Skidmore. We may request additional documents should you be admitted and then decide to enroll.
TomaszMerta -> Lisa_FinancialAid Hello, I have already filed CSS profile and I'd like to know if this is everything I should do, or there is something else, such as parents' earning statements or tax returns?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> TomaszMerta Hi Tom,

All we need from applicants right now is the CSS Profile.
TessDorilio -> Beth_FinancialAid I am interested in learning more about my financial aid options other than the basics...FAFSA etc..
Beth_FinancialAid -> TessDorilio Great question, Tess! In order to be considered for any need-based grant assistance at Skidmore, you should file the CSS PROFILE. Skidmore does have two merit scholarships, the Porter math/science and the Filene music scholarships. More information about them can easily be found on the webpage. In addition, you may want to explore other scholarhsip opportunities by searching scholarship databases such as Hope that helps!
RachelGould -> Tom_Admissions Hello, We did the FAFSA (with estimates) and the CSS Profile but on the website I also found a verification form? I am applying to the HEOP program, I submitted my app before Nov 15 but not as Early Action because I have to know about financial aid before I can commit to a college (our EFC is $0 and we are very low income by gov't standards.) Is that all I have to do? When will I hear from HEOP? Thanks!
Tom_Admissions -> RachelGould Hi RachelGould! The admissions office identifies potential candidates for the HEOP program, therefore students do not apply directly to the program. You will recieve an admissions decision sometime in mid-to late March regardless of HEOP or not.
HajerKaroui -> Beth_FinancialAid What do international students need to submit apart from tax and income documents (translated) and the CSS profile ?
Beth_FinancialAid -> HajerKaroui International students ONLY need to submit the CSS PROFILE at this time, and ONLY if applying for need-based financial aid, Hajer. If you are admitted and then enroll, we will request additional supporting documentation from you, such as income statements.
CarolynHannah -> Lisa_FinancialAid I have two questions. We filled out the CSS forms and on those forms we have everything about our business do we still have to fill out the Business Supplement. We have fill out the Net Price Calcultor is that correct on how much financial aid you will receive ? My husband and I are both self- employed with small business he is 72 and I am 56 we do not have a large combined income but we do have rental buildings, why was our calculator score so low and it said we would receive nothing. We pay $14.0000 a year in medical insurance and the rents from the buildings support our home . Thank You very much for your time . Carolyn Hannah
Lisa_FinancialAid -> CarolynHannah Hi Carolyn,

The Net Price calculator will give you a general idea of aid at Skidmore. We will look carefully at your CSS Profile and the Business Supplement to put together a complete package for you. With the completed profile we will look carefully at your information.
Tom_Admissions -> SamiraJubis Hi SamireJubis! If you do not hear from the admissions office that we are missing anything, then we have recieved everything that we need. We contact students with missing material and do not penalize them for any missing items.
YenPham -> Tom_Admissions Does student's financial status affect his/her admission decision much? Thank you.
Tom_Admissions -> YenPham Hi YenPham! Skidmore College is a need-aware institution meaning that financial aid may play a role in the admission decision.
KatherineGordon -> Lisa_FinancialAid On Behalf of Reily Gordon...I have completed the FAFSA and the custodial Portion of the CSS. What if the non-custodial portion is not handed in by the 2/1 deadline. Also do I need to provide copies of my 2012 tax return and if so what is the deadline for me mailing copies?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> KatherineGordon Hi Katherine,

The NC parent form is required by 2/1. But don't panic - we will be as flexible as possible with this. We will not require copies of tax returns until after a student has been admitted and enrolled.
GiovannaBraganza -> Beth_FinancialAid My parents have not filed they're taxes yet because they have not received their forms yet from where they work. The soonest they can have their taxes done is Feb 4th, which is past the deadline. Does that mean that I will not be able to receive any financial aid? Or will I just not receive priority? Is there any way that I wouldn't get penalized for sending it in late?
Beth_FinancialAid -> GiovannaBraganza Hi Giovanna - most families have not yet filed income taxes, since they are not due until April. You should estimate income information on the financial aid application, and try to be as accurate as possible, as the financial aid award eligibility will initially be based on those estimates. We will verify/update your income with a copy of your/your parents' tax returns if you enroll.
UnnatiSinghania -> Lisa_FinancialAid To apply for International student financial aid is submitting the CSS form enough?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> UnnatiSinghania Hi! The CSS Profile is all we will need for your international application for financial aid.
AlanChajet -> Lisa_FinancialAid This is a hypothetical scenario and question. A student is accepted and between the financial aid from the college and the family contribution, the attendance to Skidmore becomes reality. And then, the father, the main source of income in the family loses his job. How would this affect the student's financial aid or his ability to continue the studies?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> AlanChajet Hi Alan,

We look at a student's situation each year. So if there is a change in family situation, we will take that into account in their financial aid package.
DavidNdereba -> Lisa_FinancialAid Warm greetings, I am an international, Kenyan, applicant to Skidmore. I have already submitted my financial aid application. However, just to be sure that my application is complete, I am prompted to ask: Besides the CSS Profile, is there any other financial aid application form required from me? I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for this opportunity. Have a fruitful chat session. Sincerely, Ndereba David
Lisa_FinancialAid -> DavidNdereba Hi Ndereba,

You should be all set. All we require from students right now is the CSS Profile.
EvelynLifsey -> Tom_Admissions What is a typical work study award? Aside from loans, what is an average fin aid (scholarship) award for a typical middle class family with 4 kids?
Tom_Admissions -> EvelynLifsey Hi Evelyn - the typical work-study award at Skidmore is $2,000/year. The average need-based scholarship is approximately $31,000, and that is based on an average income of about $100,000 - very roughly speaking. "middle class" means many different things to many different people, so difficult to address that definition here. I do strongly recommend that you check out our Net Price Calculator found on the financial aid page of You can get a personalized estimate of financial aid on the spot!
MarkGuidoI -> Lisa_FinancialAid I have already submitted the financial aid forms; both FAFSA and CSS Profile. Have you received them? Thank you.
Lisa_FinancialAid -> MarkGuidoI Hi Mark,

You can call the Financial Aid Office directly or email us at to see if we have received your application.
JermaineB -> Tom_Admissions Hello Tom, regarding the FYE program how does the college go about selecting the 36 students, and should the applicant receive financial aid, will it be covered in the package or the applicant is responsible for funding the cost?
Tom_Admissions -> JermaineB Hi JermaineB. The FYE London Program is filled on a first come; first served basis. The cost is the same when going to London with the exception that we recommend having a little more spending money for students while abroad.
LisaScher -> Lisa_FinancialAid We have filled out the CSS form. We are financially strapped and would prefer not to spend any more money. Some schools allow you to send the printed out forms. Will Skidmore take the forms printed out on paper, or electronically?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> LisaScher Hi Lisa,

We only accept electronic CSS applications.
XimeBuller -> Lisa_FinancialAid As an international student, what forms do i have to submit to the college to request financial aid? I have been told to submit the CSS profile online and the college board "International Student Financial Aid Application" that im sending by mail. Is there any other form I need to submit?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> XimeBuller Hi XimeBuller,

The CSS on-line profile is all we need from international students.
ChloeMother -> Tom_Admissions Are there need, academic/merit, and/or talent-based institutional grants or scholarships specific to Skidmore College?
Tom_Admissions -> ChloeMother Hello ChloeMother! Skidmore has two merit based scholarships. One is the Filene Music Scholarship and the other is the Porter Math and Science Scholarship. Information on how to apply to these scholarships can be found on Skidmore's website.
LuYue -> Beth_FinancialAid 1. What is your financial aid policy to international student? 2. If aid you provide can't meet my demand, do I get to have any student employment or loans? 3. If I decide to join any study abroad program, can I still get the financial aid for that year?
Beth_FinancialAid -> LuYue Hi Lu - we meet the calculated demonstrated finanical need of all our admitted students that apply by our financial aid Feb 1st deadline. That is true for international and domestic students. We include student employment as part of all need-based financial aid awards. Any student going on one of our 150+ approved abroad programs pays essentially the same as if they were studying on campus - students remain eligible for their financial aid awards, in other words. Hope that helps!
kgraybu -> Lisa_FinancialAid Does your February 1st CSS deadline mean I have to have my CSS submitted by that date?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> kgraybu Hi Kgraybu,

Yes, you need to have processed your CSS Profile by the Feb. 1 deadline.
BilalWarsi -> Tom_Admissions Will applying for financial aid affect an applicant's admission decission.
Tom_Admissions -> BilalWarsi Hi BilalWarsi! Skidmore is a a need aware institution, meaning that financial aid may play a role in the admissions decision.
JermaineB -> Tom_Admissions Thanks much @Tom
Tom_Admissions -> JermaineB You're welcome, JermaineB!
XimeBull -> Lisa_FinancialAid What forms do i need to submit to the college in order to request Financial Aid apart from the CSS profile online?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> XimeBull Hi XimeBull,

The on-line CSS Profile is the only application you need.
XimeBuller -> Lisa_FinancialAid Do loans apply for international students too?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> XimeBuller Hi XimeBuller,

Generally international students do not qualify for student loans.
JessicaKrainchich -> Beth_FinancialAid Do you require any supporting documents sent directly to your office, ie copies of 2011 or 2012 tax filings? Do you require NY state residents to apply for TAP? Thanks
Beth_FinancialAid -> JessicaKrainchich Hi Jessica - we only require supporting documents for students who ultimately enroll at Skidmore. One is not "required" to apply for TAP, but we will estimate a TAP award as part of the financial award if the student is from NYS and appears to qualify.
Tom_Admissions -> LL Hi LL! There is no online tool, but Skidmore will contact students if there is missing material for thier application. We do not penalize students for any missing items.
eliza18 -> Lisa_FinancialAid can i have an extension with the deadlines?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> eliza18 Hi Eliza18,

We will need to receive the CSS profile information by Feb. 1.
DedeALatey -> Beth_FinancialAid Are the under listed the sole documents required for financial aid application? 1) CSS profile 2)2011 bank statement
Beth_FinancialAid -> DedeALatey Hi Dede! Only the PROFILE is required for financial aid consideration until/unless the student is accepted and then enrolls at Skidmore.
XimeBuller -> Lisa_FinancialAid Is the FAFSA required for International Students? if so, how do i get past the question about the 'social security number' which international students do not have?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> XimeBuller Hi XimeBuller,

We do not require the FAFSA for international students.
rachelda -> Tom_Admissions Hi! I was wondering if their are any scholarships available for people (esp. women) going into STEM majors (like medicine or engineering).
Tom_Admissions -> rachelda Hi rachelda. The only scholarship offered for an STEM field is the Porter Math and Science Scholarship. This scholarship is not specific to either gender.
PamMcNic -> Lisa_FinancialAid I don't want to bother people in the Financial Aid office, since I know you are so busy, so I wonder if there is some way to check online whether the CSS Profile was received by Skidmore.
Lisa_FinancialAid -> PamMcNic Hi PamMcNic,

Please feel free to call our office at any time. Our staff can quickly look to see if your CSS Profile information has been received.
eliza18 -> Lisa_FinancialAid I can not afford to pay for the CSS profile are there any alternatives?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> eliza18 Hi Eliza18,

The CSS Fee can be waived by the College Board for low income students.
KajalAgrawal -> Beth_FinancialAid Dear Financial Aid Coordinator, I am an international student from India applying for undergraduate program for Fall 2013. My name can be spelled in two ways, both as 'Kajal Agrawal' and 'Kajal Agarwal'. I have used the first spelling on my admission application and the second on my financial application. I hope this has not created confusions and that both my applications have been merged. Thank you
Beth_FinancialAid -> KajalAgrawal Hi Kajal - we send emails to students upon the "complete" status of their financial application. Please check and see if you have received this type of email from the Skidmore financial aid office? If not, then please feel free to email with both spellings of your name and we can look it up and get back to you! : )
christine -> Tom_Admissions Hi, Thanks for doing this. What is the deadline for the Porter math and science scholarship? We have submitted our regular admission application and our CSS Profile. Is there a way for us parents to check what Skidmore has received.
Tom_Admissions -> christine Hello christine! The folks in the admissions office identify students who would be good candidates for the Porter Math and Science Scholarship so if you forgot to check the box on the application, there is no need to worry! You will hear from Skidmore if any materials are missing from your child's application. We do not penalize applicants for any missing material.
KyeRyongPark -> Beth_FinancialAid Hello, I am an international student who applied to Skidmore via regular decision. I have already submitted CSS profile, and was wondering if I need to send in my mom's tax return for year 2012 once it is ready in early February. Although I am an international student, I am currently living in the United States and my mom is working in here as well. Please tell me if there are any documents to submit other than CSS profile if there are any. My email address is thank you so much.
Beth_FinancialAid -> KyeRyongPark Hi Kye - if you have submitted the PROFILE you are in good shape as that is all we need at this time for you to be considered for financial aid.
Andy -> Lisa_FinancialAid Oops, we've done the FAFSA but I'm not aware of the CSS profile. Is that for US applicants too?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Andy Hi Andy,

Yes, Skidmore requires the on-line CSS Profile to be completed. You can access a link directly on the Financial Aid page of the Skidmore website. You can also go to and search for CSS Profile.
eliza18 -> Lisa_FinancialAid if i email the financial aid office for a waiver code will i get a response soon enough that i wont miss the deadline? and if i do can i get an extension?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> eliza18 Hi Eliza,

You will need to contact the College Board directly for a fee waiver.
XimeBuller -> Beth_FinancialAid Are full scholarships or grants rare for international students?
Beth_FinancialAid -> XimeBuller Dear Xime, we meet the demonstrated financial need of all our admitted students (as long as we have a "complete" financial aid application by February 1st), including international students. Our budget is limited, but very high grant awards are not rare for families with very low income.
Bruce -> Lisa_FinancialAid Hello - Our CSS is not complete as we are still waiting for dividend/interest statements. I will wait until February 1st, but then should I provide numbers from last year?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Bruce Hi Bruce,

Please complete the CSS Profile by the February 1 deadline! You can estimate your divident income.
Sameah -> Lisa_FinancialAid Can I submit the International Student Financial Aid Application instead of the CSS profile?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Sameah Hi Sameah,

No, we require the on-line CSS Profile to be completed.
PamMcNic -> Lisa_FinancialAid Lisa, your response to MarkGuidoI answers my question. Thank you all for your time. This chat session was helpful. We're so excited about Skidmore!! Have a nice day.
Lisa_FinancialAid -> PamMcNic :-)
eliza18 -> Beth_FinancialAid is there a problem if i didnt apply for a merit scholarship?
Beth_FinancialAid -> eliza18 Hi Eliza - there is no problem! : ) If you are applying for need-based financial aid (based on your family's financial situation) then we only need the PROFILE ( We have two merit-based scholarships - the Filene music scholarship and the Porter math/science scholarship. These awards are the only merit awards Skidmore has, and they are independent of the need-based grants we offer. Hope that answers your question!
LL -> Lisa_FinancialAid For international students whose parents are divorced, does the non-custodial parent need to submit the Non-custodial profile? By the way, my non-custodial parent is self-employed. What finaid app & documents do I need to submit?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> LL Hi,

Yes, international students are required to provide the NC profile if their parents are divorced.
eliza18 -> Lisa_FinancialAid are there any extensions for the deadline?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> eliza18 Hi Eliza,

You need to complete the CSS profile by the Feb. 1 deadline in order to be considered for financial aid.
Andy -> Beth_FinancialAid Thank you for the chance to ask questions. My son Jesse has sent application and FAFSA to you with high hopes. I have an older son at Bucknell and next year will have to juggle two tuitions through loans, etc. Do you take that into consideration as you look at financial need?
Beth_FinancialAid -> Andy Great question, Andy! Yes, the number of dependents in a household that are simultaneously attending college can have a significant effect on the demonstrated financial need of the student. The higher your demonstrated need, the higher your eligibility for grant assistance. Please remember, Andy, we require the PROFILE (by February 1st), and eventually the FAFSA for domestic, enrolled students.
JermaineB -> Lisa_FinancialAid Does the finacial aid package change with response to inflation or other increase in cost or is it fixed for the applicant's 4 years?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> JermaineB Hi JermaineB,

Students re-apply for financial aid each of their 4 years at Skidmore. Our financial aid budget adjusts each year to take into account any increases in tuition or other charges.
Rea -> Lisa_FinancialAid Hello , my name is Rea and I am an international applicant from Greece. I would like to ask you if Skidmore College has a need-blind policy for international applicants.
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Rea Hi Rea,

Skidmore is a need-aware school for all of our applicants.
BilalWarsi -> Lisa_FinancialAid Hi am Bilal Warsi; applicant from Pakistan. Can you tell me what is Skidmore's policy on off campus jobs for international students ?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> BilalWarsi HI BilalWarsi,

Our international students are eligible to participate in our campus work study program.
basom -> Beth_FinancialAid what are chances of international student to get financial aid?
Beth_FinancialAid -> basom Hi basom, the answer to your question depends upon the number of applicants we have in a year and the number of those applicants needing financial assistance. We will do our best; and we promise to meet the calculated need of all our admitted students who file the PROFILE by the February 1st deadline.
rachelda -> Tom_Admissions Hi! Can more than one person win the Porter Math/ Science Scholarship, or does that only go to one applicant? Also, is this a four-year scholarship, or does is it only given for your first year?
Tom_Admissions -> rachelda Hi rachelda. The Porter Scholarship is usually given to four students every year and it lasts all four years of college.
ChloeMother -> Beth_FinancialAid What is the total cost of a Skidmore College education (including room and board) for the year 2013-2014?
Beth_FinancialAid -> ChloeMother Hi ChloeMother - our costs for 2013-14 are estimated to be approximately $58,000 for tuition/fees/room/board.
rachelda -> Lisa_FinancialAid If we feel the aid we're offered isn't sufficient enough for our family's situation, are there other options such as campus-work programs, internships through classes, etc.? If not, how difficult would it be for students to find a part-time job in the Saratoga area?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> rachelda Hi Rachelda,

Our freshman financial aid packages generally include a colleg work study award. Students find a job on-campus. There is a great local bus system that students use to go to downtown Saratoga.
Chieko -> Lisa_FinancialAid Hi. My son submitted the application via Common Application. We submitted CSS Profile about a week ago, thanks to Skidmore, we got a fee waiver code. He is an international student. Is CSS Profile enought?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Chieko Hi Chieko,

Yes, the CSS Profile is the only application we need.
Chieko -> Lisa_FinancialAid What is the percentage of international students who are getting the financial aid?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Chieko All admitted students ,domestic and internationl, who submit their Profile by the deadline and who demonstrate financial need are offered assistance. This year about 50% of our admitted international students received an award.
BidushiAdhikari -> Beth_FinancialAid Hello. I have been wondering how much financial aid the average International student get at the college in his/her first year. Typically, what are the average GPA and scores for these students? This is just to give me some rough idea. Thank you!
Beth_FinancialAid -> BidushiAdhikari hi Bidushi - the amount of finanical aid for any student depends entirely upon the demonstrated need of that student. It ranges from $2,000 per year to the full amount of our costs. Skidmore can not really answer the average GPA of entering students. We can't do this because we see applicants from so many different schools that it is difficult to calculate an average GPA of an entering student. The most important thing we see is the difficulty of an academic program that a student has chosen. If you are doing well in a challenging program, you are in the ballpark for admission.
eliza18 -> Lisa_FinancialAid how can i waive the CSS?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> eliza18 Eliza,

You can contact the College Board directly through their website.
XimeBull -> Lisa_FinancialAid If my parents are not required to pay taxes, what supporting documents should i send with the CSS profile?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> XimeBull Hi XimeBull,

We do not require any supporting documention. Just the completed CSS Profile.
basom -> Beth_FinancialAid Can I send salary slip of my parent as substitute of bank statement as supporting document of css profile
Beth_FinancialAid -> basom basom - good news, we do not require supporting documentation until/unless you are enrolled and we will work with you on the documentation needed if that happy occurrence should come to pass! : )
christine -> Lisa_FinancialAid Thanks Tom. Also wondering if freshman receiving financial aid are able to work on campus and if so, when would Aidan need to investigate job opportunities.
Lisa_FinancialAid -> christine Hi Christine,

Yes, Freshman are allowe to work on campus. First year students who want to work are allowed to work in the Dining Hall. Students attend a Work Study orientation once on campus in the fall.
Nhien15 -> Beth_FinancialAid I am a Vietnamese applying to Skidmore this year. However, my family was migrating to U.S and currently I am staying in Houston. I have not yet got my Green Card but I already got the temporary green card stamp on my passport. What should I do to change my status from International to U.S resident?
Beth_FinancialAid -> Nhien15 Hello Nhien - can you email with the particulars of your status? We need to research your documentation to see if you qualify under Federal regulations and get back to you. Thank you!
ReemLebanon -> Lisa_FinancialAid Hello, I am an international RD applicant. I am wondering whether I could be denied admission if my need (as indicated on the CSS) is too high to be met by Skidmore? Or will I get accpeted but with a lower financial-aid package than expected? I guess I'm asking... Do you only accept students if you can meet their full-need or do you accept them even if only partial-need is met? Thank you
Lisa_FinancialAid -> ReemLebanon HiReemLebanon,

Skidmore will meet the full demonstrated need of all of its accepted students.
christine -> Tom_Admissions I know you're probably swamped so thanks so much for taking time to do this. It was very helpful.
Tom_Admissions -> christine You're very welcome, christine!
conny -> Panelist(s) How do you calculate the demonstrated need?
ChloeMother -> Beth_FinancialAid Are there scholarships available to Skidmore Legacy students/
Beth_FinancialAid -> ChloeMother Hi there ChloeMother - we have three main "types" of scholarships/grants. 1. need-based, based upon the financial need of the family. 2. Porter math/science, a merit scholarship for math/science students. 3. Filene scholarship, upon winning of a music competition in April. Hope that sufficiently answers your question! : )
XimeBull -> Lisa_FinancialAid Do you only start checking CSS profiles form the 1st of February? and Do i get better chances of receiving Financial Aid if i send my profile earlier?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> XimeBull Hi XimeBull,

We will begin to look at the CSS Profile applications after the Feb. 1 deadline.
rachelda -> Tom_Admissions Will we find out about our financial aid/ scholarship offers at the same time we receive our admissions decisions, or are they received separately?
Tom_Admissions -> rachelda rachelda, student's receive financial aid awards with their admissions decisions.
Lou -> Lisa_FinancialAid how do I update a previously submitted CSS application?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Lou Hi Lou,

Any updates that you may have will have to be submitted directly to the college.
XimeBull -> Beth_FinancialAid What about international students? Is the FAFSA also required once they are admitted?
Beth_FinancialAid -> XimeBull Xime - the FAFSA is only required at Skidmore for enrolled domestic students, international students should NOT file the FAFSA. : )
christine -> Lisa_FinancialAid I know you're probably swamped so thanks so much for taking time to do this. It was very helpful.
Lisa_FinancialAid -> christine :-)
conny -> Beth_FinancialAid is financial aid available for international students and how much?
Beth_FinancialAid -> conny Hi Conny, yes Skidmore has financial aid for international students and awards grants based on demonstrated financial need.
Chieko -> Lisa_FinancialAid If the college provides the financial aid to international students, does the package include on campus working? Does s/he have to work during the academic year?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Chieko Hi Chieko,

International students are able to work on campus through the work study program.
ReemLebanon -> Tom_Admissions Lots of good questions, lots of helpful answers. Thank you and good night!
Tom_Admissions -> ReemLebanon You got it, ReemLebanon!
San -> Lisa_FinancialAid Hi, will I be at a disadvantage if I submit my FAFSA and CSS profile close to the deadline?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> San Hi San,

We will begin to review Profile information after the February 1 deadlline. You will not be at any disadvantage if you meet the deadline.
conny -> Beth_FinancialAid How do you calculate how much a family will be able to pay? Do you take the question into account: "how much do you think your parents are able to pay"? and will the answer to this question affect the chances to be admitted?
Beth_FinancialAid -> conny Hi again, Conny - we use the standard formulas to determine the estimated family contribution of our students. We do review the answer to the question about parental contribution, but most heavily rely on the formula. The answer to that question has no bearing on the admission process.
JermaineB -> Tom_Admissions Thank you very much for your time and patience, it was very helpful and appreciated. Enjoy the rest of your week.
Tom_Admissions -> JermaineB Same to you, JermaineB!
cobbydollar -> Lisa_FinancialAid if both parents are retired (age 60 and above) and they both have a part time job, does it have a significant effect on the financial aid an international student receives? Thank you
Lisa_FinancialAid -> cobbydollar Hi Cobbydollar,

The CSS Profile requires current financial information for both parents. The Profile calculation will use that information to provide an estimated family contribution that is reasonable for each particular family situation.
ReemLebanon -> Lisa_FinancialAid Lots of good questions, lots of helpful answers. Thank you and good night!
Lisa_FinancialAid -> ReemLebanon :-)
JermaineB -> Lisa_FinancialAid Thank you very much for your time and patience, it was very helpful and appreciated. Enjoy the rest of your week.
Lisa_FinancialAid -> JermaineB :-)
Chieko -> Lisa_FinancialAid >Lisa, Thank you for your reply. If a student doesn't want to work during the academic year, can she choose not to work? Or FA package always includ the Work Study Program?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Chieko Chieko,

The typical financial aid package includes a work study job. However, students can choose not to work.
Norm -> Beth_FinancialAid In the CSS Profile Skidmore supplement SQ318, you ask "Is the college authorized to discuss the family's information wtih the student or to release the family's information to financial aid agencies and scholarship donors providing aid to the student?" As a parent, I would rather have financial aid information discussed with parents not the student. As to releasing family information to financial aid agencies and scholarship donors, I'm OK with that. How do I answer SQ318? It looks like there are two questions that could have two different answers. Should I cover that in the ES (special circumstances) section?
Beth_FinancialAid -> Norm Hi Norm! Thanks for the question! The financial aid information is the student's financial aid information, so correspondence will be between the student and the college. Please do feel free to outline any specific concern you have in the special circumstances question, we look carefully at those comments as well.
XimeBull -> Lisa_FinancialAid Thank you all so much for this great opportunity to ask questions! It was amazingly helpful! :D Have an awesome day! Ximena
Lisa_FinancialAid -> XimeBull :-)
Dechen -> Tom_Admissions What about scholarship
Tom_Admissions -> Dechen Hi Dechen! Skidmore offers need-based financial aid as well as two merit scholarships in music and math/science. I hope this helps!
XimeBull -> Tom_Admissions Thank you all so much for this great opportunity to ask questions! It was amazingly helpful! :D Have an awesome day! Ximena
Tom_Admissions -> XimeBull I am glad you enjoyed it, XimeBull!
LL -> Beth_FinancialAid Is there an online tool for applicants to check if any admission or finaid application material is received?
Beth_FinancialAid -> LL Hi LL , with regard to financial aid application, the financial aid office sends an automatic email to applicants once the financial aid application is complete. After the student enrolls, there is an online tool to see what additional documents would next be required, what has been received, etc.
San -> Tom_Admissions Thank you for the response! By the way, how much do SAT subject tests factor in admission decisions? I was not able to take them in/before January because of the high international fees (I am a US citizen living abroad). Will taking them in May compensate for this?
Tom_Admissions -> San Hi San! Skidmore does not require SAT subject tests so you don't need to worry about it!
ReemLebanon -> Beth_FinancialAid Hello, I am an international applicant... I'm wondering whether I could be denied admission if my full need (as indicated on the CSS) can not be met by Skidmore? Or will I get some sort of financial package anyway that does not necessarily meet my full need?
Beth_FinancialAid -> ReemLebanon Hi Reem, we meet the demonstrated financial need of all of our admitted students who complete their financial aid application by the Feb 1st deadline! : )
Decdol -> Lisa_FinancialAid I do not know how to answer because my parents are jobless
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Decdol Hi Decdol,

Skidmore requires that you complete the CSS Profile by the Feb. 1 deadline. Your parents can complete the parental questions to the best of their ability. If they are not working, that can be indicated on the application.
Nhien15 -> Beth_FinancialAid Hi, I heard from some of my friends it is easier for U.S residents to receive financial aid package. Is that true?
Beth_FinancialAid -> Nhien15 Hi Nhien - regardless of whether one is a domestic student or an international student, the most qualified of our applicants - at any college - are more likely to be admitted and offered aid. It is a more competitive process for International students who are in need of financial assistance, and how competitive it is fluctuates from year to year depending upon the number of Skidmore applicants. Hope that helps!
LL -> Tom_Admissions Can submit AP scores by email attachment or must send an official report via College Board?
Tom_Admissions -> LL LL, You may submit your AP scores either way. If you want to send an email, then send the scores through the college board later, that would be fine.
Mo -> Lisa_FinancialAid Do you need the FAFSA as well as the CSS Profile?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Mo Hi Mo,

No, we only require the CSS Profile at this point.
San -> Lisa_FinancialAid Well, I have to get back to completing my CSS Profile!! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!
Lisa_FinancialAid -> San Hi San!

Good luck! :-)
Mo -> Tom_Admissions HOw do you get into the opportunity programs?
Tom_Admissions -> Mo Hi Mo! The admissions office identifies students for the Opportunity Program. All you have to do is apply to Skidmore on the Common Application and we will bring your file (if you qualify) to the Opportunity Office.
Heajer -> Beth_FinancialAid Hello, I am Heajer; an international student from Tunisia. I already sent my CSS Profile but I am wondering if you need any additional docs like tax/income translated docs. Thank you
Beth_FinancialAid -> Heajer Dear Heajer - good news, students only need to submit supporting documentation upon our request once enrolled! : )
San -> Tom_Admissions Well, I have to get back to completing my CSS Profile!! Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions!
Tom_Admissions -> San You are welcome, San!!
Tianhao -> Lisa_FinancialAid Hi, does foreign applicant have based-need? How many chanes?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Tianhao Hi Tianho,

Yes Skidmore has financial aid for international students and awards grants based on demonstrated financial need.
Kyle -> Beth_FinancialAid Hi all! My question is, when filling out the profile, my husband and I are separated, but we file our taxes together, so should we fill out the profile as if we live together? I've got all the information for both of us, so do we still have to fill out the non-custodial piece?
Beth_FinancialAid -> Kyle Hey Kyle - very common question. If you are separated from your spouse and not living together, you should complete the PROFILE (and FAFSA) as "separated." The rule is, whichever parent the student lived with most in the prior 12 months to completing the application is the parent whose information should be provided on the form(s). That parent, whom I will informally refer to as the "custodial" parent, would provide only their portion of income, taxes paid and assets on the financial aid application(s). The other parent, whom I will informally refer to as the "non-custodial" parent would then complete what is called a non-custodial PROFILE. Hopefully that answers your question, feel free to email with any specific questions as well. : )
Mo -> Lisa_FinancialAid Which do you count more heavily, income or savings? Parent is unemployed, and living of savings.
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Mo Hi Mo,

We use the CSS Profile to determine the expected family contribution (EFC) for student. The EFC is based on both income and assets and is dependent upon each particular family's situation.
CynthiaM -> Lisa_FinancialAid Hi! I submitted the FAFSA, too. Is that a problem? Will you just not review it?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> CynthiaM Hi Cynthia,

It is not a problem if you also submitted the FAFSA. Skidmore does not access that information util after a student has been admitted and enrolled.
BilalWarsi -> Beth_FinancialAid Can you please tell me what has been the average financial aid provided to international students in past years with parents having income of only $ 14000 per year.
Beth_FinancialAid -> BilalWarsi Hi Bilal - the answer to that question depends, in part, upon the country of residence of the student/parent, as well as the amount of any assets, family size and more. So, I am sorry that I cannot specifically answer that here, but let me assure you that it is rare that an International student tells us they cannot afford Skidmore after taking into consideration the amount of financial aid we offer.
conny -> Lisa_FinancialAid Is it ok if I base the CSS-profile on the income tax from 2010? I have not filled out the documents for 2011 and 2012 but will do in the next weeks. I think there is not a big difference.
Lisa_FinancialAid -> conny Hi Conny,

You can use estimated information on the CSS Profile. Any updated information can then be submitted directly to our office.
LL -> Beth_FinancialAid I'm an int'l student. My parents are divorced. My custodial parent is employed in the U.S. but my non-custodial parent is self-employed overseas. How should I complete finaid applications then?
Beth_FinancialAid -> LL Hi LL, with regard to your divorced parents situation, the parent with whom you lived with most in the prior 12 months is the parent whose income and asset information must be provided on the PROFILE. The other parent will need to complete the "non-custodial PROFILE" also. So, we collect data from both parents.
BilalWarsi -> Lisa_FinancialAid Is student's pay directly credited to their bank accounts or is used anyway to pay for their college expenses such as tution fee and etc ?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> BilalWarsi Hi BilalWarsi,

Student earnings through the college work study program are provided directly to the student either in the form of a check or through bank direct deposit.
Charlie -> Lisa_FinancialAid Hello, I am an international student orphaned at an early age. Since high school I've worked to support myself and I have to apply for financial aid, but I cannot afford the CSS profile fee. I am hoping to qualify for some sort of fee waiver if that is at all possible?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Charlie Hi Charlie,

You can contact to inquire about an international student fee waiver.
XimeBull -> Beth_FinancialAid Once I get notified if i entered Skidmore or not, will i also be told if i got Financial Aid?
Beth_FinancialAid -> XimeBull Hi Xime - excellent question. Our financial aid decisions are sent with the admission decision, so yes you will be notified at the same time - as long as we have a complete financial aid application for you! : )
Mo -> Tom_Admissions Also, when will we know if my child got in and when will we know if he got enough aid that he can go?
Tom_Admissions -> Mo Mo, Our decisions are mailed around mid to late March and the financial aid award comes with an admission decision.
conny -> Tom_Admissions Thank you very much for your help and information. Have a nice day!
Tom_Admissions -> conny Same to you, Conny!
cobbydollar1 -> Lisa_FinancialAid Both of my parents are retired(age 60 and above) but they both keep a part time job, will this have a significant effect on the financial aid I'd receive as an international student? Thank you
Lisa_FinancialAid -> cobbydollar1 Hi Cobbydollar1,

The CSS Profile information is used to deteremine a family's EFC - estimated family contribution. The calculation takes into account both a family's income and assets.
Lou -> Beth_FinancialAid Hi, we own a company that has currently filed through 12/31/2010 tax returns. How can this information be explained on the Financial Aid forms? or do we just estimate what our 2012 estimates will be and update as we have the 2011 numbers which will be after the deadline? The financial returns really do not change much from year to year. Thank you.
Beth_FinancialAid -> Lou Hello, Lou - you mention the company files delayed tax returns, so I am assuming your personal tax return is filed either by April 15th or October. If so, and actually in any case, you should estimate your personal AGI/taxes for 2012 and be as accurate as possible, as the financial aid award will be based upon your estimate and then verified (eventually) with your tax return. The delay in your company tax return should not significantly effect our estimate of financial aid, and the stable income from year to year should help with all estimates. : )
David -> Lisa_FinancialAid Just joined the chat, following up on Mo's question, I saw somewhere on the Skidmore website that the financial aid forms were due by Feb 1. My daughter has already been accepted via early decision, and I submitted the CSS profile back in November. I was under the impression that I now had to submit the FAFSA by Feb 1. Is that true or not?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> David Hi David,

Congratulations to your daughter! You do not have to submit the FAFSA by Feb. 1. We will be asking for that later in the process.
conny -> Lisa_FinancialAid Thank you very much for your help and information. Have a nice day!
Lisa_FinancialAid -> conny :-)
Leela -> Lisa_FinancialAid Hi, are there any additional forms that I need to fill out other than the FAFSA and the CSS Profile? My parents are together and I don't have a farm or business.
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Leela Hi Leela,

At this time all that we require is the CSS Profile.
Mo -> Lisa_FinancialAid Thank you very much. Back to doing the CSS Profile. is there a way to get the fee waived for this profile?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Mo Hi Mo,

You can contact the College Board directly for information on a fee waiver.
Kyle -> Lisa_FinancialAid Thanks, Beth. And thanks to all of you. This has been a wonderful thing to watch and participate in. I appreciate the time you all took to do this!
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Kyle :-)
Mo -> Lisa_FinancialAid Thanks so much for all of your help. I appreciate it.
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Mo :-)
Kyle -> Tom_Admissions Thanks, Beth. And thanks to all of you. This has been a wonderful thing to watch and participate in. I appreciate the time you all took to do this!
Tom_Admissions -> Kyle It was our pleasure, Kyle!
conny -> Beth_FinancialAid Do you consider the question "how much do you think your parents are able to pay"? Will the answer to this question affect the seize of the financial aid award or is the family contribution mainly calculated according to the income?
Beth_FinancialAid -> conny Dear Conny - the family contribution is mainly calculated from income, assets, family size and number in college. Check out our Net Price Calculator on the aid homepage? We look at the parent's own assessment of contribution (which should never include borrowing, and should be realistic) but almost always use the calculated family contribution.
Mo -> Tom_Admissions Thanks so much for all of your help. I appreciate it.
Tom_Admissions -> Mo You are very welcome, Mo!
christine -> Beth_FinancialAid I know you're probably swamped so thanks so much for taking time to do this. It was very helpful.
Beth_FinancialAid -> christine Thank you, Christine! We are happy to try and help folks through this complicated process! : )
Leela -> Lisa_FinancialAid My CSS Profile was based on estimates. Is that okay?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Leela Hi Leela,

Yes it is fine that the profile is based on estimates!
conny -> Beth_FinancialAid How do you calculate the demonstrated need?
Beth_FinancialAid -> conny Hello, Conny - need is calculated by taking the college's cost of attendance the calculated family contribution = a family's demonstrated financial need at that particular college.
ReemLebanon -> Beth_FinancialAid Lots of good questions, lots of helpful answers. Thank you and good night!
Beth_FinancialAid -> ReemLebanon Thanks, Reem!
CynthiaM -> Tom_Admissions I agree! The chats are helpful as many parents (and students) have similar questions, so we can learn from one another - and from you.
Tom_Admissions -> CynthiaM We are glad you think these are helpful, CynthiaM! We are happy help with this arduous process.
Lou -> Lisa_FinancialAid As owners of the company our personal returns coincide with the company's filing. Therefore, our personal returns filed are also as of tax year 2010. We can definitely give a good estimate for TY 2012 as the information on our personal returns are pretty stable as you mentioned. Therefore, am I safe to assume that I should fill out the financial aid (CSS) forms with the estimated numbers?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Lou Lou,

Yes, you can go ahead and use estimated numbers!
CynthiaM -> Lisa_FinancialAid I agree! The chats are helpful as many parents (and students) have similar questions, so we can learn from one another - and from you.
Lisa_FinancialAid -> CynthiaM :-)
JermaineB -> Beth_FinancialAid Thank you very much for your time and patience, it was very helpful and appreciated. Enjoy the rest of your week.
Beth_FinancialAid -> JermaineB You too, Jermaine!
XimeBull -> Beth_FinancialAid Thank you all so much for this great opportunity to ask questions! It was amazingly helpful! :D Have an awesome day! Ximena
Beth_FinancialAid -> XimeBull Thanks, Xime!! : )
BilalWarsi -> Lisa_FinancialAid Can you please indicate a method through which an international student can calculate his/her approximate financial aid as your calculator isn't meant for international students ?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> BilalWarsi Hi BilalWarsi,

Unfortunately we do not have a tool for international students.
BilalWarsi -> Beth_FinancialAid During work study program is the amount earned by students paid to students in cash or is it directly deducted from their expected participation towards their fee ?
Beth_FinancialAid -> BilalWarsi Hello, Bilal - think of work-study as simply a job on campus like any other job. The worker/student earns a paycheck depending upon the number of hours worked in the prior two weeks. The student/worker can use those funds however they need to - for personal expenses, to save and purchase books for the next semester, even for pizza! : )
Chieko -> Lisa_FinancialAid Thank you very much for providing this chat. Very helpful.
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Chieko :-)
Lou -> Lisa_FinancialAid Thank you. The only clarification we need is that it is OK to estimate on the CSS forms based on what we believe our 2012 situation will show, since the income (our salary draw and profit/loss from business) is relatively stable. Once we are up to date with the tax filings that information can be sent later on????
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Lou Lou,

That is correct. When you have the finalized information you will send that directly to our office.
stacey -> Beth_FinancialAid I was told we would need to fill out the business farm supplement and I have some questions about that. My husband has a small consulting business and we do file a schedule C. Because it's such a small business, most of the form does not apply to us. Do you still want a copy? Will you need a copy of our taxes as well?
Beth_FinancialAid -> stacey Hi Stacey, if you could fill out the business supplement it will help us see the small nature of the business - and that will help you! : ) We will not need a copy of your tax return until/unless the student is admitted and then enrolls at Skidmore! : )
BilalWarsi -> Lisa_FinancialAid Can you tell me the maximum and minimum number of hours a freshman could devote for work in a week ?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> BilalWarsi BilalWarsi,

Students typically work 8 - 10 per week.
Jan -> Tom_Admissions Hello Tom, I would like to ask you what is the date when I, as an international student, could get my admission and financial aid decisions? Thank you. Jan Vlcek
Tom_Admissions -> Jan Hi Jan. Skidmore still mails our decision letters and we mail those letters around mid-March. Some of our international decisions are sent a little earlier because we know they have a further trip than some of our domestic decisions.
Chieko -> Tom_Admissions Thank you very much for providing this chat. Very helpful.
Tom_Admissions -> Chieko We are glad you thought this was helpful, Chieko!
Norm -> Tom_Admissions Great questions and wonderful answers. Thank you so much, Norm
Tom_Admissions -> Norm You are very welcome, Norm!
Lu -> Lisa_FinancialAid Hello, I have a question: do you know any different sources of scholarships outside of Skidmore for international students? I am doing a little research on the topic.
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Lu


Here is a link to the Financial Aid page of our website that has outside scholarship resources.
Mo -> Beth_FinancialAid If parent is not working and one gets financial aid one year, and then gets a job another year, will the aid decrease significantly?
Beth_FinancialAid -> Mo Hi Mo - the financial aid process IS an annual process, or an annual review of the student and family's financial circumstances. As those circumstances change (improve and/or worsen) changes would likely occur in the financial aid (it could increase or it could decrease). You might want to try out our Net Price Calculator with differing income amounts to see how income changes can affect the financial aid award eligibility.
BilalWarsi -> Tom_Admissions Are admission decisions e-mailed to students or do they receive after mid march and do students who are not accepted receive any any admission decision mail( electronic or hard)?
Tom_Admissions -> BilalWarsi Hi BilalWarsi. Admissions decisions are mailed to all students. We notify everyone who applied to Skidmore of their decision through the regular mail.
XimeBull -> Beth_FinancialAid My father has a considerably well paid job at the moment, but his contract with the employer will finish at the end of this year and his income will only rely on the low pension he gets from our home country. Will a radical change like this affect my consideration on my financial need? Will you consider my application as a whole or will you determine my financial aid according to what i can pay in the first year?
Beth_FinancialAid -> XimeBull Dear Xime - any student can appeal the financial aid award offered to them. If you are admitted and offered financial aid, and are worried about affording it, you can always email us to discuss it. We really do make a great effort and helping families understand the financial aid eligibility for the first year through the senior year, and how potential changes may affect financial aid now and in the future. So, stay in contact and we can go over your circumstances in detail, when/if appropriate. Hope that helps! : )
Lou -> Beth_FinancialAid As owners of the company our personal returns coincide with the company's filing. Therefore, our personal returns filed are also as of tax year 2010. We can definitely give a good estimate for TY 2012 as the information on our personal returns are pretty stable as you mentioned. Therefore, am I safe to assume that I should fill out the financial aid (CSS) forms with the estimated numbers?
Beth_FinancialAid -> Lou Hi Lou - yes, please file the PROFILE with your best estimate of 2012 income. That will also be required for the FAFSA. : )
XimeBull -> Beth_FinancialAid Is it an advantage if an international student seeks financial aid or scholarships through other programs outside Skidmore?
Beth_FinancialAid -> XimeBull Hi Xime, Skidmore's policy is to add any "outside" non-need based scholarships to be added on to any other financial aid the student is receiving, up to a maximum of our costs of attendance. Simply put: YES it is an advantage to the student to receive additional outside scholarships! : )
Jan -> Tom_Admissions Thank you for your answer. I have got one more question: I wanted to apply for Filene Milene Scholarship but because I had so much work with my applications, I didn't manage to send my record on time. Could it possibly have some impact if I send it now? Or could I apply next year if I get to study at Skidmore?
Tom_Admissions -> Jan Hi Jan. I would try contacting the Music Department to see if they will still accept CD's for the scholarship. Unfortunately, you can only apply for the Filene Music Scholarship as an entering freshman. Once you are enrolled at Skidmore, you are ineligible to compete.
Lu -> Lisa_FinancialAid Thank you for the link. It is very helpful. :)
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Lu Lu,

You are very welcome!
Bilal_Warsi -> Tom_Admissions After March 15th, can applicants call admission office to confirm their admission decisions ?
Tom_Admissions -> Bilal_Warsi Hi Bilal_Warsi. We do not confirm admissions decisions over the phone. If too much time passes and you have still not hard anything, you may contact the office to try and figure out a better way for the decision to reach you.
XimeBull -> Beth_FinancialAid I have sent the college board "Financial Aid Application for International Student" by regular mail and attached to it are the documents that the application asks for. Will you consider those papers as well for my financial aid or will you only consider the CSS profile at the moment?
Beth_FinancialAid -> XimeBull Hi Xime - if possible, we MUCH PREFER the online PROFILE. The information is generally more accurate (and often more legible) than what we receive on paper and then must data enter into our system to generate a financial aid record.
Susan -> Lisa_FinancialAid My daughter was accepted ED and I had already completed the CSS profile. We received her financial package with her acceptance. Do we still have to do FAFSA. And if yes, when is that deadline?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Susan Hi Susan,

Congratulations to your daughter! Our office will let you know when any additional information is needed. You do not have to complete the FAFSA by the Feb. 1 deadline.
Tianhao -> Beth_FinancialAid Hi, in London, how much is cost a year? thank you,
Beth_FinancialAid -> Tianhao Hi Tianhao, the tuition and fees are the same for our London abroad program as if the student were on campus. The room charge is slightly (approx. $800 for the semester) higher than if one were living on campus in a double room.
Tish -> Lisa_FinancialAid Hi, hope I am not to late and not redundant for all. My question is concerning CSS Profile. I have serious concern that my daughter's NCP form will not be submitted in a timely fashion or at all. What will be the implication of this? Is there a way I could submit what I know based on the information required?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Tish Hi Tish,

The NCP is required by the Feb. 1 deadline, but do not panic. We can be somewhat flexible with individual situations.
XimeBull -> Beth_FinancialAid Beth, i forgot to mention that i studied at the UWC in Swaziland so i immediately receive the Shelby Davis Scholarship of $ 10,000 when going to college in the US, so my question is: would you recommend i still seek for scholarships outside Skidmore?
Beth_FinancialAid -> XimeBull Hi Xime, the UWC $10,000 is need-based, so just a reminder that one must demonstrate at least that much in financial need (which most UWC students do). Yes, if you win any other non-need based scholarship that will help you financially. : )
XimeBull -> Tom_Admissions Thank you so much for all the answers! Much appreciated!!
Tom_Admissions -> XimeBull Our pleasure, XimeBull!
XimeBull -> Lisa_FinancialAid Thank you so much for all the answers! Much appreciated!!
Lisa_FinancialAid -> XimeBull :-)
Tish -> Lisa_FinancialAid I understand the NCP deadline and we have communicated this to the NCP; however, the cooperation is not forthcoming. Will this be an automatic decline or will you consider a written explanation, including a statement from my divorce attorney and financial affidavit information related to the NCP?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Tish Tish,

We will accept a third party letter explaining your particular situation and will take that into account as appropriate.
Decdol -> Tom_Admissions Thank you very much for your kind information
Tom_Admissions -> Decdol You are very welcome, Decdol!
Tish -> Tom_Admissions Thank you very much for your response. Do you know if the music scholarships are annual only, for all 4 years or renewable each year by audition?
Tom_Admissions -> Tish Hi Tish. The Filene Music Scholarship is awarded to four, incoming first-year students every year. The scholarship is $12,000 every year for four years. You do not need to major in music, nor do you need to audition every year.
Decdol -> Lisa_FinancialAid when is the deadline of financial aid form
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Decdol The CSS Profile is due on Feb. 1.
Tish -> Lisa_FinancialAid WOW. Thank you!
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Tish :-)
Decdol -> Lisa_FinancialAid Thank you very much for your kind information
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Decdol :-)
Tianhao -> Tom_Admissions Hi, I am internatinal applicant. I have no TOEFL,but I have ACT and IELTS. Could I apply?
Tom_Admissions -> Tianhao Hi Tianhao. We do require the TOEFL Score and you must score a 96 to be considered for admission.
Skidmore -> Everyone We'll be here for another 10 minutes. Last call for questions!
Lu -> Lisa_FinancialAid If I am lucky enough to be granted money from sources outside of Skidmore, where and when should I inform about the grant to Skidmore?
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Lu Lu,

If you are lucky enough to receive an outside scholarship, you can contact our office directly and let us know!
Tish -> Beth_FinancialAid CSS Profile question - regarding if the student will work doing the school year, our plan is that my daughter would do work-study if she's eligible but not any hours more than that due to need to focus on successful college transition and study habits the first year. Is the question on the CSS profile pertaining to work study and if so, how to project this?
Beth_FinancialAid -> Tish Hi Tish - we generally award $2,000 in student employment, and that is a common number. Feel free to estimate between $0 and $2,000 - this question does not directly impact the family contribution calculation nor financial need.
Lu -> Tom_Admissions Also, could you tell me what is the latest date for replies about admission? Do you reply via email or regular mail?
Tom_Admissions -> Lu Hi Lu. We mail our admissions decisions right around mid-March. We use the regular mail.
XimeBull -> Beth_FinancialAid Could you please provide me with a good website where i could seek international student's scholarships for the US? Thanks again to all!
Beth_FinancialAid -> XimeBull Hi Xime, try out! : )
Skidmore -> Everyone Five more minutes!
Tish -> Tom_Admissions Thank you.
Tom_Admissions -> Tish You are welcome, Tish!
Bilal_Warsi -> Tom_Admissions can applicants call admission office to get notification of their admission decissions ?
Tom_Admissions -> Bilal_Warsi Hi Bilal_Warsi. Unfortunately, we cannot give admissions decisions over the phone.
Lu -> Lisa_FinancialAid Hello, and thank you for your replies. Have a nice day!
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Lu You too!
Lu -> Tom_Admissions Hello, and thank you for your replies. Have a nice day!
Tom_Admissions -> Lu Same to you, Lu!
Nhat_Dao -> Lisa_FinancialAid Hi, can I have some information about scholarship from IB diploma or AP or from standard tests or subject tests and GPA? Will you consider for scholarship faster if I send my CSS profile earlier? Thank you
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Nhat_Dao Hi Nhat_Dao,

The CSS Profile deadline is February 1. We will begin to look at applications after that date!
Tish -> Beth_FinancialAid I know links were provided on outside scholarships - are there Skidmore specific scholarships (merit, leadership, etc) that could be applied for (outside the music one we discussed) or are these all inclusive when you calculate admissions and financial aid, etc.
Beth_FinancialAid -> Tish Hi Tish - except for the Porter and Filene scholarships, all of our grant/scholarship assistance is need-based (based upon the financial circumstances of the family) and applied for via the CSS PROFILE. : )
Skidmore -> Everyone That's all, folks! Thanks everyone for participating in the live chat! This transcript will be available online tomorrow. If you have any additional questions please feel free to e-mail Financial Aid at or call 518-580-5750 or the Admissions office at or 1-800-867-6007 or 518-580-5570. Thank you and good night!
Lisa_FinancialAid -> Everyone Thanks for all your great questions today! Please feel free to contact the financial aid office at!
likuna -> Beth_FinancialAid On the css profile it seems like my family's income exceeds our expenditures a lot. However, my parents barely manage by from one wage day to another. What should I do to make everything clear?
Beth_FinancialAid -> likuna Hi Likuna, please feel free to use the comments section to explain anything you want to bring to our attention outside of just numbers. Also, if you are admitted and don't find the financial aid award sufficient for you to be able to afford to attend, please contact us and we can then discuss your situation carefully.
Tom_Admissions -> Everyone It was great chatting with everybody. You all asked great questions! Please feel free to contact the admissions office with any further admissions related questions.
Beth_FinancialAid -> Everyone Thanks for all the questions and your kind attendance! See details of deadlines and requirements for financial aid at
Nhat_Dao -> Panelist(s) Thank you